Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quick Update

Life's been very hassle for me past few weeks. My dad was admitted to hospital two days ago. Therefore, I'll be visiting back on forth from hospital. Hope everything gonna be fine after this. Please keep note that I'll be slow in updating my blog for this few weeks. Although I have some committed deadline review for certain products, but I will have to delay it for the above reason.

Since Christmas is coming around the corner, any Christmas Set that have lured you into the temptation of getting it? As for me, I am lemming for the Jill Stuart, RMK and MAC Marcel Wanders!
Jill Stuart LE Edition Christmas Set 2010

Have fun wit your coming weekends. Just pray everything gonna be fine for me =)


Ginger_snap54 said...

Hello Cyn,
I hope your dad will feel better soon. Take care..

Ashchronicles89 said...

My dad got admitted to the hospital too..=(
Hope both our fathers will be all right.

Elle said...

I hope your dad feels better soon :(

The Jill Stuart set is so pretty ^_^

Ee Von said...

i'm so sorry to hear abotu your dad, i wish for the best for him. mean while, stay strong and take care!

oohhh that jill stuart set looks so nice!

Alvira said...

Hope your father gets well soon jikk stuart set is on my lemming list too but I am on a tight budget these days so I guess I will not be able to get it but the pouch is so cute

Isabel said...

Hope your dad gets well soon..

mint said...

the mac and jill stuart et looks amazing!! :D can't wait to see it when it comes out.
hope everything gets better for you and your family. best wishes!

shuaddict said...

Hope your dad feels better soon - you too Ashchronicles89.

wifluvelle said...

my dad is a diabetic, so the last 2 yrs was kinda tough for me too, wif him going in and out of hospital
but those dark times are over now and he is fine :)
so im sure ur dad will be ok too, all patients need their love ones to be patient wif them hehe
take care of yourself too sweetie!

xoxo elle

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