Friday, March 04, 2011

Review & Swatches: CandyDoll Lip Concealer

If you're into Asian makeup, I'm sure you've heard of the well-known Dolly Wink eyelashes modeled by Japanese model of Popteen- Tsubasa Masuwaka. Candy Doll is a makeup line produced by Japanese model Tsubasa Masuwaka. CandyDoll makeup launched their new lipgloss, lip concealer, mineral powder and highlighter during then. After looking at her pics, I need to get my hands on them!! ♥ ♥
I got mine last year when they just launched it not long ago. Since it was not available locally, I had a hard time to get them online. Luckily Apopofkawaii offers shipping to my country and the price are very reasonable. Thanks Nic! 
(Updated: It's now available in Watson Singapore and Sasa Malaysia!!)
And so I got my first ever Lip Concealer from CandyDoll. If you've read my tutorial on How To Achieve Perfect Nude Lips, I have used this concealer. It works awesomely in getting the nude lips.

They say:
It is a 2 in 1 lip concealer which can be used as a base for lipgloss, reduce redness and pigmented lips for more vibrant lip color.

Considering this lip concealer are quite small in size. It comes with a sponge applicator like any other normal lipgloss.

Squalene, macadamia nut oil, grape seed oil, citrus unshiu peel extract, jojoba oil, chamomile flower extract
Sounds good for lips isn't it?

Texture/ Swatches:
The texture of the concealer are slighty creamy but it is easier to apply on lips. The color seems very strong on hand but once it spread on lips, you will have a slighty nude lips.

How to apply:
Dab the applicator on your lips. Do not apply this as if it were lipgloss, it will be too much for a concealer.
A little for more is used for using lip concealer.
Use your finger, lightly spread them to fill in the lines and color of your lips.
And the end result, you'll get a nicely sheen lips with your lines covered. After this, you can try to top with lip gloss to have a nice finish for nudy lips~♥

My say:

This is my first lip concealer and I am absolutely loving them!! It glides on my lips smoothly and conceal my cracked line very well. The best part is it is not drying at all. You will feel your lips are moisturized after applying this. Of course as stated, you only need a small amount of this so it can probably last you for a long time with the small bottle. The only downside of this concealer is that it tends to crease a bit once I applied my lipstick/ lipgloss on.

Rating:  4 / 5 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Overall, it was a good product. I love how it looks on my lips. ♥ ♥ Did I mentioned to you that I am loving nude lips nowadays?? I got this concealer together with the Candydoll Pink Macaroon Lipgloss which I will review later.
Topped with Candy Doll Pink Macaroon Lip Gloss
So far I am loving Candydoll makeup and planning to get more of them especially their latest eyeshadow palette. Have any of you seen them around? I saw them in my local Sasa stores.

Here's a of Tsubasa with her new Dolly Wink eyeshadow palette. Awesome!!! (I have their product reviews coming up next)

How do you find Candydoll products? Do you like them too? Share them with me!


Traclyn said...

Aaaa such lovely & pretty one there. I don't think that they are available in Malaysia isn't it?

Rinny said...

It looks really pretty topped with Pink Macaroon! :)

~Lisa said...

I've heard lots about this lip concealer and I thought it was really interesting! It does give you gorgeous nude lips!

Jen@lifeandlensofbeauty said...

haven't tried any Candy DOll! but this concealer looks very nice if one wants to make a nude lip look <3!

mint said...

wow that lip concealer with the gloss looks amazing on you! I can't seem to get my lip concealer to work for me :(

Fruity Lashes said...

i seldom use a lip concealer. they tend to cake on me. but this one looks pretty natural. maybe i should give it a try.

stellarvixen said...

woohoo for candydoll! so rare to find in KL!
how much did you pay for this?
candy doll pricing is higher than canmake or koji from HK drugstore

Emily Chia said...

You should try dolly wink too... :P

Cynthia Loh said...

Yeah, too bad they are not available in Malaysia.

Cynthia Loh said...

Thank you Rinny!!

Cynthia Loh said...

Thanks's my one and only lip concealer. So far not bad..

Cynthia Loh said...

Yes. You should try them out. Do they have it in HK?

Cynthia Loh said...

Aww...Thanks. Why?

Cynthia Loh said...

Yes you should. Give it a try thus is not very expensive though.

Cynthia Loh said...

US$18.50. The price is a bit higher than canmake..

sherlie okimoto said...

you should try  i think they may be cheaper than apopofkawaii.

Lila said...

Thanks so much for your post! I liked your review and shared a product picture on my blog (German) I hope it's okay tha tI liked you back. I did not find that much good images of the product!

cindy tong said...

oooh but it look like very glossy...i read the canmake review it look more matte but not sure if that can be use with lip gloss...

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