Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sharing my last thought of Beautybox - Glamabox.

And so it's another beauty box subcription. Apparently Glamabox is a company owned by Lisa S. (The supermodel and HK Star Daniel Wu's wife). The box are doing awesomely in Hong Kong and has now expanded to Taiwan, China and Singapore. I've reviewed one previously here.

The packaging of the box did not change ever since I subscribed with them last year. But this pink 'pizza' like box is so huge that I can store so many stuff in. I would much pretty if their box is smaller and compact so that you don't feel to little samples in there.

Their packaging goes like that with a pink paper and a Glamabox sticket wrap. Quite disappointed that they did not use any ribbon like what they did last time.

After I commented that they did not list down the product list on the box, they finally did revamp a bit which I glad they did.

And this is what I got for the month of May celebrating the Mothers' Day theme as well!!

Kerasys Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner

I heard about this brand long time ago and I always saw this at most hair salons but I never tried them. Given both of this bottles are on travel size. So it's definitely good to bring for travelling as they were packed into a transparent box. (Can prevent leakage) 

Caviar Extract Anti- Aging Essence

I always saw Caviar extract written in my facial mask ingredients!! And it's really good for anti-aging expecially in building up collagen. This is definitely a good one for mum to use. Did I mentioned that I have a thing with the caviar that I dislike the smell. Tell me I am not the only one??

Shea Organics Shea Body Butter

Shea butter is very good for dry skin!! I have this body butter from TBS and I am liking it! This little body butter are packed in a compact size which is very good for travelling. Talk about 100% organic and this is the only full-size product I have in the box ^_^

Talika Bio-Enzyme Renaissance Mask

I don't need to elaborate Talika as I believe most of you know. ^_^ I am loving every facial mask I got in hand and this is a really expensive one because one box of 5pcs cost S$80 which mean this mask is S$16!! It better be good for the price. Can't wait to try them~~

Mask House Celebrity Snail Extract Moisturizing Gel

Another mask in the house and this time is snail mask. I am addicted to snail products recently. Anyone tried them??
Overall, I think May box was quite okay compare to the previous one.  Despite this month is on Mothers' Day theme and most products were for anti-aging, I must say it makes the box feels really boring. I would much prefer if they could add in some cosmetics such as lipstick etc. (Mother's do use lipstick right??) And it bugged me when I saw the same box in their Facebook page come with an extra Ankang Collagen drink.

And remember my sneakpeek on April's box?
Like I mentioned the box is huge and it's sparlingly filled as the picture above. I have hand cream, shower gel, ointment, same sample of fragrance and facial cleanser. So far the April's box doesn't really caught my liking because this is my 3rd hand cream from Glamabox!

Although the amount I paid is definitely worth for the products given, but again I wasn't really too excited about Glamabox which they actually repeat most of the products category.
I've subscribed this box for almost 7 months and I got like more than 15 samples of skincare products and trust me most of them are under anti-aging catergory. (Passed it to my mum though) and ONLY one cosmetics item - eyeshadow from Clinique. That's all!!

So, after hanging on for 7 months and paid S$18/box I decided to stop the subscription of the box. To be honest, I don't find the necessary to pay for sample products which most of them are almost the same. I would much prefer varieties and cosmetic items. And did I mentioned to you that the given products were not really new items (as in new release or old stock). I got a hand cream a few months back, and the cream was sticky and dirty. I'd emailed them but so far no respond from them.
Do share me your experience and your thought on the beauty box subcriptions. I would love to hear them from you!!

**Above stated are my personal opinion and experience I've encountered, there's no bias review on the company/products. Please do read the disclaimer.


Eve Shum said...

Truth! Too bad it didnt work out for you :(

Rinny said...

That's too bad you didn't like the selection of items. I've thought of subscribing to these beauty box things but I'm afraid that I'll get a lot of things that I won't like/use. I think I'd rather spend the $10/month on a single item I know I'll definitely use :)

Btw, in response to your question on my post about the blog button swap, it is basically where you post my blog button on your sidebar for the month of June, and I will do the same and post your button on my blog too. That way we both get some advertisement and new traffic to our sites. If you're interested in exchanging buttons, just send me a button that is at least 100x100 pixels big and I will send you mine. You can email it to me at  :)

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