Thursday, July 01, 2010

Haul + My art

I had a tough week last week. My schedule was so tight that I didn't have much time to do any product reviews. Thus, I had an car accident last Sunday. Don't worry I'm fine now. Nothing much serious just a severe dent and scratches.

Referring to my previous post on Hada Labo 3 new (Super Hyluronic Acid) SHA moisturizing products? I bought two of the new products today!! razz

One thing I shall tell you all that I actually loves body art!! Well, I'm quite an 'art' person but my skin does not allow me to have any body art- tattoo. First my skin is sensitive, second I'm afraid of pain. (The needless does look scary to me). Alternatively, I did it myself using my makeup. Here's how it looks like:

Nice? My first attempt. (On my boy's hand XD)

Any of you adores body art? Share with me.


~KawaiiParadise~ said...

eek, thank you so much for following me (i follow you back ^^) anyway, I just gave you an award in my blog. Check it out!
~XOXO Charlotte

amanda said...

oh gosh! hope you're okay!
i'll be anticipating the review of the hada labo products ^^ i've been wanting to try them for awhile.

i like your blog by the way :)

Unknown said...

Oh my.. take care dear!

new hada labo products look pretty attractive =P

Foxy Frangipani said...

Pretty design! Love it :)

Cyn said...

Charlotte: thanks pretty!
Amanda: I'm fine. Thanks for your concern and compliments.
Luna: Yes dear!! But we do not have the Hada Labo M/U remover than you all have!!
Foxy: Hehe..Thanks!

AnnaYJia said...

the design is so lovely ! It's like a fairy ^^

stellarvixen said...

sorry to hear you had a rough time~
be extra careful while driving babe!
me too learnt my lesson :(

wow whee you are good with brushes & symmetrical~!
impressive ~ me good with blending only haha

haha you are soo jilted by hadalabo!
i wanna buy their AHA cleanser soon...any review?

NicoLevina Siew said...

i like it ^^

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