Monday, November 23, 2015

[Review & Swatches] Benefit Do The Hoola Beyond Bronze Kit

If you have been reading my blog/ Instagram all along, you should know that I am a fan of Benefit Cosmetics. Some of their products are pretty good and I love it! So recently, Benefit has this set called Benefit Do The Holla Beyond Bronze Kit. (That’s a very mouthful one!) 

The name itself told you that it’s all gonna do with their famous bronzer –Hoola. If you’re a Hoola fans or someone who looking to bronze up their makeup for Summer, this Kit is for you!

This kit includes; Benefit Hoola Ultra Plush Lip GlossBenefit They’re Real! MascaraBenefit Hoola Bronzing PowderBenefit Dew The Hoola Liquid Bronzer and Benefit Benebalm. It was all in a miniature or some of you called it deluxe travel size.

[Beware! Long Post Ahead]

The Benefit Do The Hoola Kit is packaged into a book-alike card box. It was really cute! When you open the book, no I mean the kit, it comes with a mirror within the lid and the ‘Tip and Trick’ cards on how to use the products provided in the kit. Definitely very useful for a makeup beginner or someone who’s new towards bronzing/ contouring.

If you realized there’s a small number labeling on top/bottom of where the product was placed in the box. It shows you the right way to use the product step-by-step. So today, I am going to review this following the steps! 

The most exciting product that interests me is Dew The Hoola which is described as a sheer soft-matte liquid bronzer. This item is brand new and only launching in 2016. But you can try the mini-size version if you're getting this kit. I'll share you a mini review of this to see if it's worth getting the full-sized.

From the swatch on my hand, it looks really orange and warm. But it looks nice and natural once blended. So natural, that the fact, it didn't really show up on my camera. I think it might works better on pale/fairer skintone. (I’m had a medium yellowish skintone). Take a look at the below picture for comparison. 

Dew The Hoola liquid bronzer is quite lightweight and sheer on my skin. As you have seen the above, it gives you a slight hint of ‘tan’ on your skin but not dewy. I tried to use this to contour. To me, the contouring effect isn't very obvious due to the sheer texture. I think it works better to mix with your liquid foundation to achieve the 'sun-kissed' or bronze look. Also, I do find that it has a slight fragrance to it that reminds me of the sun lotion. But it's not very strong so it is quite acceptable. 

Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder is the possibly most iconic product of Benefit. A few of my friends raved and loved it! So I wouldn’t explain much in-depth on this bronzing powder today. Hoola is a matte, warm toned bronzer which is pretty excellent for contouring. (Say Hello to Kim Kardashian!)  

I personally find Hoola is bit sheer and picks up little powder on the brush given. So if you have darker or tan skintone like me, you might need to dip in more colors! (That explains why most people hit the pan!) Although I really like the fact that it was packed into this small plastic casing which make it so easy to travel but I don’t appreciate the powder fallout each time I use it though.

After swiping the bronzer powder on my outer cheek corner and nose bridge area, the combination of the powder and the liquid makes it look naturally tan.

Next, we proceed to lips with the Benefit BeneBalm Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm included in the Do The Hoola Kit. I was so attracted to the packaging of this lipbalm. It was just so cute! And how could one resist the cute packaging and size?

Benebalm contains mango butter and sodium hyaluronate that could help hydrates lips. It has a sheer rose-tinted but buildable color.  BeneBalm has a subtle rose scent and flavour and it leaves my lips feels shiny yet hydrated. I'll show you the swatches below.

After hydrate your lips, give your lips some color with the Benefit Hoola Ultra Plush Lip Gloss. This is a sheer nude gloss which contains tiny gold shimmer particles. It comes with a squeezy tube with a slanted tip applicator. It has a subtle fruity scent flavor which is pretty acceptable. 

It’s very sheer and nude so I find it’s good for layering over pink lipsticks. I do find it a bit bronze on my skin. Definitely the perfect beach/ sun-kissed lip color. And though it is a shiny lipgloss but it doesn't leave your lips feeling sticky at all. *thumb-ups*

I layered this Hoola Lipgloss on top of the Benebalm earlier and Wow! My lips look so plump-up! Don't believe? Here's the comparison for you:

As mentioned earlier, the Benebalm has a slight rose-tint color on. To be honest, thought it didn't glide much smoothly on my dry and cracked lips but it does the hydration job! What amazed me is that the Hoola Lipgloss which smoothen out my dry lips and gives me the sexy plump-up lips effect. :D *muahhh* 

Lastly, apply the iconic Benefit They’re Real! Mascara on your lashes and you’re good to go! Most people raves about this mascara. It is described as a jet-black mascara which lengthens, curls, volumises and separates lashes for a spectacular look! 

That spiky little shape brush helps to separate your lashes very well! I do agree that I really like how this mascara helps lengthen and separate my short and little lashes so well! Except, I do find it smudge at the end of the day. If this doesn’t smudge on me, it could be the best mascara out there!

Here's the combination swatches of all the items included in this Do The Hoola Kit. (Yes, I labelled them based on the Steps recommended)

Ta-da! With the completed 5 Steps (based on the Tips & Tricks given), here's my finished-look! What do you think?? 
PS: No foundation, concealer or blusher use for this look. 

I personally think that this Benefit Do The Hoola Kit is such an amazing kit! It comes with a box of 5 different deluxe-sized items. The perfect size and valued for us to could try their products before committing into their full-sized items! The best part is you get to play with so many different star products in one kit. Definitely the perfect gift to get for your friends or loved ones for this holiday season! 

And if you're someone who's into bronzing/ contouring or have always wanted to try Benefit Cosmetics items, I highly recommended this to you. =)  Thanks for reading my long-winded post, I hope this helps most of you to figure out about the kit.

This Benefit Do The Hoola Beyond Bronze Kit is now available in all Benefit Cosmetics' store/ counter for RM155/ S$60. 

What do you think about this Hoola Kit? 

Share me your thoughts!

*** Item
 were sent for editorial consideration by PR. Please take not that I am not affiliated with this company and review stated are based on my honest opinion. Please proceed to read my disclaimer policy if you do not get my means. ***


FiSh said...

Hmmm i havent try liquid bronzer before coz i m not good at blending haha. But it really looks good. And the kit is soo tempting!

Sin Yee said...

I wish to try this kit. Look natural but effective to create fresh look! Gonna check out at Benefits!

Shub said...

I would try this kit for sure. Your face looks fresh and naturally glowing after application.

Anonymous said...

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