Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Welcome to my new layout!

Hello everyone!! It's a new year and I decided to give my blog a new clothes and hats!! Clothes- layout, hats - new domain. I've always wanted to have my own domain name and finally here we are!

Months ago I started to draw up some ideas for my new layout and being an absolute IT-idiot, it took me quite a while for all these. I haven't been playing photoshop for ages because of my laptop inability. =( So designing a new logo is kinda killing me.
I wanted something simple and something that represents me! A little personal touch of me in my blog so that you all could understand me better. (Lol!) Some of you may mistaken that I really love pink due to my old layout, but in real life I am not a pink color fan. My favorite color is white!! (My colleague told me white is not a color. A never ending debate topic.)
With some a little help from my friends (esp Sabrina, Arms), my new layout is done without much trouble! :)  With the new layout and domain, I hope 2013 gonna be a good one and thanks for staying with me all these time despite my blog being a little crappy. :-/

Tell me what do you think about the new layout? Like it or no? I hope you enjoy your new year holiday!!

Happy 2013!!


meeline said...

I'm a new reader but I'm liking this layout and with your photo comparison, I do think that it is a pretty good upgrade.
Happy New Year!

LILIAN said...

Wow I lover it!!

Cynthia Loh said...

Welcome to my page Meeline!! Thanks for your support <3
I am happy to hear that my new layout is pretty good. =)

Cynthia Loh said...

Thanks Lilian!!

Elle said...

yahhh blog revamp ^_^!! It looks cleaner and I like all the white space :)

Happy 2013!

Merryn said...

Love your blog's new look!

Henry Tan said...

nice new layout! happy 2013! =DDD

Nic Nic from Bangbangsheshoots said...

Happy new year Cynthia!! A nice new layout to a brand spanking new year :D

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