Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Review: Greenland Fruit Emotion Scrub Salt Lime-Vanilla Flavor

I've always been searching for the best scrub to scrub away all my dead skins making my skin soft and smooth. Sometime ago, I've received this Greenland Fruit Emotion Scrub Salt from Shins for review purposes. 
Greenland originated from Netherlands are well known of their innovative brand of body care products with its main speciality being the collections based on 100 % natural raw materials. One of the best collection are the Fruit Emotion and Milky collection. All products are Fruit Emotion collection are from a blend of two different essential oils. Each combination of essential oils has its own particular effect on the mind and body.

Talking about Lime-Salt. It makes me think of the indigestion salt drink doc gave me. But have you wonder how Lime-Salt Scrub works?
They says:
"The products out of Fruit Emotion collection contain essential oils. The essential oils are added to the different products as a fragrance, in order to give the products an attractive aroma. All products are produced with a combination of two different kinds of essential oils. Every combination of essential oils is having its own effect on the body and mind. The scrub salt base is very fine 100% Atlantic sea salt."

The packaging look somehow like those biscuit tins I have at home. Except this come with a twist open-cap. Overall I had no problem with it except with no spatula given it was kinda messy.  

Ingredients: Sodium Chloride (Sea Salt), Citrus Aurantifolia (Lime Peel Oil), Vanilla Planifolia (Vanilla Extract), Parfum (Fragrance), Citral, Limonene.

As mentioned, it is a salt scrub. So it look exactly like the salt which I used for cooking. :p The salt are very fined and dried. So when it dissolved very fast when it get contacts with water. I had a thing with the smell. The lime smells very decent and fresh. Sometimes I felt like tasting it. :p

Massage the scrub salt with a circular motion onto the moist skin for a few minutes and rinse well after use. The scrub salt removes loose and dry skin cells and cleanses the pores; the skin will become soft and smooth. The scrub salt can also be used as bath crystals for a relaxing bath. 

My Say:
I was advised by the SA that this should be best use with my shower gel. So I did a little experiment on it. I scoped out a pinched of it on my hand and wet it with water. Before I could start my scrubbing process on my skin, the salt had dissolved all together with the water that I couldn't even scrub.
Look how the salt melted in the water?
I decided to give it a second chance, this time I used it together with my shower gel. And the salt doesn't dissolved too fast. So I could enjoy the scrubbing process until it melts into my skin. A little tips of using this method is that the proportion of salt: shower gel should be in 3:1. If your shower gel are equal or more than the salt scrub, you couldn't feel the beads of exfoliating as it may dissolved into it. 
The amount to use under shower
I used this together with my everyday dove shower cream. It smells awesome. My boy said I smell like Lime Vanilla Ice-cream when I came out from the bathroom :p (Yummy heh?) This salt scrub does make my skin goes smoother and soft. I kinda adores the smell of it and enjoy the process of making my skin softer. I have a real sensitive skin and I felt this is not too harsh for me even for everyday use. What comes into the blue is that it finished very fast as I used quite a lot. 

Rating: 4/5 A good scrub

Overall, this scrub is a quite gentle for everyday use and the smell is addictive. The above Greenland Fruit Emotions Scrub Salt Lime and Vanilla at available for sale at any Shins outlet for RM55 for 400g.


Jennifer said...

those salt particles look ultra-fine for scrubbing! <3

Quinieleong said...

it's kinda expensive... i rather diy :P

Elle said...

ahah is it bad that I want to drink this xD? Your description makes it sound so yummy~

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