Tuesday, September 03, 2013

CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour 2013 Press Conference

You know I'm a big fan of Yong Hwa, I practically screamed of excitement when I know I'm going to their concert. Many thanks to Samsung Malaysia as the main sponsor, I was given a media pass to attend their conference the day before their concert. But since it's Friday and I'm still stuck at my work, I sent my representative down to take more close-up pictures of CNBLUE for me. Below post is written by 'Arms', my representative =))

CNBLUE was on tour in Malaysia recently and I was lucky to attend their press conference at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on 23rd August 2013. I think most of you know who CNBLUE is but for those who aren't, it's a Seoul-based rock band and they truly rock!

Firstly, the guests need to register themselves and check whether their names are in the list so they can get their passes.
 photo IMG_5060.jpg

They were a lot of people outside waiting before we can go to the press conference room.
 photo IMG_5026.jpg

We were then asked by one of the staff for the event to go to another section.

 photo IMG_5029.jpg

I thought we were going to the press conference but it seems they want to fill our stomach first which was a great thing because I was really hungry!

Eat, eat, eat!
 photo IMG_5053.jpg

 photo IMG_5051.jpg

 photo IMG_5047.jpg

 photo IMG_5043.jpg

Okay, so after breakfast, he head on to room 102 where the press conference is being held.
 photo IMG_5031-1.jpg

CNBLUE haven't arrived yet so everyone just took pictures of the backdrop or even themselves. Hehe.
 photo IMG_5054.jpg

 photo IMG_5056.jpg

They took some time to arrive but understandable because I'm sure they are busy.
 photo IMG_5078.jpg

And when there was an announcement that they are arriving soon. Everyone had their cameras ready.

So, now I'll post some individual pictures of them and introduce them too.

Here's Jung Yong-Hwa who does the lead vocals and play the rhythm guitar.
 photo IMG_5105.jpg

Lee Jong-Hyun who plays the lead guitar and also do vocals.
 photo IMG_5121.jpg

Next is Kang Min-Hyuk. He plays the drums does singing too.
 photo IMG_5107.jpg

And lastly, the youngest of them, Lee Jung-Shin who plays the bass. And yes, they all do vocals.
 photo IMG_5103.jpg

So the press conference went well. It wasn't long but it was fun. A lot of questions. The funniest question I think is when one of the audience asked that since Yong-Hwa wrote most of the songs, what do the other members do. I think that was a funny and awkward question. But Yong-Hwa answered it perfectly.

He said something like even after the song has been written, they all work together to complete the song.

And some random pictures here.
 photo IMG_5134.jpg

 photo IMG_5118.jpg

 photo IMG_5113.jpg

This lady was the emcee for the press conference, but I didn't get her name though.
 photo IMG_5108.jpg

And the translator for CNBLUE here.
 photo IMG_5094.jpg

After the press conference, they had one last photo session.
 photo IMG_5138.jpg

And that was the last I've seen CNBLUE. Hahaa just kidding. Next day, their concert!


Chii said...

ahhh yong hwa...thank you for writing this :))

LauraLeia said...

Aaah that's such an awesome experience! I'm not really a huge fan of CNBlue, but I do like some of their songs. :D

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