Saturday, March 23, 2013

Beauty Box Series: The Bag Of Love!

Have you ever thought of receiving a beauty bag instead of a beauty box? We've been going on the beauty box subscription craze for months and Bag Of Love is bringing us a little twist of surprise. Instead of the normal beauty box that we'll be receiving every month, we'll be getting a surprise in a bag instead. Isn't this a creative idea?

The Bag Of Love was delivered to me by courier using AirPack. This is the first time I encountered this courier company. So far no issue from me except....My box wasn't really in a good condition when it was delivered. The cute pink and white stripe box was a bit out of shape as below picture. I believe that the paper box material isn't sturdy enough to survive the rough delivery. :(

Inside the box, here comes a cute pink and black stripes fuchsia bag with the gold color logo of  'Bag Of Love' in front. I really like the pink bag because it's huge (which means I can put lots of stuff in) and quality is good. All the surprised was packaged bubble-wrap inside the makeup bag.

Let's see what's inside.....

This is the first March debut bag I received from Bag Of Love. Look quite promising isn't it? The bag consist of 5 different beauty product sample.

The founder of Bag Of Love, Mimi is so thoughtful. Look at her Welcome Card below. So cute isn't it?? Behind the card was a list of products for our further references. Most beauty box subscription does come with vouchers. For example the Murad voucher (It is already the 3rd time I got this voucher). But the complimentary pass for the movie 'The Host' is something I really like. Had you all seen the trailer of the movie? I'm anticipating about it.

Relvon Professional Color Sublime Treatment (Travel Size)

If you had a colored /dyed-hair like mine, this hair mask will works is definitely something to try out. I would be good if this product was given to me earlier because my purple hair has now faded off and I don't plan to dye it anymore =p

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire EDT (Sample Size)

Personally, I've been collecting quite a few sample size of the perfume. Most of them was from beauty box subscriptions I had. Another new Guerlain EDT to add on to my stash. This sample size EDT/EDP is good for you to test the product before you buy them. And of coz it's so much convenient to have this than carrying the big heavy glass bottle.

Murad Vitalic Energizing Promegranate Cleanser (50ml)

I guess I had mentioned this before, I really like Murad skincare products especially their clay mask. I've been getting quite a few Murad samples from the beauty box subscription, but this one is the biggest in size. Definitely a good to travel product. I wish they could give me their clay mask travel size though. Haha!! 

Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation (Sample Size)

I've personally tried this foundation when I got it from another beauty box. The texture of the powder is smooth and silky. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and matte. The only thing that bugged me is the color that doesn't match my skintone. My previous sample was Y002 and this too. Anyone who's fairer wanted this? 

Definite Face Blending Brush (Full Size)

I got to know about this brand Definite Cosmetics from My Women Stuff years ago.  I never had a chance to actually try out the product. I am definitely very impressed that Bag Of Love managed to bring in a full size face blending brush for me to play along. The brush is really very soft and I have started using it as my blusher brush. =)

What do you think about this Bag Of Love? I like the idea about getting my surprise in a bag especially the movie tickets. It's pretty worth it because this box only cost you RM39.90/month inclusive of courier service delivery to your doorsteps.

Since this is their first debut bag, I am definitely looking forward to see more and exciting stuff from them in future. Personally, I would like to receive more cosmetics item and skincare. ^_^  Go check them and let me know how you find them!

For more info, please visit the below: 
Facebook: Bag Of Love
Twitter: @BagofLov3
Instagram: BagofLov3 


Elisa said...

the box looks so cute.. !

Ivy Loo said...

I wish I can have the lunasol foundation, never have chance to try it...
also waiting for your blog sale..

Ducky_Kristin said...

OHmy so impressive! you got an actual brush something i'd like to receive from these packages

illy ariffin said...

read few reviews of this new bag of love... kinda like it since it is quite worth it.. will observe on the second bag then might consider jumping in :)

Mabel Yan said...

The 'bag' concept is definitely something different! Might try the second or third box if the reviews are good.. Thanks for sharing! :)

tekkaus said...

Seems like a good deal for those who loves the idea of receiving their own beauty box every month. :)

Nicole Yee said...

I super duper love the brush ;)

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