Monday, October 14, 2013

Rock Pinktober Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

It's October!! And it's Pink October! 

October is the month for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in an effort to raise awareness of the disease and to support those who are affected by breast cancer

Breast cancer comprises 22.9% of all cancer in women and affects one million women worldwide every year. Most cases of breast cancer cannot be prevented through any action on the part of the affected person. Due to this randomness, breast cancer can affect or will affect all of us. 

In supporting of the breast cancer awareness, me and Traclyn from LaVogueFemme decided to 
join the pink crew and rock it up - "'ROCK PINKTOBER"!

  • 'Pinktober' will runs on now till 31st October 2013. 
  • Post at least one picture a day of any pink stuff we see, stumble, use, etc. Anything!
  • You can post on your Facebook or Instagram as well. 
  • Be sure you remember to hashtag #rockpinktober #pinktober #pinkawareness #pinkBCA
Lastly, we would love all of you to share and link up this campaign at your blog, Facebook, Instagram anywhere you like.

Grab this button and share! It's for good cause!

Simple request: Do follow us at Facebook/ Instagram so we could check out your posts :) 

Don't forgot to check out our country iconic landmark Illuminate in Pink!

The Sultan Abdul Samad building was illuminated in pink in support of the Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) Campaign.
For the first time ever, witness the pink illumination of the PETRONAS Twin Towers on October 18! Watch out for our nation’s most iconic landmark as it glows in pink; a symbol of hope for a world free from breast cancer.

Let's get started now and support #PinkBCA! 

 Together We Can Make A Difference! 


Jess said...

let me bite my lips and show u my sexy pink lips!

Choulyin said...

wah....ok, set 18 October on my calendar and go see the KLCC in Pink!

chichicho chichicho said...

gorgeous pics

Kumiko Mae said...

wow what a beautiful way to support breast cancer awareness! it looks so magical, seeing buildings lighted up so pink!

nurina adhalia said...

the building looks so pretty in pink, this is the best way to support breast cancer awareness!

Ari said...

This is great! It sounds fun and for a really, really good cause :)

Serena said...

i love how they illuminated the building! Plus it's nice to see people taking breat cancer awareness seriosuly.

Neni Diyanti said...

I like the pink illumination of the building. Great way to support breast cancer day :)

neni ❤ (>ω<*)ノ

Casey said...

My mom actually just wrapped up her radiation treatments today after a long battle with breast cancer. I love that people are talking about it and spreading awareness.

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