Thursday, December 16, 2010

Review: Bio-Essence Bio Platinum BB Cream

I'm back on BB cream craze now~~ After trying the Bio Essence Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream, I absolutely love it. So today I gonna review another type of BB cream from Bio-Essence series. The whitening BB cream together with 10 benefits in 1, Bio-Essence Bio Platinum BB Cream. Sounds awesome isn't it? It has more benefits than the previous Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream.

10 Benefits of the BB cream: 

1) Enriched with Platinum to nourish the skin, protect against free radical damage and revitalize skin.
2) Platinum is the rarest and most stable form of precious metal, it not only makes skn more radiant, but also lightens fine lines and wrinkles.
3) Light velvety texture, effectively conceals flaws with a natural , nude finish
4) Enriched with Tanaka Extract to make skin fairer and keep it cool even under the hot sun
5) Refines pores and smoothen skin
6) Nourishes skin with herbs, nutrients & mineral elements to revitalize skin
7) Regulates oil secretion
8) Protects skin from harmful UV Rays and external pollutants
9) Moisturizers skin to prevent dryness
10) Reveals flawless, radiant & natural makeup. Look younger & more charming.

The 30g packaging and the tip of the BB cream are quite different from Bio Multi-Effect. I personally preferred this packaging because you can control the amount you squeeze out from the bottle.


The color of this BB cream are quite light on hand and it's kinda hard to spread. But it has less pink undertones comparing to the Bio Multi-Effect.

Traditional base makeup requires us to wear different layers of makeup (sunscreen, moisturizer, foundation, concealer, loose powder etc). That's a little too many steps for me especially when I felt so lazy to get myself out of the bed and get ready for makeup. So, BB cream is one of the best solution. You only need BB Cream to conceal your imperfection, makeup base and as sunscreen. One of the best invention on earth isn't it?

As much as I love the Bio Multi-Effect BB cream, I love this BB cream too. But it doesn't love me as much as I could. Bio-Platinum BB Cream are so fair for me that if I applied more on my skin, I look like a ghost. Look at the picture below.

As you can see, the this BB Cream somehow could covers my dark eye circles and pimple marks without any loose powders which amazed me. I've tried to wear this BB Cream and wait till it oxidize, so it could suits in my skintone but it wasn't. I still feel to fair for me. I personally recommend this to those that are NC20 or lighter. If you have a tan skin like me, Bio Multi-Effect BB cream would be better choice. 

I have a little problem with this BB cream is that it look slightly greyish on me. Not sure is it only me, but the greyish tone does bother me. I guess it must because of the SPF or whitening effect. The oil control of this BB cream is quite good but it was quite dry for me comparing to the Bio Multi-Effect. I saw a few lines on my skin after applying this.

See the lines? This BB cream wasn't for hydrating purposes so I guess I'll stick on the Bio Multi Effect that works better on my skin. If you need a hydrating BB cream try Bio Essence Aqua Moisturizing bb cream instead.
Rating: 3.5/5

Overall, the Bio Platinum BB cream is a good BB cream and suitable for those who are fairer. Besides offering a good coverage and oil control it does helps a bit in whitening too.

Now tempted to try both of the BB Creams I've reviewed? Click on the poster below for more info.

**Bio-Essence BB Creams reviews are sponsored for Bio-Essence Superstar Blogger Challenge.


Jennifer said...

:) thanks for your review!

i received your email and will add you on FB later :) thought i'd let you know haha. Happy Holidays in advance :D! I'd be away for a week, take care xoxo

Fruity Lashes said...

great review! it seems to do a good job whitening your skin. too bad they don't ship it outside SG.

wifluvelle said...

yeah i saw its greyish too >.< gr8 review, i wanna try the aqua bb hehe

xoxo elle

Cynthia Loh said...

Happy Holiday Jen~~

Cynthia Loh said...

It really whitens my skin but it turns greyish a bit. :)

Cynthia Loh said...

Thanks. I will try to review the aqua bb soon.

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