Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Accumulated Hauls~~

I couldn't believe I did not managed to update my blog for long....And I have to admit that I miss blogging. I miss all of my readers and beauty bloggers here.. :) Well, work has always been an issue for me and my recent ezcema attack ain't making the situation better... :(

I've been sharing my hauls here and there in my FB and twitter. But I guess it's showtime for my blog readers too!! Excuse me for the pics qualities I took from my phone apps.

Approximately a month ago, there's a Shiseido Private Sale at their office. So me and my bestie when down all the way after work to grab the opportunity. It's time to restock all my skincare products. The bargain was awesome that my total damage come down to only $150 for all..

Watson had finally bring it the Limited Edition Dollywink eyelashes set. I couldn't resist the pricing and the packaging so I bought it home with me together with other lashes I got from Japan.

I recently noticed that the authorized Canmake cosmetics distributor office is located right below my office. When they have clearance sales offer last month, I couldn't resist the temptation and get these home during my lunch hour. More blushers to add to my makeup stash now.

I've been addicted to Sleek Makeup very badly that I couldn't stop buying them. Sleek latest summer collection - Meditterean collection. And I'm still waiting my Carribean collection to reach me!! (Did I mentioned I am in love with the 'Oh So Special' Palette too?? ^_^

How could I missed the cute packaging of My Beauty Diary Sweet Teatime Mini Set. It is officially sold in Guardian now for about RM43.90 RM39.90. Gonna review this soon!!

If you happened to see some random beauty products here.....Yes!! Gotcha!! I got myself a NARS Foundation. I've been wanting them for so long and it's now mine!! Come along with it the Kiss Me Heroine Eyeliner which I got for 50% from Sasa, MAC Semi-Precious MSF, Milani Blush and Rohto eye drop. =)

For stock up purposes. The best hair products that I've been using...The Essential Hair Care. I must really recommend this to you. Trust me, get their hair mask and serum you'll never regret!

The Watson straightener was a great bargain!! S$9.90 for it definitely doesn't hurt my wallet. I haven't get to try them yet and see how it works. Oh ya! I got myself some slimming products...Super cool product! Shall review this very soon.

And I seriously need more space for my dressing table!! My stash is expanding real fast~~ How's your mid year of 2011 treating you so far? Do share with me~~


emsiems said...

What a huge haul! Im still in my 1st month of being  a blogger and havent tried accumulating stuff lol.  I really love those my beauty diary line and those SLEEK! I really tried those and wooah, super nice. I want to buy them again. eeey, wait- can you make a review about those straightener? it was like i saw them here before.

naveeda nosheen said...

Your blog has a beautiful design.  I like  your posts and products.  Cheers and long live.

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