Tuesday, October 04, 2011

2nd Visit to Cres Wellness

Ever since I tried Cres Wellness’s facial treatment, I’m hooked!! I totally agree that woman should spent sometime to pamper herself :) This time round, I went back to Cres Wellness at Tebrau City, Johor Bahru for my second treatment for Ultra Rejuvenation Crystallinear Therapy.  If you’ve read my previous post, I’m quite satisfied with the facial treatment. 

CRES Ultra Rejuvenation Crystallinear Therapy is a highly effective reversal and therapeutic treatment which combined the mighty energy of the natural crystal  and the state-of –the-art nano-technology.  It can unblock and activate the lymph nodes, increase the flow of nutrients to the cells,and thus stimulate better and faster cell repair and renewal, leaving skin instantly revitalized and ultra smooth like baby skin.

I would not explain too much on the process of the treatment as you can refer to my previous post which I’ve mentioned. The core reason why I am happy with is the relaxing and therapeutic Chakra Massage. It’s main function is to unblock and stimulate lymph nodes, increase blood circulation to allow more oxygen and nutrients to the body’s organs; it stimulates the release of endorphins to remove and soften tension and stress of the body and mind.

Chakra Massage used to carried out from India and famously known as Indian Head Massage for physiological and psychological benefits. The picture above shown the seven main energy of our human body. Basically I fall asleep during the massage which is really good for a tired working woman like me. :p (time to relax my spiritual)

The effect of this treatment doesn’t seem too obvious compare to the first one. But my skin is so much brighter and firming after the whole facial process.
Under the light my skin does look glowy from inner and fairer. ^_^ Facial treatment may only give you about 50% of better skin, another 50% comes from how you maintain and take care of your skin after facial. I always believe after facial treatment is very important especially for this Ultra Rejuvenation Crystallinear Therapy which you need to apply lotsa hydrating products. 

Here's the preview of my previous facial for comparison:
To know more about the facial process and result, please read my previous post.

This treatment lasted for 2 hours which I felt it not bad for the pricing at all. Normal price for one treatment is RM408 but don't worry, Cres Wellness offers good discount for this. Eg: RM199 for first trial :)) Do let me know how do you think if you ever try this because I am lovin' it!! Feel free to check out their Facebook Page for more updates, contest and offers!! 

Stay pretty and enjoy ok?? *Miss all of you*


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whoa~ I can actually see the difference :) 

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