Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boxing day with my BellaBox!!

Life's been a very busy and hectic for me that I've been slacking on blogging. Nevertheless, I hope everyone of you have a GREAT Christmas!!! By now I guess most of you have snagged something over the boxing day sales. Ain't you??  It's kinda sad to say that we do not have any boxing day sale over here!! Cons of staying another part of the world. =(

My boxing day started the day before just because I couldn't wait to 'un-boxed' all my gifts!! (Well, I don't have much gifts either). Let me tell you, my biggest box among all is my pinky cute box from BellaBox.

I've mentioned about Bellabox previously here, and the month of December is a Christmas party month!! Wait, did I mentioned to you about November box?? I guess no..but I'll briefly tell you what's the best over there.

As usual, the box with the brown stripy box which I find it good to store my stuff. :) They named in Party In Style for the December box.

And here's what I expecting.....woooo......

I finally see more cosmetic items in my box now!!!!! Although I do love skincare very much, but in terms of experimenting new products I would prefer to have more cosmetics!!
Tell me if you don't. =p
This month the box seems to stuff full with items!!

The item that draw my attention the most Eylure Eye Lashes. OMG!! It looks so soft and natural....I can't wait to put them on. I've always seen them around at Watson stores but I just dunno why I didn't pick it up. Probably when you're in Watson, there's too much item to pick and this may put as the oppurtunity cost of $10.90. =p

If you have a problem of insomnia recently, this might be a great help for you. This is the first time I encountered myself with potion like this - Faust's Asleep Potion. (Wow!! It does sounds so like one the potion Professor Snape made so Harry would stay quietly at his dorm instead of wandering around at night) I personally wish I have an Awake Potion instead - I do have a serious problem of waking up every morning to work.

This month Bellabox included us OPI - Not Like The Movies miniature. This color is feature in the OPI Katy Perry Collection. I already have this color, but of course I wouldn't mind to have an extra. ^_^

One the best item in the box - Savoir Faire Lipstick (Risque). The packing of Savoir Faire Cosmetic are awesome!! I personally like how sleek and classy the lipstick packaging look like. *Thumb ups*
I got myself a bright deep red color lipstick which mark my first ever red lipstick. Trust me!! I don't buy red lipstick at all because I don't wear them or probably I don't look good with them.

Look at the box above, you may noticed one pink ribbon packaging there. It was nicely wrapped with some pieces of Sothys samples. I heard of this brand as a famous facial salon, but never get to try them before. And so my chance is given with $50 Gift Certificate. =) *jumping of excitement*

Guess it's time to pamper myself for a great beginning of 2012!! And lastly, Bellabox team actually thrown in a bag of Jelly Beans for us!! It's soooo sweet of them isn't it??

After 3 months subsciptions, every month $15. I am totally happy with it. Look at the box this month, the lipstick itself cost about $64 one which already worth 3 times the box!!

I shall be anticipating to look forward for January box. If any of you wanted to try and purchase one of the box, be sure you subcribe to Bellabox.sg. And let me know if you need one, so I can email you my referral link. (points of me & you)

Once again, HAPPY BOXING DAY1!! ^_^


Isabel said...

I was wondering what the red grape like thing was.. =/

Cherriemia said...

too bad am in kl,do you think they will deliver it here?

Cynthia Loh said...

That is the Jelly Beans....to eat though...But I still yet to eat them. :p

Cynthia Loh said...

I don't think they deliver to KL. Let's hope Malaysia will have something like that too. ^^

Nunu said...

Haha, awesome "boxing" day xD

Sushi Cookbooks said...

This was lovvely to read

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