Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sharing my last thought of Beautybox - Glamabox.

And so it's another beauty box subcription. Apparently Glamabox is a company owned by Lisa S. (The supermodel and HK Star Daniel Wu's wife). The box are doing awesomely in Hong Kong and has now expanded to Taiwan, China and Singapore. I've reviewed one previously here.

The packaging of the box did not change ever since I subscribed with them last year. But this pink 'pizza' like box is so huge that I can store so many stuff in. I would much pretty if their box is smaller and compact so that you don't feel to little samples in there.

Their packaging goes like that with a pink paper and a Glamabox sticket wrap. Quite disappointed that they did not use any ribbon like what they did last time.

After I commented that they did not list down the product list on the box, they finally did revamp a bit which I glad they did.

And this is what I got for the month of May celebrating the Mothers' Day theme as well!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Beauty Box in Malaysia - Vanity Trove April Edition

I guess I have already mentioned quite a times in my blog that we now have monthly beauty box subscription service in Malaysia!! I've previously reviewed about Vanity Trove here. I had mentioned in my previous post that out of 3 different beauty-box I had tried, I actually stopped one of the subscription. So now let's take a look how do I feel about Vanity Trove.

If you girls are still blur about how beauty box subscription works, check out my in-dept explaination in my previous post here. I actually posted out a sneak-peek of the box here when I attended their event last month.

I always like the packaging of how Vanity Trove packed. Their pink and white box are quite huge in size comparing with Bellabox and Glamabox. And their box are more sturdy which you can use them to store other accessories.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

My May Bellabox

You know how beauty box subcription has been a trend in the beauty industry right now? Like I had mentioned previously we have 3 different companies here available in Singapore - Bellabox, Glamabox and Vanity Trove (which is the ONLY available one in Malaysia!!) . I actually stopped one for the subscription because it's kinda disappointed. So now I gonna show you each content of the box and you can take a guess which one I'd pulled out? ^_^
Bellabox came out with a very special packaging this month to celebrate the Mother's Day theme. The exclude the normal box and include a recycle bag which contained all the products. A great idea for eco-friendly but I still prefer the box.

Here you go with a little description and note about the theme:

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Blog Sale!!

Hi all!!
I've updated that I'll be having a blog sale on Facebook and Twitter. I figured that most of the items does not get enough love from me. So hopefully they gets to find a better owner out there. ^_^
Everything are first come first served basis. So please email with your order items name, your name and address at
All items listed are in Malaysia Ringgit/ Singapore Dollar as per quoted.
For any 5 items or over, FREE shipping anywhere in the world. ^_^

For international buyers, please email me so I can quote you together with your shipping rate.

If you have any questions related to the item, please ask me at Formspring. =))
*For serious buyer only. Any bargaining email will be ignored.*
Thank you.

Left to right

NYX Blushable Creme Stick in South St. Seashell
Condition: Used x 2 times
Price: RM20 / SGD8

Canmake Cheek Gradation in 02
Condition: NEW
Price: RM25 / SGD10

Urban Decay Primer Potion *BNIB*
Professional Size (LE) - RM90 / SGD40
XL in Eden - RM57 / SGD25

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Review: Enavose Cellogist Youth Guard Cream

The word Youth used in beauty products are always related to anti-aging. Agree with me?? My definition of 'Youth' mean a person who's aged between 13 to 19 -who's rather young. ^_^ People who fall between this age often have a great skin to start with (even some may have acne issues, but their skin are firmer, bouncier and more elastic) When your age grow, your skin grow. You'll start to feel that your skin started to shag a little, becoming drier especially eye areas and not that bouncy/firm anymore. That's a sign of aging!! O_o So what's the TOP SECRET to prevent it??

I finally reached the age where we need to start using anti-aging products. (No prize for guessing my age right) To be honest, when I was sent to review this product I was undecided. Why? Because it really means that I am aging. Thus, this gonna be my first anti-aging products in my entire life. Someday I just gonna start using it, might as well now!! =D That's when my courage came in. Well, what's more when Enovase Cellogist Youth Guard Cream is an award winning STAR products Style Best Beauty Buys 2011 and CozyCot Holy Grail Beauty Awards 2011 – Best Cellular Youth Protection. (So yeah~~ I am truly convinced)

Enavose is famous brand from Switzerland. For over 30 years, Enavose’s team of like-minded scientists and chemists poured their mind and soul into researching the possibilities of longevity for skin and body. The desire to improve the quality of life and in living itself, propelled our researchers – with support from renowned cell experts – to delve deep to uncover the truth to attaining youthfulness. What we discovered set forth a revolution in cosmeceuticals. (For more info, please refer to Enavose website).
Enavose at Suntec City Mall, Tower 3, #02-079/081

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cancer Patients Can Still Feel Beautiful

This will be a long writing post with only a few pics. But I just need you ladies to spare me your 5 minutes to read this article. =))
I have always had a passion for fashion-from shoes to makeup, nail polish to handbags, and everything in between! Coupled with that is belief that all women need to feel beautiful, no matter what circumstances they may be facing. Women are powerful beings and WE need to realize it! Sadly, many women are hearing those devastating words 'you have cancer.' Despite a cancer diagnosis, women can still feel beautiful in their own skin. Fashion is a wonderful way to feel strong and confident. 
And today my guest blogger Jackie Clark from Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance will share you the reality of cancer and how women can say 'YES I have cancer'.
Every woman wants to feel beautiful. Whole industries have been created to make hair shinier, skin clearer, and eyes more alluring. And in fact, while some may deride this as mere vanity, liking the reflection in the mirror is a great confidence booster. Who doesn't take care to dress and groom their best for a job interview or first date? Sometimes, looking good helps to bolster confidence to allow a woman to face a difficult situation. Conversely, when a woman knows she looks bad, it undermines her confidence and she doesn't deal as effectively. At no time does a woman need her confidence more than when facing a diagnosis of cancer. And at no other time does looking good become so difficult.

Part of what makes looking good so difficult when going through cancer is the effects of the treatment. Take the treatments for mesothelioma for example. Surgery, sometimes quite radical, radiation, and chemotherapy all leave a patient pale, weak, and feeling terrible. While most people understand that chemotherapy makes someone lose their hair, many don't realize that means all the hair on the body, including eyebrows and eyelashes. Already feeling sick and scared, when a woman looks in the mirror and sees someone who looks like a concentration camp victim looking back, it can be difficult to soldier on through the day. 

But through the wonder of cosmetics, a woman can look better. Makeup, especially mineral based makeup, can return the color to a woman's face. First, the foundation, evens out the blotchy skin and brings color to the pallor. A little blush makes the cheeks look healthy again. Perhaps a little bronzer might make her look even healthier.

Picture credits to Julia Ordodi

For many women, chemo means that makeup is no longer optional but necessary. Some women might choose a wig while others find scarves and hats suit better. Some women even find that braving the world while bald is empowering. But rare is the woman that won't benefit from makeup. Eyebrow pencil fills in where chemo has stripped the brow. Eyeliner can create the illusion of eyelashes. So when the patient looks in the mirror, a confident, beautiful woman looks back. Battling cancer is scary, anything that gives a patient more assurance is a valuable thing.

Cancer is a disease whose treatment can take as large a toll on a person as the disease itself. Human beings are a visual species and whether we should or not, we judge what we see and act accordingly. So when a patient is a woman and she dreads to look in the mirror, it just makes the whole ordeal more difficult. But when good cosmetics are available, she can take confidence in her appearance and that translates into confidence to take on her disease. This is not vanity but treatment in and of itself.

Hope you enjoy this little article here. Do share with your friends ya!! :D 

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Review: Freshlook Colorblends in Amethyst

I've been wearing contact lens for ages and I'm proud to say this gonna be my first blog review on contact lens. (I know I should do this earlier, but hey but late than never) Remember the Pretty, Sexy, Beautiful Eyes Blogging Contest I mentioned in my previous post, today I gonna share with you on how Freshlook Colorblends Contact Lens transform my eyes into a pretty, sexy and beautiful eyes like Rainie Yang??
Rainie Yang - Famous Taiwanese Singer & Actor is the spokeperson of Freshlook. Have anyone of you watch her drama with Joseph on 'Drunken To Love'. That's one of the romantic drama I really really like!! =p
They say:

Freshlook Colorblends by CIBA Vision use advanced color technology to blend three colors on one lens. Available in 9 colors. Each box contains monthly disposable colored lenses.

Content: 45% phemfilcon A (with UV absorbing chromophores), 55% water, in borate buffered saline containing 0.005% Poloxamer 
Base Curve: 8.6
Diameter: 14.5

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Review: Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing UV Milk with SPF50 PA++

As my readers, you girls should know that I adore Hada Labo's products! Their famous 'One Drop Lock An Ocean' is not longer an unfamiliar term in the beauty world. I've also reviewed a few of their products here. And today I gonna review their latest new released product - Hada Labo SHA (Super Hyaluronic Acid) Moisturizing UV Milk with SPF50 PA++!! (That's a mouthful name O_o )  In short, it is better known as sunblock. =p

Talking about sun protection/ sunblock (which ever you prefer to call), I need to educate and stress my readers that you need to apply sun protection everyday!! Why?? Because the sun/UV rays are harmful to your skin!! Repeated exposure of unprotected skin may increase the risk of skin cancer, sunburn and other effects can include wrinkling, premature aging, and in time, an almost leathery appearance of the skin. You don't wanna look older than your age, don't you? I'll discuss the topic individually next time.

To be honest, I don't  have the tendency to apply sunblock until late of last year. One word - Lazy. Second - Oily. I couldn't help on the first reason but if you were to worry about the latter, there's always a solution. This new Hada Labo SHA Moisturizing UV Milk is the one. 

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