Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tagged: The Nice & Naughty List 2011

I did my Nice & Naughty List 2010 last year after my favorite beauty blogger, Jen did so. I decided to list down the same list for this year and drafted this post out a few weeks ago. Apparently, Jen did the same thing too. (You guys just gonna check her blog- she's awesome!) Since Christmas is over, Santa won't make it for my list. Therefore, Smurf is the one who's going to coordinate the award list for this year. ( I 'smurf' you!!)

The list featured top 5 favorite products and 5 most disappointing products for this year. Let's Smurf bring you the Naughty list!!


1) Herbal Essences Shampoo
I tried Herbal Essences Shampoo ages ago and it wasn't a good experience for me. After years, I decided to give it a shot as I believe they should have improve their formula and packaging too. And I didn't know why, I love the smell of the shampoo but every time after wash, it makes my hair sooo DRY...I am so sorry for you all who love this but I just didn't think this works for me.

2) Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
I love Maybelline mascaras!! It is my first mascara brand and I love them. I bought this mascara around RM10 during promo so it's definitely cheap!! But seriously, this mascara is very disappointing. I am not sure what formula did they used for this but when I applied, it does a very little lengthening and volume on my lashes. It make my lashes feels droppy and it clumps!! Gosh..Don't mentioned about the flakes and smudge as well. *sigh*

Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Year End Hauls~

In a few more days year 2011 comes to an end. For a shopaholic like me, the best always come at the end. Why? Because it's Year End Sales!! Sales are crazy everywhere especially Boxing Day. =D

I haven't been stepping out of mall and get some stuff ever since I got my new job. Crowd. Working hours. Meh!! So, most of the stuff I purchased with just one click - internet. Internet shopping is real addictive isn't it?? Look at what you like, click click click, and wait for your parcel. Forget about the bills! It's end of year 2011! (What an excuse, heh?)

And here's my accumulated hauls since November. I've posted these few pics on FB and Twitter as well. So, it's time for me to share with my bloggers and readers. =)

My hauls from United States!! This little haul cost me a bomb especially if you saw it - Clarisonic Mia!! I've been putting it on my wishlist for the longest time after SueLynn and SongLing raved it!! And now it's finally MINE!!! *jumping of joy*  And got some random brushes from Real Technique, ELF, Milani eyeliner and UD Anni palette.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boxing day with my BellaBox!!

Life's been a very busy and hectic for me that I've been slacking on blogging. Nevertheless, I hope everyone of you have a GREAT Christmas!!! By now I guess most of you have snagged something over the boxing day sales. Ain't you??  It's kinda sad to say that we do not have any boxing day sale over here!! Cons of staying another part of the world. =(

My boxing day started the day before just because I couldn't wait to 'un-boxed' all my gifts!! (Well, I don't have much gifts either). Let me tell you, my biggest box among all is my pinky cute box from BellaBox.

I've mentioned about Bellabox previously here, and the month of December is a Christmas party month!! Wait, did I mentioned to you about November box?? I guess no..but I'll briefly tell you what's the best over there.

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