Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Review: Neutrogena Deep Cleansing Lotion

How many of you have actually practices the double cleansing concept everyday? Double cleansing means that you clean your skin twice. The first time to remove makeup and the second with your normal facial wash. I was taught by my beautician that this may helps improve your skin condition and prevent clogged pores.
Today I gonna review my current staple skincare product. The Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Lotion. I've been using cleansing lotion to double cleanse my face instead of cleansing oil as I found cleansing oil clogged my pores. (I guess is just for me)
I was first introduced by Chris to this product and was quite skeptical about it. But it turns out much more better than I expected. Let's see how.

It's come with 200ml bottle with a pump dispenser. Which is good as it controls the amount of product you're using and convenient when you're in a rush. Think 200ml might be too big? Nay, its enough to last you 2months for everyday use.
No alcohol or any harmful ingredients. ^^
The mild milky texture glides on your palm easily and absorb into your skin makes your skin felt clean yet not oily.

Massage onto entire face. Remove with a cotton pad or tissue, or rinse off with water. Follow with a Foaming Cleanser as desired.
The Neutrogena Cleansing Lotion says that it can thoroughly cleans and removes all makeup, even waterproof mascara. But I do not use this to remove my eye makeup as I prefer using my trusty Mandom Eye Makeup Remover. But, this is my HG face makeup remover!! razz

I usually squirt 1-2 pumps on my palm and massage the lotion all over my face. I believe massaging it would helps the makeup to dissolve better. After a few minutes of massaging, I used the facial cotton and wipe it off. Voila!! My face is clean and the best part is I don't feel greasy and oily at all!! The normal cleansing lotion and oil will left greasy feel on your skin but definitely not this.

After using this, my skin felt so fresh and soft. Even before I clean my face with my normal cleansing foam.

Rating: 5/5!!! ♥ ♥

I used this for my double cleansing routine and I'm truly amazed. Why? Because my pores has shrink and no more clogged pores!! Amazing isn't it? I truly recommended this to those who has sensitive, acne-prone and oily skin like me.

This cleansing lotion is sold for RM20.90. Sometimes when there are sales, you may even get cheaper. For the price, this is totally worth it. biggrin

PS: Please take note that this is their old packaging. They had a new packaging of Cleansing Lotion in blue.


AnnaYJia said...

I used to love this product but no more now >_< bcoz sometimes it stings my eyes so bad and herm...dunno ler ~ I prefer cleansing oil bcoz it feel more cleanse ^^

Cyn said...

Anna: I dun use this to remove my eye makeup. I only use my trusty Mandom to remove my eye makeup and this for face. I can't use cleansing oil bcoz it clogged my pores badly.

The Teenager said...

I use cleansing milk! Though I have no idea what's the difference between cleansing milk and's the same I guess XD

Miss Shopcoholic said...

haven't tried this.. but it looks promising =)

Sue Lynn said...

Aahhh...Great review!

I mentioned this in my Skin Routine vid and I still <3 <3 <3 it...Just too lazy to use it daily ;) I'll pay for that soon :(

Ahleessa said...

Double cleansing sounds like a great idea! I'll definitely try that next time. Thanks for telling us! :)

Eisse J said...

Hehe...i also don't recommend it for the eye-area. IT STINGS. Other that that, it's a faily good product. (^^) I love its miky texture tat glides on the skin. Nice...

Syahira Sharif said...

Hi! This is my first comment~~ stumbled upon your site from the search engine... :)

I just bought it two days ago and my my, why haven't I found it earlier~~~

I received Biore Cleansing Oil as a gift from my MA but a month later, my skin started to pop up zits in my jaw line... :( I had no problem like this from the sheet version.

I was at lost on buying which cleansing lotion and MJ had a sale (RM20+ eyeshadow and get one free) and smothered the back of my hand with the eyeshadows and then I conduct a test with Bio-Essence, Neutrogena, Za and some other brand but this thing dissolved away the eye shadow in one swipe and I was bought~~~

It left a layer of powdery thing on your skin if you didn't wipe it all out but it washes really quick. Definitely HG material. :)

KrysTia♥ said...

Gud info, thanx!

Anonymous said...

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