Wednesday, September 09, 2015

[Shopping Tips] How to Save More While Shopping Online??

I’m an avid online shopper! I bought almost everything online from clothes, house appliances, makeups and etc. It’s so much easier for me to shop online than heading out to the mall nowadays. That’s because sometimes I tend to off work at 8-9pm on weekdays (which the mall closes by 10pm) and weekends most of the time I will rather stay home or laze around at any cozy café.

Of course once in a while, I still enjoy retail therapy!! So as an online shopper, I always research and look out for great deals. Over the months, I have came across this website which entitled you to have more rebates while you shop.

Similar to US famous ebates website, we now have our own cashback website -  Shopback. ShopBack is e-commerce site that utilises the cashback reward program. It allows online shoppers to take a portion of their cash back when they buy products through the service. They also provide discount coupons and voucher codes for online shopping.

You may be asking me how it works? So, today I am going to show you how I shop for my makeup! (I had something in my wishlist for long and I gonna get them now!!)

Step 1:

Sign up a Shopback account using either your email or your Facebook login.

Step 2:

Search for your favorite online store in ShopbackThey have a list of merchants which participates with Shopback where you get your cashback on top of other deals and promo codes from merchants like GrouponZalora, Lazada etc.

Here….as a beauty lover, I chose~~~

 Luxola!Yes. LOL!

Step 3:

Click on the navigation button – “Shop now” or “Get Cashback” to start shopping.
It will have a pop-up telling you what you should look after and when will your cashback appear in your account. Continue clicking them.

Step 4:

*Very Important Step*

Make sure you have a redirect pop-up like this in every link you click before you shop in your favorite shop online because it captures your cashback value.

Step 5:

And yay! Now shopping starts~~

This was taken during their promo period

Step 6:

Add your item into the cart, proceed to checkout and make your payment.

*Discount code are varies from time to time

Viola!! Online shopping done~~

How much do you think I’d save??

I spent a total amount for RM275.50 during my checkout. (Promo code are varies from time to time). I will earned an extra cashback or discount of 7% (RM275.50 X 7% = RM19.29) from my Shopback account.

That means my final price for the Zoeva Brushes Set I bought only cost me RM256.21!! (RM275.50 – RM19.29)

Isn’t it awesome??? :D

Depending on the merchants, the cashback reflecting on the Shopback account are varies. As such, Zalora's cashback may appear in your account within 24hours.

To trace your cashback, you can check your Total Earning or Your Cashback Summary.

And yes, this the amount of Cashback I earned for the past few months that I’ve been shopping around! :)

Good news to all bargain hunter! In conjunction of celebrating Shopback’s 1 Year Anniversary, there are exclusive vouchers codes and also increased cashback for 9 of the most popular merchants on ShopBack!! 

They will be giving out extra bonus cash and holding flash contests and giveaway throughout the day.

"99 Online Sale, Cashback Just Got Bi99er!"

So what are you waiting for now?? Earn your cashback value now!!
Do sign up an account with Shopback using my referral code so we both are entitle a RM5 bonus!!

Have Fun Shopping And Save More!!

*** This post contains an affiliate link. By purchasing something via these affiliate links (at no extra cost to you),  you're supporting Slowbrogal, which I highly appreciate. Please proceed to read my disclaimer policy if  you need more information***

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