Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Recap & New Year Eve FOTD

The year 2010 finally come to an end. =) 2010 has been eventful for me as I ended my university life gracefully and enter the world of working life. (Working life isn't fun at all but getting your paycheck is!)

Some Random things of 2010:
  • I learn how to makeup in year 2010 - I have to admit before that I was a geek
  • I've attended my first beauty workshop and there goes the 2nd,3rd and so on~~
  • I've made myself into public events - Sasa Event was my first one
  • I'm on advertisement :p
  • My vanity table is definitely expanding because I hauled more than I expected
  • I've met new blogger friends and more readers~~
Thanks for the loves and support from all my friends and readers. You guys have been doing real great in encouraging me into blogging world. Without all the supports I don't think I'll able to keep my blog posting up regularly. =) Lastly, this post marked my 99th post in my blog. Yay!! ♥ 

Before I end my post, here's a New Year Eve look with Naked Palette requested by one of my reader. 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Introduction: Shiseido Aqualabel - The Japanese No. 1 Skincare Brand

AQUALABEL, the Japanese No. 1 Skincare Brand had instantly become one of my favourite skincare brand. AQUALABEL is a masstige skincare brand developed by Shiseido with over 100 years of whitening experience and first in the market to formulate Hyaluronic Acid. It focuses on Asian women and it is the No.1 Whitening and Anti-aging brand in the self-select category (under 2,000¥) in Japan.

I've attended their workshop recently to learn more about the products range.

Aqualabel is the daughter of Shiseido, therefore the price are quite affordable. It was known as the best drugstore products range in Japan back in 2006. There are also a hit product in China, Hong Kong, Japan and even in Singapore now!

The product range targeting working woman in their 20s to 40s (mostly Asian) who in need of products with high moisturizing efficacies and likely to have pigmentation and aging issues. Oh! Did I mentioned that the products are paraben-free?? (I love this!!)

**Don't read if you hate long post, read more if you're OK with it and eager to know!**

Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Boxing Day + Mini Giveaway Winner

How's your Christmas so far my dear readers? I guess most of you had a wonderful and memorable one. Unfortunately, I am down with sickness on Christmas Day. So I couldn't go anywhere out of my house. :( And I apologize that I'm slow in replying comments too. Luckily, Boxing Day makes me feel awesome!! :D

Not because of the Boxing Day sales. Well, sadly we don't have any great Boxing Day Deals in my country but we do have year end sales.

I've received several gifts from my friends and a little hauls for myself as Christmas present. Show time!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tagged: The Nice & Naughty List 2010

I saw this post from Jen and I decided to share my list here too. It was such a brilliant idea to sum up your yearly top favourite products with this Nice & Naughty List 2010. When I was young, I always wish to be in Santa's nice list as my mum always tells me that good kids get more prezzies..Haha XD (I think I am much a naughty one).

So today, Santa gonna make a list of my favorite and Holy Grail products while those in my naughty list will be products I won't use, regretted buying it or doesn't work for me.

Let's start on with my Naughty List!!
I <3♥ this pic!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Review: Dress Me Facial Mask

The name Dress Me itself sounds so cute for a facial mask. Last week I received three Dress Me Facial Mask from thesamplestore for review. Before that let me introduce you the brand which is said to be equivalent to the My Beauty Diary.

Dress Me facial mask series uses the finest and purest quality ingredients extracted from selected plant concentrates. Enhancing your skin care routine, Dress Me is the perfect companion that boosts your natural capabilities to good skin, tailored according to your skin’s needs.

The three different types of mask I've been sent are Moisturizing & Refreshing Mask (Clear. Balance. Revitalize), Silky & Soothing Mask (Clear. Moisture. Soften) and Revitalizing & Firming Mask (Clear. Balance. Renew)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Jill Stuart Valentine Love Collection

I am officially a Jill Stuart fans by now. After getting my first JS blusher months ago, I couldn't stop purchasing more JS stuff. After all the packaging is awesome!! I was browsing through the Urcosme today and saw this!!

The new Jill Stuart Valentine Love Collection 2011 will be launched on 28 January 2011.

Jill Stuart Heart Glass Trio Set (NT$1380)
Aww.. The heart makes such a perfect gift for valentine. I'm sooo gonna hint my boy for this!! (He reads my blogs :p)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Say Hello Kitty from Sephora!

My weekends been awesome spending most of my time traveling and meeting up with friends and more Christmas prezzies from them!! Just when I though I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping, this mail came into my mailbox. (I am a beauty insider :p)
Sephora proudly present to you the new and exclusive Hello Kitty Beauty Collection!!
I'm sooo attracted to their advertisements and posters. Check out more Hello Kitty products!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Review: Bio-Essence Bio Platinum BB Cream

I'm back on BB cream craze now~~ After trying the Bio Essence Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream, I absolutely love it. So today I gonna review another type of BB cream from Bio-Essence series. The whitening BB cream together with 10 benefits in 1, Bio-Essence Bio Platinum BB Cream. Sounds awesome isn't it? It has more benefits than the previous Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream.

10 Benefits of the BB cream: 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Review: Bio-Essence Multi- Effect BB Cream

I used to be a BB cream lover but my complexion went really tan after a few exotic outdoors activities and sunburn. Since then, my skintone has been tan forever :( So I had to abandon all my BB creams and go on with foundation. Nevertheless, I love how awesome the BB cream look on me!! For me BB cream is a one step product that covers all your imperfection even if your skin are like the orange below. :p

Why BB Cream?

BB Creams stands for Blemish Balm Cream was initially prescribed by dermatologists to patients who had undergone laser skin treatments to soothe redness and cater to their sensitive skin. Most celebrities in Korea started using them to create a natural and dewy finish.

Recently, I received this Bio-Essence Multi-Effect BB cream for review purposes. I often learn the raves about Bio-Essence especially their face lifting cream and the 24K Bio-Gold eye products. As for BB cream, honestly I did not know they introduce BB cream until this product was sent to me. (I am such a ignorant girl) Bio-Essence has launched 3 different BB creams series: Aqua BB Cream (moisture); Bio Platinum BB cream (whitening) and the Bio Multi- effect BB Cream (Coverage).

Monday, December 13, 2010

Review: Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel & Jade Eye Roll Away

If you've followed me on my Facebook, you must have seen this review coming up. So, I'm invited to participate on Ginvera blogger's challenge again. The brand has been around in the market for years. I always wanted to give it a try whenever I passed by the drugstore but the winner often goes to my cosmetic hauls. Bad gal :p So I was so happy when Ginvera send me the famous two products of Ginvera to review.

The Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel and Green Tea Jade Dark Eye Circles Roll Away are one of the best seling item from Ginvera Green Tea Skincare. As everyone heard of, green tea has been famous with their health benefits. Green tea extract contains 20 times more anti-oxidative power than Vitamin C and Vitamin E which is good for our skin. Not convince?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

November Favorites~♥

OMG!! December is finally here. The ending sign of year 2010 and Christmas festive is here!! I know I'm a bit late for this post, but it just something new that I would like to share. Better late then never? :p

Any of you spotted anything familiar?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sneak Peek: Dr Jart V7 VitaLaser

I guess everyone here has heard about the name of Dr. Jart. The famous brand with their BB cream in town and the No. 1 dermatological cosmetic. I've personally tried their BB creams and yes it does great on skin. After trying the BB cream, I received this Dr. Jart V7 VitaLaser a few days ago for review purposes.

Dr. Jart V7 VitaLaser is a high performance whitening treatment which come in 7 kinds of vitamins that help improves skin's youthful quality and advanced regenerating system. 

Looking at the awesome advertisement, I had high hopes on this product secretly wishes that it can get rid of my acne scars that stuck on my face for months!!

I'll be trying this for a week from today and see how it works!! Keep an eye on my updates. Meanwhile do join Confirm Trading in Facebook for more information.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Review & Swatches: NYX Nude on Nude Natural Look Kit

I'm all a neutral eyeshadow lover. Most of my eyeshadow palettes are neutral shades and I couldn't stop buying more. It's called addiction. :p When NYX are on their 20% sales months ago, I grabbed a chance to seize one of this and even bought an extra for my dear friend who's a makeup newbie.

The new NYX Nude on Nude Natural Look Kit when out of stock when I was trying to get it. Back then people does comment that it was a dupe for the infamous Urban Decay Naked Palette. I'll do a little comparison on that later on. Today, we gonna see how special is this kit compare to UD.

"An all-in-one nude on nude natural kit comes in a convenient case for easy and beautiful makeup application whether at home or jet-setting across the world! 9 eye shadows, 2 lip colors. Comes with applicators, mirror, and step by step instructions."

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Review: Greenland Fruit Emotion Scrub Salt Lime-Vanilla Flavor

I've always been searching for the best scrub to scrub away all my dead skins making my skin soft and smooth. Sometime ago, I've received this Greenland Fruit Emotion Scrub Salt from Shins for review purposes. 
Greenland originated from Netherlands are well known of their innovative brand of body care products with its main speciality being the collections based on 100 % natural raw materials. One of the best collection are the Fruit Emotion and Milky collection. All products are Fruit Emotion collection are from a blend of two different essential oils. Each combination of essential oils has its own particular effect on the mind and body.

Talking about Lime-Salt. It makes me think of the indigestion salt drink doc gave me. But have you wonder how Lime-Salt Scrub works?
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