Monday, March 03, 2014

February Favorite~ ❤

Hello everyone!!! =D
It has been quite a few months since I wrote an entry! Do anyone of you miss me?? *unsure if there's still someone who reads this post*

My laptop is gone for now and forever. So I relied on my mobile phone a lot past few months. Please follow me on Instagram because I do micro-blog there! (Instagram Username: Slowbrogal)

I posted my February Favorite on my Instagram last few days. But I decided to put it in here so I could write and share my thoughts more. (Come give me a clap! :p) 

*Excuse me for the picture quality - this was taken by my Samsung Note 2. 
Have you spotted what's on the picture?

  • Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum II
I have a deluxe sample size from The Little Black Beauty Box last December. I've tried the older version years ago which it doesn't really impressed me despite the high price. So when this brown bottle came in as one of the item in the beauty box, I thought it's just a waste if I don't use it. Tried this and immediately I fall in love! My skin look refreshed and glowing when I woke up the next morning! The improved version really works well and it deserved to be rave! One of the skincare products that highly recommended in the blogsphere. I finished my deluxe size in a week, so I'm getting the retail size now. Oh, wallet! 
  • ZA Ever Brows Pencil
I've been using this brow pencil since 2012 and I love it! I lost count how many times I'd re-purchased them. My friend who bought this after being convinced by me love them too! They win in terms of price and smooth application. Go down to your local drugstore now and grab them! You don't need an expensive brow products now. =p
  • Benefit Coralista
This blusher made it to my favorite in October and now I just have to mention it again because I love it! The coral-pink tone glides on my cheek giving me a healthy glow especially when I smile! 
  • Benefit Porefessional
I'm definitely not someone who uses makeup primer a lot especially silicone-based. Unfortunately, this infamous Benefit Porefessional contain silicone which I dislike about. One thing I like about this makeup primer, it helps smoothen my pores and my makeup stay longer throughout the day. One thing I have to highlight when you use silicone-primer, it doesn't goes well with hydrating skincare/products - it may cause flakes. 
  • IOPE Air Cushion XP  
Do you cushions are very popular now? Yes, I'd mentioned in my post on Evolution of BB Creams earlier. The early boomer of cushions out of Korea is Laneige with their famous BB cushion. But what we never knew was in Korea years ago, there're a lot of brands of cushions such as IOPE - which is the best selling BB cushions followed by Hera. 

And lately due to the Korean Drama - You From Another Star, IOPE BB cushions are selling like hot cakes everywhere. Our pretty Jun Ji Hyun acted as Cheon Song-Yi in the drama uses it and her skin is absolutely flawless and glowy!

I love this products as well! Not as good as CSY but definitely natural and glowy! Do you think I should dedicate one blog post for this product? Let me know! 

What's your favorite products of the month? 

Share them with me! ❤❤


shasha said...

I agree with you on the Benefit Porefessional. It does what it says, but I dont like it either, ugh silicones!

Syaza Suhana said...

You definitely should dedicate a post for the IOPE Air Cushion! I don't know whether to buy or not buy haha. I am torned~~

Jess said...

i shall try out the ZA eyebrow once i run out of my empro.. ah i wan read a detail and comparison review for iope .

Elisa said...

yesssss review of the iope cushion pls :D

LauraLeia said...

Wah finally an update! :P *claps*
Yes, you should definitely do a post on the IOPE Air Cushion to share with us how to get that flawless glowy look like CSY. XD

Mieza Everdeen said...

oh pleaseee make a blog post about IOPE Cushion :D i'd love to know more about it and where can we get it ^_^

cindy tong ( said...

wooo im a loyal fan of shu uemura eye brow pencil and i shall try za when i finish mine... ya bad silicone bt it make skin look smooth as it fill up the pores and when pair with foundation it look flawless! i tried estee lauder night serum sample n dont quite find big difference so i din buy it... but sample cant tell much..

naim said...

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