Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year Giveaway [CLOSED]

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I just wanna say thank you very much to all my awesome readers that give me wonderful support all these while. It's been gracefully 2 years since I started blogging.
You guys rocks my world and let's rock our world together!! =D

May you have a fantastic January, Loveable February, Marvelous March, Luckiest April, Enjoyable May, Successful June, Wonderful July, Independent August, Tastiest October, Beautiful November & Happiest December. Have a Victorious 2012 Year!! 

 To start off our awesome 2012, I am going to have a little giveaway time!!

Two little prizes to be won each from my blog here and my Facebook Page.

Now your question is how do I join?

1) Follow me via Google Friends Connect (on the right sidebar)
'Like' my Facebook Page (on the right sidebar)

2) Leave me a valid email address here.

Easy-peasy?? To make it easy copy & page the below and comment on this page.

Follower ID (via GFC):
Facebook Name: (pls let me know if you need me to filter out for privacy purposes)
Email Address:

That's it!! Everyone here stand a chance to win either from blog or Facebook. If you had already join both platforms, so you'll get both chances as well. Giveaway opens internationally and will end on 13th January 2012 12am (GMT +8) and winner will be chosen via

UPDATE: Giveaway officially closed. Stay tune for result.


vernss said...

GFC : vernz_08

Email: vernie_88hotmail  .com

Like your fan page: Angelin Ng

Happy New Year (=

Thanks alot for the giveaway =)

pinkdalina said...

Yay Another Giveaway!!!
Here is mine:

Follower ID (via GFC): pinkdalinaFacebook Name: glampinkEmail Address:

Hope I can win something!! Happy New Year dear!!!

Cindy said...

GFC : Pepper Cindy
Fb : Cindy Tan
Email :

Sahrish Adeel said...

GFC: Sahrish Adeel
Facebook: Sahrish Adeel

Kristin C said...

Follower ID (via GFC):  Kristin C
Facebook Name: Kristin Fulamak (pls filter :) tq)
Email Address: kristinchoy(@)korea(dot)com

kacang b said...

Follower ID (via GFC):  Budak Kenit
Email Address: nsfz_aries90@yahoo .com
Happy New Year!! ^.^

Kalmo said...

Happy New Year!  Thank you for holding such a lovely giveaway.  

Follower ID (via GFC):  KalmoFacebook Name: N/AEmail Address:

yiying said...

GFC: Yiying
Facebook: Yiying Lee
email:y_y306@homail .com

Happy new year !!!

Clenna said...

Follower ID (via GFC): Clenna Emery (Golden Retriever pix)Facebook Name: Clenna EmeryEmail Address:

Bebe said...

Follower ID (via GFC):   BebeFacebook Name:  Bebe Lee
Email Address:   bebe03 (at) live (dot) com (dot) sg

Jerlyn Tan said...

GFC: JerlynFacebook: Jerlyn Tanemail: yongyuanaiinii[at]gmail[dot]com

K.H. said...

Follower ID (via GFC): Facebook Name: KH BrideEmail Address:khbride at yahoo dot com

farndzes said...

GFC : Farndzes Hanna
FB : Hanna Hosokoawa
email :

Tia A. said...

GFC : ♥ ayuki ♥
FB : Tia Asliana
Email : yukiarra@gmail .com

Thanks for the giveaway anyway. :)

Camilla said...

GFC name; Camilla
facebook: camilla monique

hope to win
happy new year

Elena said...

Follower ID (via GFC):  Elena

Facebook Name: Elena Rudaya

Email Address: queen-of-pain at yandex dot com

Fruity_purplicious said...

GFC: Fruity Purplicious

Angel1988my said...

Follower ID (via GFC): angel
Facebook Name: Angel Chen
Email Address:

Babysaffron said...

GFC:  babysaffron
FB:  babysaffron lim
Happy New Year!

Fuifui said...

    Follower ID (via GFC): Fui Lee
    Facebook Name: Fui Fui Lee
    Email Address:
Hopefully the new year luck will shine on me! :)

chamadi09911118076 said...

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Scene stealer said...

GFc ID: scene stealer
FB name : Yuezzie Anna
Email address :

Mrs K said...

Follower ID (via GFC): Mrs K
Facebook Name:  Nisa Abdul
Email Address: khadijahabdulmalikhotmail .comThank You!

sharonnhm28 said...

Follower ID (via GFC): sharonnhm28
Facebook Name: Sharon Ngo Hea Ming
Email Address:

Jess NG said...

Follower ID (via GFC): jessnghc
Facebook Name: Jess Ng
Email Address:m_7639@hotmail.comThx

Issa said...

Happy New Year!  I'm joining your giveaway! :)

GFC: Issa
FB Name: Issa Chavez ( )

Nga Rachel Phan said...

Follower ID (via GFC): Rachel
Facebook Name: Rachel Phan Viet Nga
Email Address:

Thank you so much!

Diana Ling Zia Hui said...

Follower ID (via GFC): NanaFacebook Name: Diana Ling
Email Address:

Irene Soh said...

Follower ID (via GFC): Ireneyksoh
Facebook Name: Irene Soh
Email Address:

Hoon Tang said...

Like you on facebook, fb id: Hoon Tang
ggrace72@hotamili .com

Happy New Year!

Gracecupid said...

Follower ID (via GFC) : grace_cupidFacebook name: Grace TanEmail :

Quinieleong said...

gfc: quinieleong
quinieleong@yahoo .com

Veanne Than said...

Follower ID (via GFC): ~mEm0RiEs~
Facebook Name:Veanne Than
Email Address: 

Nia Nasyitah said...

Follower ID (via GFC): Nia
Facebook Name: Nia Nasyitah ZulkifliEmail Address:

Hiza said...

Follower ID (via GFC): Hizatul Idris
Facebook Name: Hizatul Akma
Email Address:

LaiCheng said...

Thanks for the giveaway.. :)

GFC  : LaiCheng
email address :
Liked your FB page as Lai Cheng.


bambaki83 said...

Follower ID (via GFC):  bambaki83
Facebook Name:  Miriam Rivas (Mirikitty)
Email Address: mimica69(at)hotmail(dot)com


Nia Nasyitah said...

Follower ID (via GFC): Nia
Facebook Name: Nia Nasyitah ZulkifliEmail Address:

Sitishahanim said...

Facebook Name: Siti Shahanim Hashim

Email Address:

Zhet said...

Follower ID (via GFC):  ZhEtFacebook Name: Zetty Munirah
Email Address:

arra morta said...

gfc: arra
fb: Arra Morta


Diana Ling Zia Hui said...

GFC : Zia LinEmail: zialin93@gmail.comFB: Patricia Ling
Liked ur fanpage :)

Diana Ling Zia Hui said...

oppsss...i forgot i joined alrerady...ignore this post pls ..:)

Happy New Year

angel charm said...

Thanks for the amazing giveaway
Follower ID (via GFC): angel charmFacebook Name: jenna saraEmail Address: angelinrhythm(at)yahoo(dot)com

addy said...

Trying my luck here! =D

Follower ID: @Ddy 
Facebook Name: Cik Addy *please screen my name for privacy, thanks!*
Email address:

coreen said...

Facebook Name: Coreen Bee
Email Address:

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