Sunday, May 27, 2012

Beauty Box in Malaysia - Vanity Trove April Edition

I guess I have already mentioned quite a times in my blog that we now have monthly beauty box subscription service in Malaysia!! I've previously reviewed about Vanity Trove here. I had mentioned in my previous post that out of 3 different beauty-box I had tried, I actually stopped one of the subscription. So now let's take a look how do I feel about Vanity Trove.

If you girls are still blur about how beauty box subscription works, check out my in-dept explaination in my previous post here. I actually posted out a sneak-peek of the box here when I attended their event last month.

I always like the packaging of how Vanity Trove packed. Their pink and white box are quite huge in size comparing with Bellabox and Glamabox. And their box are more sturdy which you can use them to store other accessories.

Did I mentioned to you Vanity Trove has the 'nicest' smell box I had received ever since their Valentine Edition? Same goes to this month! I was quite satisfied with this month box because they included cosmetics in it. You know a makeup-addict like me can't have enough makeups? =p

Like other boxes, their include the list of the products we received in our box. But I like how they did it so differently. They placed it in a small magazine theme. How unique? ^_^

I had tried their STYLE Aromatherapy Leave-in Hair Moisturizer with Morocon Argan Oil during their event. It is quite oily during then which I don't fond about it but that was when I had my straight hair. Initially after I permed my hair (hair become frizzer and dry), this thing works quite okay for me. I like the idea that it acts like a hair serum and also hair styling product at the same time. I am quite surprise that it actually holds my curls ^_^

I am a facial mask freak. If anyone wanna know why, you gonna check my collection of mask here. (And I re-stock more) So when Vanity Trove includes Estee Lauder Stress Relieve Eye Masks in their April's Trove, to be honest I am quite happy because I never tried Estee Lauder mask. That's one of the luxury eye mask that I will skip for sure. So this two sheets comes in as a bonus. Imagine how much it actually cost in retail?

The only thing that make the box smell so nice is this: Filthy Farmgirl Filthy Pussy Soap. The name itself sounds so cheeky eh?? =p When I posted a picture of this in my Facebook, my colleagues actually commented and asked where did I get this. I never know that this little soap are featured in most magazines and they are that famous!! (That's kind of a sad story for a blogger like me eh?? How can I miss the news??) So I am keeping this!! Because the minty smell so good and the cheekines of me. Lol!! So if any of you doesn't want the soap, please hand it to me. I don't mind having them.

K-Palette Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer is actually the new released products from K-Palette. I got to know about this when I passed by Sasa few weeks ago and the SA told me. Surprisingly the coverage is very good especially for people who had an extreme-dark-eyes-circles like me!! And good news is that this come in full size. It retails about RM30+ in Sasa if I not mistaken.

I seriously LOVE this Braphy LED Lip Plumper. The idea of LED light in the lipgloss is so innovative!! And the color I got is soo pretty. Don't you agree? I gonna review this individually next time with swatches. Lastly, there is a Masego Spa voucher where you can get a free coffee spa treatment for free. I already used them so no pictures of the voucher included in it. >.<

For the April box, I have two-full sized cosmetics products, one full-sized soap and a spa voucher. The price I paid for is definitely worth it. And they are doing good this time on choosing a wider range of products from skincare, haircare, body bath and cosmetics. ^_^

Overall, I am quite satisfied with Vanity Trove with the amount of products they featured and the variety of products range they carried apart from the slight delay from the delivery which I believe could be settled. Besides Bellabox, this gonna be my favorite beauty box subscription that I will continue =))

Tempted to subscribe but skeptical?? Click here to subscribe. Don't worry about every month subsciption, you can terminate anytime you want. Give it a try for once and do let me share me your throught about it!! And their subscription rate had increased to RM60/box for new subscribers (RM50/box for the existing ones) because they had improvised a better shipping this time.

The June Edition Best Friends Summer brings you a better deals to enjoy more products sample and special promotion. All you have to do is join their sampling group 'The Testing Task Force' and you may get samples from Egyptian Creams and The Body Shop. (You girls should know how much I raves about the Egyptian Creams ain't cha?)

Do check out their Facebook Page for updates and 'LIKE' my Facebook page as well.
Here's one sneak peek on the June Edition.

I am sooo happy and excited about this box. What do you think?? ^_^


Nic Nic from Bangbangsheshoots said...

this box looks really good, one of the better ones I've seen online compared to all those beauty boxes out there - a lovely selection!

LauraLeia said...

Wow, everything in the box looks great! I would def consider subscribing one when I start working. ;)

Isabel said...

the K-Palette Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer looks cute.. Which colour did u get? 01, 02 or 03?

Isabel said...

 I heard that's the best coverage one.. RM 30 seems very reasonable if the concealer can cover my panda eyes lolz

Ethan Spence said...

Hello mate greeat blog

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