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CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour 2013 Concert

The title speaks what I wanna say in this post. It's kinda crazy to see me blogging about concert  in my blog. But...I rarely get a chance to enjoy a concer as a VVIP! (except for Jay Chao) So, please bare with me ok? I promised I'll show you more handsome guys pictures for eye-candy. =p

When CNBLUE came to Spore, I really wanted to go but...I guess their fans base are very strong in Spore that most of the tickets were sold out really fast. Same goes to the in Malaysia though. But luck was on my side when I was sponsored to go by Samsung Malaysia. (Change your phone to Samsung now! Lol!)

 photo IMG_5164-1.jpg

CNBLUE board before entering the concert hall - Stadium Merdeka.  I came in the hall the right time, the whole stadium was soooooo BLUE!! 
 photo IMG_5173.jpg

And lots of BLUE lightstick!!

 photo IMG_5172.jpg

Get ready for CNBLUE!

 photo IMG_5178.jpg

 photo IMG_5182.jpg

 photo IMG_5184.jpg

I love the screen when they combined 4 of them together!

The guys also had a self introduction session. During their introduction, they tried to speak some Malay sentences. If I'm not mistaken, they said something like, "Saya suka kamu.", "Rindu kami" And they even mentioned that they like nasi lemak. XD

Drummer 'Min Hyuk'. He's really cute but it's so hard to take a close-up pic of him because he's with his drums and hardly move around. :'(

 photo IMG_5277.jpg
This the best close-up pics I can take! 
 photo IMG_5262.jpg
So cool isn't it? 
(Did I told you my brother plays drums at well? Probabaly he wants to act cool as well)
 photo IMG_5305.jpg

CNBLUE lead guitarist - Jong Hyun. I dunno why he likes to wear sleeveless, but he's looking so good with his bisceps/ muscles. 

 photo IMG_5220.jpg
 photo IMG_5286.jpg

And here's Lee Jung-Shin, the youngest member of the band.  He's also the tallest and he smiles a lot during the concert. I really like his smile because the whole concert he's coming over my side and smile!! Oh gosh~~ 

 photo IMG_5214.jpg
 photo IMG_5366.jpg

And say HELLO to YONG-HWA!!!!

 photo IMG_5217.jpg

I think Malaysia weather is just tooooo hot for him. He took of his jacket after that.

 photo IMG_5230.jpg
 photo IMG_5326.jpg

Yong-Hwa try to dance by shaking his butt. Is soooo funny!!! And that's why he looks like that!
 photo IMG_5383.jpg

Like I promised, I'll post more eye-candy for you!! Here's the close-ups of my favorite Yong-Hwa!!

 photo IMG_5416.jpg

Tell me, Handsome a not?? Those picture doesn't do the justice. Imagine how I look at him through my camera viewfinder. I tell you, my heart melts right away that I couldn't stop screaming!! *fan-girl mode ON*

I did post a 15sec insta-video of Yong Hwa playing the piano solo. Check out my instagram- @slowbrogal if you haven't. He's really good!

In the middle of the concert, they mentioned that it was their last song and they closed the curtains. Everyone was flusterred because it was bit early for them to end. So we waited and shouted for 'encore'. I think I shouted. Coz those in front of me was just busy updating status in FB. (Talk about smartphones now)

 photo IMG_5433.jpg

Within 5 mins, they did came back after changing to another outfit. Hey!! They wore the same outfit as mine!
 photo IMG_5451.jpg

 photo IMG_5439.jpg

 photo IMG_5485.jpg

 photo IMG_5462.jpg

This is a cool picture on the big screen. All of them together. So, I just had to take a picture of this.
 photo IMG_5529.jpg

 photo IMG_5474.jpg
I told my bf, that I fall in love again especially when I see Yong-Hwa.
 He's said "He's just too pretty for you"

 photo IMG_5460.jpg

 photo IMG_5551.jpg

 photo IMG_5559.jpg

More close-ups!!
 photo IMG_5494.jpg
I've been wondering what tattoo design is that on his hand. Anyone knows??
 photo IMG_5510.jpg
 photo IMG_5572.jpg
Jong Hyun and Jung Shin so cute!

On the final song, these shiny papers burst out.
 photo IMG_5620.jpg

 photo IMG_5616.jpg

 photo IMG_5628.jpg

The performance lasted for 2hours plus and the atmosphere is quite to top! Super high.. I always love going to live band concert because their stage performance is awesome!! Talk bout Linkin Park and MayDay. I really salute their singing skills. If I were them, I think about 10mins my voice just drained out and I gonna sang out of tune the rest of the concert. Thumbs up CNBLUE!!

 photo IMG_5637.jpg

This is their tradition of bowing to thanks the audience. These guys always like to take pictures with fans after the concert. I saw them uploading it in 'weibo/twitter'. Go check them out if you wanna see.

 photo IMG_5646.jpg

Goodbye CNBLUE!! See you again. Yong Hwa, please go to Running Man again. I miss your ACE performance.

 photo IMG_5318.jpg

PS: I did not watermark my pics this time so please DO NOT take my pictures without any of my concern. If I ever see my pics were taken without my permission, I'll tear you down. Lol! 


Fion said...

CNBLUE!!! I went to their melbourne concert! It was totally awesome!

Nice meeting you BOICE xoxo

Mr Lonely said...

cnblue... feel emos~

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