Sunday, January 30, 2011

Review: NYX Concealer in Jar (Beige)

Basically everyone is looking for a concealer that does the job! Besides concealing our flaws, dark eye circles and pimples, we want them to last on us till the end of the day. Basically you don't need to have hundreds of concealer in your drawer, one or two is enough for you.

Previously, I have reviewed the Revlon and ELF concealer. Today I gonna intro you any cheap and affordable brand, NYX Concealer in Jar. I believe most people must have heard of them and some raves and rants. And now I gonna share my point of view. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Review: Elisha Coy BB Cream

I apologized for my late updates. I've been re-located to a new country for my job scope. It has been two weeks now and I'm still adapting. So far everything is quite settled down. So I hope I have more time to blog after this. =D If you remembered my Christmas post, I received this as one of my Christmas present last year. So today, I gonna review this Elisha Coy Limited Edition BB Cream Set from Lush Group.
There are three different type of BB creams given in this set: Diamond Shiny BB cream, Always Nuddy BB cream and Always Triple BB cream.

The star BB cream of Elisha Coy- Diamond Shiny Pearl BB has been found as the only one BB cream that contained Jewelry Powder. Wow for the Jewelry powder!!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Tutorial: How To Achieve The Perfect Nude Lip Look

A pair of hot lips are indeed weapons to kill. Agree or No? Soft nude lips has been recognized as the biggest look for lips nowadays. Many of you might think that nude lips does make you look like you're sick and lifeless, but with the correct way and method you can achieve lips like Angelina Jolie.

In fashion way, nude lips are a dramatic look where natural color is taken out of the lips and this is often contrasted with a smoky or dramatic eye. I guess that is the reason why I've been in love with nude lip colors nowadays.

Wearing nude lips can be tricky. Keeping the definition of your lips is key. So here's a little tips for me to share with all of you. (It does work very well for me) 

Monday, January 03, 2011

Jill Stuart Secret Tease Collection

I am officially a Jill Stuart's fan now~~ Who can resist their amazing and awesome packaging?? (If you're the opposite gender of mine, I'll make that an exception) :p This collection is one of the Limited Edition Christmas Set I've been lemming for and thanks to Emily my wish comes true. This gonna be the best Christmas present of all!!

Jill Stuart Secret Tease Collection sold out in a few days after it launched in Taiwan. Amazing huh? By looking at the box itself, I'm astonished. I took almost a day to admire the pretty box itself instead of opening the package up. (Serious) 

Theme of this collection, “Experiment with a secret tease”. It even comes with a signature of Jill Stuart. :)
*picture heavy*
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