Thursday, December 09, 2010

Review & Swatches: NYX Nude on Nude Natural Look Kit

I'm all a neutral eyeshadow lover. Most of my eyeshadow palettes are neutral shades and I couldn't stop buying more. It's called addiction. :p When NYX are on their 20% sales months ago, I grabbed a chance to seize one of this and even bought an extra for my dear friend who's a makeup newbie.

The new NYX Nude on Nude Natural Look Kit when out of stock when I was trying to get it. Back then people does comment that it was a dupe for the infamous Urban Decay Naked Palette. I'll do a little comparison on that later on. Today, we gonna see how special is this kit compare to UD.

"An all-in-one nude on nude natural kit comes in a convenient case for easy and beautiful makeup application whether at home or jet-setting across the world! 9 eye shadows, 2 lip colors. Comes with applicators, mirror, and step by step instructions."
The packaging of this palette is so small that you can even held it on your palm and out it inside your purse. It was a perfect neutral palette to be in your makeup bag.

The ingredients list:
(I'm not very specific in the ingredients as long as it does cause any allergic on me)

The close-up:
The beautiful is versatile palette of neutrals is such a great love for those who loves neutrals like me!! I've marked the eyeshadow palette with numbers for the swatches below. The color combination of the palette itself doesn't come with names or codes.
The lip color look very bold in the palette.

Here's the swatches:
(On my NC25-NC30 hand)
I find it a bit blur though..
None of the shadows are overly shimmery or glittery, in fact they have a nice satiny sheen and then there’s a few mattes. The texture of each shadow is quite soft, smooth and blendable. 
The pigmentation from 1 to 3 are quite sheer. I had to swipe it on a few times. But it still look very dull compare to the palette itself.
The color from 4 to 9 are very pigmented and smooth. The colors just show up nicely and not too shimmery. It look very good on eyes too.
As for the lip colors, they’re also very sheer and I wouldn't love to use this because the color are not my style. Too bold for my loving.

Rating: 4/5 A great -value palette!!

Overall, I think these palettes would be a great addition for a makeup collector like me!! And if you're a beginner or a makeup newbie, I would definitely recommended you this. The combination of the eyeshadow in this palette are great enough.

This palette are selling for US$11. I find the price is very reasonable for this. It may even be a perfect Christmas gift for your friends!  =) If you have yet to lay your hands on Urban Decay Naked Palette, this maybe the alternative for it. The concept of neutral colors are almost the same for both palette. Dupe or Not? I'll leave it on the upcoming review.


Emily said...

Babe, I just bought the Urban Decay Naked Palette. Is it worth to spurge this if u own a Urban Decay Naked Palette? And where can I buy it?

MissJayce said...

i love it! so useful but i have soooo many browns omgosh. hahha i think the price is awesome though! =D

Sara.H said...

Lovely palette :) I am so tempted to it now ^ ^ great review!

Jennifer said...

*hi-five* for neutrals eyeshadows! XD did you buy NYX online :)?

i bought NYX from cherryculture LOL

Cynthia Loh said...

This is one unique palette on its own. I got mine online from CherryCulture.

Cynthia Loh said...

Yeah, we can't never have enough of browns. For the price is kit is good.

Cynthia Loh said...

Thanks~~ This is a perfect gift for Christmas~

Cynthia Loh said...

*hi-five* I got mine from cherryculture too :)

Rinny said...

I love neutral shades like this! I've been trying to get my hands on UD Naked palette for MONTHS, but I might just have to settle for this instead :(

~Lisa said...

I love NYX and this palette looks beautiful! I love my neutral shades to death!

Agnes ♥ said...

i love it! although i settled for urban decay's naked palette because NYX is so limited over here where i live :( it sucks... i loveeeee NYX but the best place i can purchase their products is online which means a pricey shipping fee :( boo.. haha but anyways, great review and swatches! i loveeeeeee neutral shades! <3 thanks!

NicoLevina Siew said...

me jeles~!!!!!

Herplasticslipper said...

Hi Cyn, can help me to get? Thanks :P Siobhan

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