Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Coffret D'or Spring 2010 Reviews & Swatches

Kanebo had finally launched their Coffret D'or Spring 2010 Collection.Photo Credit:http://www.coffretdor.net
I was first attracted by the poster above. The makeup that used in the model creates an innocent and feminine mood which I really like. This year spring series has released their new Coffret D'or Jewelcious Eyes, Innocent Color Blush, and Aqua Rouge Lipstick. Last month Kanebo having their roadshow for this collection. Remember my post on Coffret D'or Spring Collection. I couldn't resist on how pretty it was.

The casing of the new Coffret D'or Jewelcious Eyes are pretty much different from the previous collection. Although I would prefer the previous casing but this look elegant too. smileThe Jewelcious Eyes come with 5 colors- Green, Pink, Blue, Beige and Purple. Among these 5 palettes, I bought Jewelcious Eyes 04 - Amber Beige. I found this the prettiest. ^^Inside the palette, there is a mirror and an eyeshadow brush and a sponge which is incredibly soft. I never use it though.

Pretty isn't it? ♥ ♥
From Left to Right: Pink Topaz, Highlighted base, Beige, Dark Beige
My camera did not capture the color nicely. The eyeshadow look much more vibrant and shimmery in real life. The texture of the eyeshadow is so much better than the previous collection. It is so smooth, and silkiest among all the eyeshadow I have. I think most Japanese makeup comes with slight shimmer and shine. But this palette shimmer was quite sheer compared with the 3D Lighting Collection.

I'm not fond in applying lipstick cause I found it is too dry for my chapped lips. But the new Coffret D'or Aqua Rouge Lipstick breaks my own record.
The Aqua Rouge comes in 9 different colors. Mine is in PK-248. The shiny casing look so elegant to me. Here's the swatch on my hand:
This Aqua Rouge lippie seriously impressed me! The SA told me this lippie contains with two types of amino acid which helps provide moisture to your lips. The texture wise, it glide on smooth touch for my lips with a silky feeling. My lips are quite dry and chapped. Especially when I'm stress. sad But this lipstick does help maintain my moisture. I don't even need to apply lipbalm prior when applying lipstick.

I'll be slow in updating my blog for these coming weeks as I'm having my final exams now. Do wish me luck and stay tuned! ♥


Jess said...

Yay, for Jewelcious Eyes 04! It's a gorgeous palette, huh? I love your lips, and the color is just super pretty! ;)

Unknown said...

this is sooo pretty!! I am so going to check out this collection this weekend.. lol.. I love Coffret D'or packaging too =)

Good Luck for your exams!!

Anastacia said...

The eye shadow palette looks so nice!

Risya! said...

I like the eyeshadow palette, I need beige color in my collections because they looks natural^^


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