Monday, July 20, 2015

AirAsia Bloggers' Community in Bangkok 2015

So I posted a Instagram pic about my goodie bag on my AirAsia Bloggers' Community (AABC) event in Bangkok!! Just so happened I was planning a vacation to Bangkok and AirAsia Malaysia Team bring me there!! :D 

Together with a bunch of awesome Malaysian Bloggers, we departed from KLIA 2 to Don Mueang Airport (There's 11x flights everyday on this route). The event was hosted in a 5 star hotel - Eastin Grand Hotel Santhorn. It's a very pretty and awesome hotel especially it linked directly to the BTS Surasak on the Level 3 of the hotel.

The event itself are pretty huge because we have most bloggers from Asia! Thailand, Singapore, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China etc! (Malaysia of coz!)

Hello AABC in Bangkok!

So each bloggers from different countries have to gather in the Hotel conference room and there's where we are divided into teams and get ready for AABC Bangkok Rally Photo Hunt!!

Spot me!
It's such an exciting event! Having everyone wearing the same T-shirt running around the Bangkok City to complete the task! The first team who completed the task will get special prize!!

Ta-da!! Here's my teammates!! From South Korea, Taiwan and Philippines!! 

We were asked to take picture that's consider "Thailand-Only" and.....yes! Ronald Mcdonald with the special hand gesture! #aabc2015

Anyone recognized the Shrine behind us?? Yes, our next task is to take a selfie with a Thai Shrine. So we went to the famous Shrine in the city of Pratunam! Yes, it's the famous Erawan Shrine which I always visit when I am in Bangkok. :)

Ugliest pic taken (for me!)
This is the shot that requires the most teamwork!! Everyone have to jump in front of the famous shopping mall in Bangkok!! Trust me, it took us quite a while to complete this! Imagine doing that repeatedly under the hot sun. Oh my!

Unfortunately, we didn't manage to complete it as fast as we could. So we took time to have our Thai food lunch and slowly get ourselves back to hotel. It was definitely a fun event! 

And, the highlight of the event is here at night!

Team Malaysia + Australia!
Welcome to AirAsia Bloggers' Community 2nd Anniversary Party!

Our dress code of the day - National Costume! I actually bought my Baju Kurung along with me....but some accident happened (guess what??) I changed myself into a Tribal top which I bought a day before in Platinum Mall. (Phew! Luckily I shopped :p )

During the party, we had the prize-giving ceremony. Congrats to Cipotz and his team who won as the first team who completed the Photo Rally task. You guys did it well!

Left to Right: Representing Thailand, Malaysia & Korea
Next up, are the best dressed award!! These people deserved the awards. The moment Mek Onie (the middle one) showed me her costume in her room, I knew she will be the star of the night!!

Prize Giving Ceremony by Mr. Santisuk Klongchaiya, Head of Commercial Thailand AirAsia.
(Please ignored my ugly hair. Too nervous to run up to stage!)
And...Jeng Jeng!! Guess who's the lucky girl who won the Grand Prize lucky draw??  

Team Malaysia!
My travel-mates who're so fun, crazy and bergaya!! 
Thank you AirAsia for flying us to the City of Smiles!! :)

Before I end this post, as a beauty junkie I just have to share this with everyone here!  I'd shared this twice in my Instagram but let me enforce again. (lol!)

Mistine Cosmetics - a very famous cosmetic brand in Thailand. Trying out their another new famous lips tube/tint called "Joops! Color Rich Lip Tube" in Limited Edition AirAsia Exclusive color & 08 Nude. I have been trying it out for a while and I gonna say I love them!! The colors are very pigmented and intense! 

Look at those swatches on my hand. I actually applied only a dot of it and spread them on. The color on the right is a mix of both Nude and Red (AirAsia exclusive color). Love mixing them because the color is just so beautiful! These actually lasted on my lips for more than 6 hours with some drinking and eating along the way. It maybe a little drying but not as dry as OCC lip tar. And it feels cooling and minty once applied. It can be applied as a blusher tint too. I applied the Red below my powder blusher to prolong my blusher staying power, and it works amazingly! For the price of 159baht (equivalent to MYR16) it's definitely a good deal! Now I need to be back to Thailand to get more colors!!

*******Awaiting for AirAsia Promo******* (ahem ahem!)


Maple Shuh Hong said...

morning!! Love your this post! not too much wordy with pic to illustrate more. Wish that I can join AABC too!

sherrygo said...

wow nice info on the AA and cosmetics, hehe.. didn't know this brand at all until I read here. love the colors of the lip tube

leonamanutd said...

ya i didn't know got AA colours for lip tint, 6 hours is a long time for any tint, must be pretty good quality, and nice to see many countries gather together in such a travel event

cindyrina said...

I wanna join AABC too! Love your Bangkok trip post. Wow that color rich tube so RICH!

Miriam Goh said...

Ah! So jealous of you!! Would love to join AABC :) You look like you had a great time babe but what happen to your baju kurung?


Diana said...

So in love with that lip tint colors tho! It's so bright and vivid x

Renae Teo said...

That's actually very nice of AA to bring you guys to Bangkok. Such a beautiful country. :) From your blog post, I can actually tell how much fun you had :)

Sharon Lee said...

Ohmy!! love how you enjoy your time in Bangkok. Can I join this blogger community too? The AA product lipstick looks interesting!


Sin Yee said...

I saw a lot of bloggers posting on the photos few weeks back. How I hope I can join such fun trip. hmmmm~

Salma Tayo said...

oh my, what a great getaway! congrats for winning the lucky draw too.

Kylie Wenn said...

So nice to join AABC.... This is such a fun trip!~

Tamanna I. said...

wow! what an awesome event! and those lip tints😍 you are one lucky girl :)

do drop by... GreenStory

Wendy Pua said...

Lucky Gal!
Nice to have you as my roomie!

Isabel said...

The Lip Tube look amazing! Wahhh and only RM 16 wth?!

Cynthia Loh said...

You too!! Hahahah XD You know those incidents that happened......

Mr. & Mrs. Travel Buddies said...

Congratulations in winning the grand prize! <3


Drop by my travel blog sometime,

Adrift Asian said...

oh my gosh! Thailand is one of my favourite country!! How I wish I was there as well!!

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