Thursday, November 04, 2010

Kao Liese Blogger's Challenge + Review

What would you do if you wake up in the morning and find your hair irritating? Does that make your mood bad the whole day? A bad hair day?
Approximately about 2 weeks ago after my review on Liese hair treatment products, I was invited to participate in this Liese Blogger's Challenge organized by Kao.

I had a little question for all of you. How do you actually say Liese?? Liz? Lai-see? Lee-see?
The correct word to pronounce it is Lee-Zay!! So who guess correct here?

Liese Hair Smooth Cocktail

They say:
"Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail is a two layer treatment mist contains Moisture Milk that locks moisture and leave a smooth coating on each strand of hair and Repairing Water is absorb instantly and hydrates the hair from inside out which is perfect for tangled hair. It smoothens hair and makes it easy to comb. The mist also contains protective ingredient to prevent hair from attrition and static. Its fruity scent makes every application refreshing."

I always wanted to try this product especially the advertisement board show this!! Doesn't this looks good?
My say:
For one reason, my hair doesn't tangle easily because I don't have curly hair. The times that my hair tends to tangle usually happens in the morning when I just woke up and my hair is dry. Hehe XD

Here's a little hair tutorial for you peeps:
I have lotsa hairs I have to say. So when I tried on this products, I need to spray at least more than 5pumps at the dry/tangle area to smooth out my messy hair. But what had amazed me is this product do works. It gives you a smooth and shiny hair after that. Take a look!!

Like the previous Liese products, this smooth hair cocktail smells great too~~ Yummy, yummy~~ This product are quite light-weighted which is great, at least it doesn't make my hair oily like the Liese Hair Cocktail. If you have a hair extension, try using this!! It helps untangle your hair extension and dryness. =)

**Liese Hair Cocktail 120ml are retailing for S$15.90.
Packaging: 5/5  Pink pink!!
Value: 3.5/5 
This products finish faster then I expected.

Price: 3.5/5 Among all the Liese products, this is quite pricey.
Overall: 4/5
A good product!
Repurchase: Maybe

Liese Styling Product - Clear Cube Wax 01 

They say:
"Clear Cube Wax 01 are for sleek and straight hair. Its water-based formula spreads easily keeping every strand of hair frizz-free and looking sleek. Apply wax and style after brushing or blow drying"

My say:
I don't usually use hair styling product because I had a feeling that it spoils my hair. I'm stereotyping I know :p So among the 6 different strength of the wax, I chose the lightest one. ^_^  Bangs/fringe are one of my weakness on my hair. A few weeks after I had my short fringe, eventually I started to path my bangs aside, but since it was too short for hair parting it look so weird!! Then again, I try to comb my fringe nicely when I go out. But my bangs look really funny as it when to the side.

Today I gonna show you guys how I use this wax to fix my stubborn fringe!
Voila!! My hair look stunning huh?? My bangs are fixed in the position for more than 8hours!!
To my surprised, the wax was non-sticky unlike the usual one. It does not make my hair look hard too. Well, guys usually go for hard gel/wax to fix their hair. But there is something about the smell of the wax I dislike. I can't tell what smell is it, but it just don't smell good for me. Hehe XD But once applied to the hair, it was okay! I love how this wax makes my hair look soft and shiny-wet look. One plus point for this.

**Liese Clear Cube Wax 120ml are retailing for S$12.90.
Packaging: 5/5 
Value: 4/5 
Price: 3.5/5 
Overall: 3.9/5
Not bad.. 
No - I don't think I'll finish this tube. 

All Liese products are available in all Watsons, Guardian, selected Super & Hypermarkets.
Here's the full range of the Liese hair products:
Among all the products I've owned, I love the Liese Juicy Shower Mist the most!! What about you?

For more information and updates, you can checkout Liese on Facebook!


Nicole'sMirror said...

i said lee-see. Hahaha. USe to say liz. but I find it is more chio to say lee-see. kakaka.

Nicole Levina said...

XD funny and interesting post, good luck my dear ^^ hope you win!!

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