Thursday, September 10, 2009

My ELF hauls!!

After struggling for assignments due date and exams.
I almost forgot that I had some hauls weeks ago until I saw a big parcel on my table. Meanwhile I was wondering what's in it *excitedly ripped it off*

Ta Da!!
My ELF hauls!
You guys might be wondering what is ELF? ELF is stand for EyesLipsFace cosmetics.
ELF cosmetics is the premier retail source for all your makeup and beauty needs. They offered a wide range of product which only cost USD1 or USD3.

ELF Studio Lin
e product are highly raved. For it's cheap price and good quality is definitely worth every dollar you paid. Moreover, ELF is having crazy promotions nowadays. Unfortunately I've missed the 75% off sales but the 50% off sales didn't stop me. My ELF stuff in my makeup collection is expanding faster than my wallet can afford. *Pray hard they'll be another 75% off promotion*

I got myself Studio Blush Brush,Complexion Brush (as backup), Warm & Golden Bronzers, Corrective Concealer, Complexion Perfection and etc. I forgot that I've taken out my ELF Mineral Blush from the pic. I've ordered the Mineral Eye Primer (which is highly raved) but sadly is OOS.

I will soon review ELF product that I've used before this.
A parcel really brighten up my stress day. :) (Though I'm going to have another paper next Monday)

1 comment :

Nicole Levina said...

ELF haul! i have none lol!

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