Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Review: ES Fake Eyelashes from KK Centerhk

Fake eyelashes are always the best tool to make your eyes look bigger and feel like a doll. I don't usually use false lashes for daily makeup but for photoshoot and dinner, it is a must! I am quite fussy in term of the quality of fake lashes especially the band. Those fake lashes with rough and thick band are a NO-NO for me. So when KKCenterhk sent me a box of fake lashes, without a thought I picked up the fabulous fake lashes brand.
ES are well-known of their soft band fake lashes and it was made in Korea. ^_^ I actually chose ES A166 10 Pairs Black Luxuriant False Eyelashes. (Don't ask why I chose this)

One box comes with 10 pairs of fake eyelashes. Estimated for one pair that could last you around 3-4 wears which means you could wear up to 30-40 times with these lashes. I find this pretty affordable and good for it priceof US$14.22.

Look at how thin and soft the band and the fake eyelashes look. From the picture above, the lashes look indeed very natural and long. The best thing is it is very soft and light.

And this is how it look on my eyes after putting them on.
The band is very light and very comfortable to wear on. The eyelashes look pretty natural except it was kinda looonggg for me. :p
It look very natural from the box, but it's kinda dramatic for me. If you need something which is natural but much more suitable for prom or photoshoot, this fake eyelashes is good enough.

Here's my FOTD with this ES lashes. Pretty, no?
This fake lashes is quite good in terms of quality which amazed me. I am looking forward to try the other ES fake lashes now especially the price are quite affordable. =)

You may purchase fake lashes from KK Centerhk as they offered a wide range of them. The best part of all, the ship worldwide. ^_^ So yeah, enjoy your shopping!


Elisa said...

looking good :D this company always sells lots of eye lashes <3

emsiems said...

Their brand is the best. ive tried this one from my cousin and theyre so nice.
Wanna buy their lashes but dont have paypal :((

Hope you could join my upcoming giveaway. Ill post it this week or probably this first week of november. Great prizes awaiting for you.

Jamillacamel said...

Very impressive and pretty!

Mai Pang said...

these  lashes are really nice (: , looks natural 
i use princess lashes which is good as well 

CMPang x

Cynthia Loh said...

Yeah..KKcentrehk are quite famous in selling lashes and they have a huge range of them!

Jenny Mu said...

the lashes are so nice! i always have problem putting on thin fake lashes... 

Cynthia Loh said...

Their lashes are very soft too. Don't worry about that, practice does make perfect. 

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