Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Reviews: BeautyMaker Eye Makeup remover

Finding an eye makeup remover without stringing eyes is tough especially for those who wear contact lenses like me. But I've found one that is too good to be ♥! Let's see how it works:

The Kevin Beautymaker eye makeup remover has been one of the best selling product in Taiwan.

The packaging:

This makeup remover only contains of 100ml which I personally felt it was quite small. As I use quite a lot. cool You'll have to shake the bottle to mix the two substances together for it to work its magic on your eye makeup.

The ingredients: (Like picture below)
The cucumber extract and Witch Hazel is what I like about this makeup remover. The ingredients seems so gentle for our sensitive eyes which is a A plus. ^^

The reviews:

I was quite afraid that this eye makeup remover may disappoint me like others. Therefore, I've tried this with my MM mascara and my Kiss Me liquid eyeliner which are hard to remove. By using cotton pad and push it on the eyes for 10seconds, all the eye makeup was dissolved. After a few rub with the cotton, my eyes left clean with no trace at all. Here's the pic:
The best part is even with eyeliner on your waterline, it never smudge and sting my eyes even a bit!! ♥♥ Even with my contact lenses on while removing the makeup, you felt nothing about it. It does not make you feel uncomfortable. This eye makeup remover amazed me by removing my eye makeup and of course the mascara effortless and faster.

The only thing that I bother is the oily feeling. But comparing to Maybelline or Elianto, it was much better as the oily part will subside in a few minutes. This is the best ever eye makeup remover I had ever used. No doubt that this was a hot product in Taiwan. For a gentle, effortless and hassle-free eye makeup remover, I definitely recommended this to everyone!

Rating: 4.8/5 LOVE!! ♥♥

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Review: My Beauty Diary Natto Rejuvenating Mask 我的美丽日记納豆面膜

Sorry for the super late post. Life have been too hectic for me now. As promised, here's my review on one of my HG mask!! ♥The Beauty Diary Natto Rejuvenating Mask. The words natto reminds of those Japanese beans which are somehow similar to our soy beans. We know that soy beans are very nourishing for our skin how about natto beans?

The real product pic:

Purified Water, Propylene Glycol, 1,3-Butylene Glycol, Water cress Extract, Glycerine, Elder Extract,, Algae Extract, Nanospheres, Aloe Extract, Natto Gum, Laminaria Digitata Extract, Bladder wrack, Grapefruit, Hyaluronic Acid, Arnica Extract, Bio-Active Silanols, Lemon Extract, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Sodium Hydroxide, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid, Butyl Paraben, Methyl Paraben, Ethyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, Phenoxyethanol, Tween 20, Lactamide, Fragrance

Skin Types:
Suitable for all skin types especially dehydrated, dull & lack of elasticity skin.

Hydrating, firming and the effect of anti-aging.

My say:
Among all the Beauty Diary Mask I've tried so far, this is one of my top favorite mask. I can define the smell of this mask, but is certainly pleasant and acceptable just like the others.

I would use this mask once I had acne- breakouts and dehydrated skin. The result of the mask is not obvious after 30minutes, but when I woke up in the morning my skin felt so soft and smooth like baby skin. My skin felt so hydrated (which you can have the 'tiong- tiong' feeling) and the complexion is so much better than before. The best part is it tamed all my acne. Wee~~♥

Rating: 5/5

I HEART ♥♥ this mask so much. The effect is definitely awesome. This mask pretty much like all-in-one mask. I highly recommend everyone who reads my blog to have a try on this and let me know how it works on you. biggrin

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Beautymaker Products and Swatches

Finally holidays is here!! I hope I can update more often during this holidays. :) I've been hauling too much this month. I really gonna control my spending and save up for Christmas. ^^ After reading all the raves from bloggers about Kevin BeautyMaker products, I finally lay my hands on them!!I bought their highly raved Kevin BeautyMaker Eye MakeUp Remover, Aqua Color Controller in Mauve and Tranexamic Acid Whitening Pressed Powder SPF 20. To tell you the truth, I'm soooo in love with the products!! Now I can see why Fuz like it so much. :)

For those who do not know about Kevin Beautymaker, Kevin is a famous make up artist in Taiwan. Beauty Maker is his very own cosmetics label specially created and designed for Asian beauties. Beauty Maker products are featured in the program Ladies First or 女人我最大 in Taiwan with fantastic feedbacks.

Here I'll bring on with the BeautyMaker Tranexamic Acid Whitening Pressed Powder SPF 20. Will reviews the other soon too. This pressed powder come in a sleek white form and a grey velvet pouch. This pressed powder comes with a face sponge which I personally feel it is better used when it is wet. Kevin had recommends that this foundation can be applied using a wet sponge. Isn't it much like ZA two-way foundation?
According to the description, this powder is said to provide a sheer, flawless matte finish that can lasts all day long. The main ingredients of this pressed powder is Tranexamic Acid which commonly knows as a man-made form of an amino acid (protein) which can used to prevent melanin production on our skin. Kevin comes out with a brilliant idea by adding Vitamin C and Hydrolyzed Silk Protein to enhance the whitening effect of the product. Did you noticed they even have Evening Primose Oil as the ingredients? *love love*
The color I got for this pressed powder is #3 Natural as swatch on my hand. I'm glad that it suits my skin color pretty well. For your reference my skin are about NC25- NC30. The foundation look pinkish on the pan but when apply on skin it is a bit yellowish. For me, this foundation is quite sheer. I try to build more coverage by applying another layer but it does makes me look fairer. :(I found out that this foundation works better when applied wet. The coverage is much better. The powder is quite fine as you can also buff it as a loose powder. With the whitening ingredients and comes along with SPF 20, i think it is a good foundation.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Busy + Hauls

Finally, my finals had finished. Been too busy to even update my blog. Sorry readers! Despite of being struggling for exam, I did some hauls to make myself happy. Hauls often makes someone's mood better isn't it? :)

I've finally get my hands on my first Everyday Minerals (EDM) Pressed Powder. I always adore EDM especially their wide range of blusher. :) I've been using EDM loose foundation base for quite a time, I noticed that my pores is getting smaller. Yay! But it was quite messy especially if you wanted to touch up. Pressed powder would be an alternative to solve those problems.Initially EDM pressed powder was darker color than the loose powder form. But when it oxides, it turns into the right color. The pressed powder are matte and provides higher coverage (intensive).

While I'm excited about my parcel, here's what I got when I open my parcel.My pressed powder is cracked!! Oh No! I'm very mad and sad when I saw this. It took me about half an hour to clear the mess. I've find all sort of ways to save my powder but no avails. Lastly, jcjsc (the spree-er) who help me to contact EDM and they refund a new one to me! Kudos for EDM customer service!!
The best part is my friend taught me a method to safe my pressed powder and it works incredibly!! At least now it is usable. ^^Besides getting my EDM Pressed Powder, I also got a Everyday Minerals Baby Fat Top Brush. Yes! The brush is a size of my baby finger. Lol. The cutest brush I ever own!! As you see, it is only about 4cm long. The small brush which is perfect for travel.
I bought this specially for my EDM sample jars ad the sizes fits perfectly into the lid. Like other EDM brushes, it is so soft and dense. After a few wash, no shedding or bleeding. Cool!! This baby brush cost about US$6. How do you find Everyday Minerals? Do let me know.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Review: My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask 我的美丽日记黑珍珠奈米面膜

This mask has been raved top in Queen Magazine, and most Taiwan TV shows. Upon all the raves how could I resist to not trying this.This Black Pearl Mask is a permanent product in the Beauty Diary Mask. So you don't have to worry that it is a LE.

The real product pic:

Purified Water. 1,3-Butylene Glycol. Glycerine. Propylene Glycol. Aloe. Hyaluronic Acid. Pineapple. Alage. Cucumber. Lime Tree. Triethanolamine. Methyl Paraben. Algae-Yeast Complex. Bio-Active Silanols. Lecithin. Nanospheres. Vegetale Collagen. Citric Acid. Royal Pearl Extract. Tween 20. Ubiquinone. Propyl Paraben. Carbomer. Xanthangum. Potassium Hydroxide. Sodium Hydroxide. Perfume.

Skin Type:
All skin types especially for dull skin and skin lacking of firmness.

Firming, regenerating, moisturising, whitens and brightens the overall complexion.

My Say:
Like usual, Beauty Diary mask often come with a pleasant scent. But I can't explain how do it smell. Hmm...Probably smell like those black pearl in the milky tea. :p Compare with the previous mask, this mask has more essence left in the packaging which I felt is kind of wasted.

I like how smooth and soft my skin felt after applying this. But somehow the next morning I noticed my skin started to peel off. I suspect it might be my skin reaction on acidic contains in it. Therefore I've learn that I can't apply the leftover essence on my face as it will lead to dehydration and irritation. But it works fine to me if I wait for the remaining essence to absorb into my skin after using the mask without adding the leftover essence from the packaging.

Rating: 3/5

I personally think that this mask is OK for me. But Strawberry Yogurt and Natto works better for me. (Will review Natto soon) Though this mask make my skin smooth and brighten my complexion but the ingredients is not my type. Well, maybe it is just not for me.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Review: My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask 我的美丽日记草莓优格面膜

Sorry for being MIA these few weeks. Exams are really killing my time :'(( Due to exam stress, my skin condition is very bad now. I say dehydrated, dull skin, acne breakouts. Sigh. (Breakouts usually happens to me when I'm stress and not enough sleep - burning midnight oil heh? )

I have an excessively haul on Beauty Diary Mask months ago. Of all the 17 flavors, so far I've spotted my favorite. :D My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask. The name itself already sounds yummy isn't it?

This Strawberry Yogurt Mask is a Limited Edition from My Beauty Diary. I hope they don't discontinued this mask like what they did to Chocolate Mask.

Purified Water. Glycerine. Propylene Glycol. 1,3 Butylene Glycol. Triethanolamine. Tween 20. Yogurt. Hyaluronic Acid. Xanthan Gum. Citric Acid. Algae. Malva sylvestris. Arctostaphylos uva ursi. Saccharum officinarum. Acer saccharum. Citrus medica Limonum. Vaccinium myrtillus. Styrene/acrylates copolymer. Dimethylsilanol hyaluronate. Propyl Paraben. Methyl Paraben. Carbomer. Polyglutamic Acid. Sodium Hydroxide. Fragrance. Fragariavria vesca Fruit Extract. Citrus Anrantium Dulcis Fruit Extract.

Skin Type:
All skin types esp dull, rough skin that lacks resilience.

For brightening, oil-controlling properties.

My Say:
The first thing I like about this mask is the scent. The strawberry scent smell so yummy as if you're drinking a strawberry milkshake or eating a strawberry yogurt. :D Too bad this mask isn't edible (Lol..) Though this mask is not as wet as the other Beauty Diary Mask, but the essence is still there after 30 minutes of applying.

I LOVE the immediate result from this mask. It really brightens and whitens your face after 30 minutes. I look the feeling of my skin being so smooth and supple the next morning. The best thing I found about this is it reduce redness on my acne! (You judge from the picture below)

Pardon for my really bad skin during exam week. If you've notice, the differences. My face become brighter and whiter. Th redness on my skin is being reduce too. *heart heart*

Rating: 4.5/5

I absolutey LOVE this mask!! I love the significant result that it delivers and not to say the very affordable price of the mask. But do beware of the imitation mask that have been selling actively in the market now. Connie has an article on how to identify a fake Beauty Diary Mask. :) (Thank God I've checked all my mask I bought is authentic.)

Have you guys using My Beauty Diary Mask? How do you find it? Do let me know ya.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hauls before finals.

MAC have finally come out with their holiday collection: MAC Magic, Mirth and Mischief. I'm not going to explain more about it as there are bloggers like Jenn who has a better review.

I got myself to the nearest MAC and try on. (Bad me, I should have studying for my finals). I never really a MAC fan but I do love their blusher and MSF. :)

This collection come with 2 mineralize blushes one in Conjure up - a dirty plum which look really dirty when SA try on my cheek and Superdupernatural - a mid-tone coral (the one I bought) which look really nice on me!! :D

These blusher are all LE, and most probably dupe-able. I tried to compare the color of MAC Superdupernatural and Everyday Mineral All Smile as these two are coral colors.As you can see the color of both are different. Both suppose to be peachy tone but EDM looks more rosey while MAC's more warm. Incredibly with flash both color look almost the same (not sure is it my camera's fault). For your information, EDM and MAC both has different texture. Therefore my comparison are solely based on color comparison only.

I'm happy with my hauls though is quite an impulse for me. Do let me know how do you find the collection. I'll have to continue my studies now as next week will be my final examination. Wish me luck! (Pardon for being slow in updating my blog).

PS: The place I've been to last week for my course trip. By this, you should know where exactly is my location now. =)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Reviews: NYX Round Lipstick & Swatches

I had some declaration to make. I never ever own a lipstick before. Surprised? Nay..I only started to play with makeup early of this year which make more sense on why I don't buy any lippies. To meI'm much prefer lipgloss for the everyday-school-look.

But I've found my love on NYX products after getting my first NYX Round Lipstick in Circe. NYX Round Lipstick is a wonderful product!! It has a wide range of lipstick colors which I had a real trouble in choosing it. The lipsticks is creamy and easy to apply. The best part is the lipsticks is sooo affordable. For only US$1.29, I bought four colors from a spree: Jupiter, Tea Rose, Thalia, Summer Love.

Here's the swatches on my hand (NC25/30):

From Left to Right: Jupiter, Tea Rose, Thalia, Summer Love

I've taken tons of pictures and these are the nearest to the color in real life.
Jupiter are more towards purplish pink when applied on my lips. Tea Rose does not look like rose color at all. It is more like coral when applied on lips. The best I like among this are Thalia which brings out the natural lips color. I can see why is it the best selling colors. Lastly, Summer Love is a brownish nude color. (My bf hates it when I wear it. He said I look scary =.= )

Rating: 4/5

Overall, this is a very good product. The texture of the lipstick is so smooth and creamy which makes it quite mosturising. Except the lipstick came with a weird smell but I'm not very sensitive with the smell. Therefore, it's okay for me. I definitely will repurchase more color of this lipstick in future.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Reviews: ELF Eye Primer and Liner sealer

It seems that I've given quite a lot of reviews on ELF. In fact, I'm in LOVE with the studio line from ELF. The products are great in term of quality and sleek professional packaging which of course the most affordable price you can get though there are a few disappointment.

I don't seems to get much reviews on this, therefore I give it a try. The ELF Studio Eye Primer and Liner Sealer. This product comes with two sides, the 'prime' which works as eyeshadow base/primer and the 'liner' tranforming your eyeshadow into liquid liner.

The 'prime' side sets your eyeshadow in so your color won’t fade, bleed or crease. The 'liner' side transforms your favorite eye shadow into a waterproof, smudge-proof liquid liner with this unique clear liquid and built-in felt tip precision eyeliner brush. Use the “prime” side to create a base for your eyeshadow. Apply to the eyelid and blend in. Use the “seal” side and mix your favorite eyeshadow color in with the brush and apply to the lash line as a liner. For best results wipe off and clean applicator before closing. Remove with eye makeup remover. [From ELF website]

You can get 2 products in about a size of a tube of mascara except it is bulkier. The primer was nude and matte in color. It was like a big round crayon which you swipe on your eyelid and blend it with the fingers or a brush. One or two swipes is more than enough as too much of the primer will make it looks cakey. So far, no creasing or fading happen when I applied this on. The only bad was it does not darken the color of the eyeshadow as UDPP does. One thing I do not like is it has a strange smell, much like latex smell.

The best invention I like about this product is the sealer. It transform any of your eyeshadow into liquid liner. I tried it with lots of eyeshadow colors and it worked like magic! Black, blue, green, yellow. You named it, you get it! Can safe a lot of money from buying different colors of eyeliner with this.

The sealer comes with a stiff sharp shape which you can even draw the inner corner of your eyes. I've tried it buy using the black eyeshadow and golden eyeshadow during dinners, after 6 hours it does not smudge. NO SMUDGING even it's on my undereyes. :) The tips of the sealer can be cleaned off easily by using makeup remover. Therefore, you can used it over and over again.

Rating: 4/5

Overall I love this product. I personally hope that it just came in one product which contains only the sealer. For the price, this product is worth. Especially for those who likes to have fun with colours.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Review: ELF Studio Complexion Perfection

Before I decide to purchase this, I've googled over the net and read many hypes and raves about this. I was so excited about thus but unfortunately is was a downturn to me. ELF Studio Complexion Perfection create a balanced and radiant complexion that is beautiful and healthy. The lightweight formula evens out the skin tone and absorbs excess oil. The sheer formula brightens, mattes and neutralizes the skin. All you need to do is just blend the powder over the entire face to brighten and even out the skin tone as well as neutralize any redness.
As you can see, the product come with a black sleek and sophisticated style compact which a big mirror. The 4 colors pastel containing yellow to correct the dark eye circles, blue for highlighting, green for correcting redness and neutralising red acne scars an pink to cover the green veins and give your face a perfect radiant glow.I've tried to swatch the colors but the colors is too sheer to show up. Thus this proved that the powder is very light and sheer. I've tried using a big buffer brush to swirl the powder on my face but it did nothing. This probably works better by using the color individually.

I used the yellow shade to set my under-eye concealer and it does great. But if you expect to use the powder to cover your dark eye circles, then it might disappoint you. For the blue shade, I never try it as I'm unsure about the purpose. The pink shade is said to give a radiant glow to my face but I guess it does not show up on my NC30 skin. Do let me know if it works for fairer skin?

I used the green shade with a tapered crease brush to blend on my nose and my red acne scars.
As the color is too sheer, I have to use surprisingly a large amount to neutralise the redness. Yet, the coverage is still blah for me.

Rating: 2/5

Overall, it was quite a disappointment to me. I reckon that this is just not suitable for acne-prone skin and darker skin. But if you have a fair and good skin, this might helps you a bit in correcting the little redness and dark-eye circles. If you expect higher coverage from this, you might as well look for another concealers.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Review: ELF Studio Concealer Pencil & Brush

The ELF Studio Concealer Pencil & Brush is used to conceal and heal your acne with on the spot treatment. It comes with 3 colors: fair, light and medium. The color I'm using now which is light suitable for NC30.

The ELF Studio Concealer Pencil & Brush has active Salicylic Acid & Tea Tree Oil to clear blemishes and reduce scarring (This is absolutely a plus point). The soft taklon bristle brush aids in creating a natural looking coverage under or over makeup so blemishes disappear and your true beauty shines through.

I've tried a lot of concealers in the past and none have worked very well for me. As you can see from the picture, the concealer consists of one pencil and brush. The “conceal” side of the pencil is used to cover up any unwanted blemishes or imperfections while the “blend” brush is to work the formula into the skin to create a beautiful and even coverage.
  The concealer pencil might be a bit dry when first applied. But it turns out to be creamier and easy to blend with the brush when it was applied on face. The concealer is creamy and slightly thick, therefore it is very good for covering up dark circles and any blemishes. (The picture above shows that how often I used it). While the brush is so dense and soft which is good for not hurting your pimples.
.Look at the picture above, mind you I did not do any photoshop-ing. The result was excellent!! It conceals all the pimples, blemishes and redness. I applied on my face to cover my discoloration and sometimes do use this to conceal my dark eyes circle and it did a pretty good job. I LOVE THIS CONCEALER!!!

The stick is sleek and black and looks very well made. It comes with a cap-sharpener which you can save on buying sharpeners but the sharpener seems to digs into the concealer! This left a pretty messy look on the sharpener's cap. But I have no complain on this as what more can you asked for when you can throw this in your purse or handbag which has pencil, sharpener and brush in one?!?

Rating: 4.5/5

Overall, I LOVE THIS!! The amazing result it delivers and travel-friendly size is absolutely what I want. I have two of this concealer which one is definitely stay in my handbag. Nothing can beat this especially the cheap price for US$3!! *heart*

Monday, October 05, 2009

Hauls again

The month of October is here again. Times really flies that I couldn't remember what I have done during the past few months except of spending more money. After I big hauls of my beauty mask, here's a little haul I got 2days ago.

The Queen magazine (Sept & Oct), Bio-Oil to reduce my scars (recommended by ning*star), Nivea whitening lotion (for my tan skin) and lastly my another Coffret D'or eye palette.

During the Raya holidays, I went back to my hometown and changed my skin regime. My current skin regime from Artistry is slightly giving me breakouts now. I'm not keen to consult my derm again as I bet he'll supply me with lots of antibiotics again. In the end, I got myself a set of Lancome Blanc Expert Whitening series - which costs me more than a thousand. :'( To my amazed,the product did great to my skin. (I guess the amount I paid is worth it)
To tell the truth, I hardly ever put makeup as I have a super-sensitive skin. Foundations just broke me out. I'm a skincare freak. Yet, months ago I started my new obsession on makeup (Influenced by reading lots of beauty blogs) We'll see how fast the growth of my makeup collection by next year October. :)

I wanted to get this Jill Stuart Mix Blush!! But for the price, I really need to consider hard.

Any comments? Shall I buy or not?

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Back from Holidays

I've been really busy past few week that my blog have been neglected.
During Raya one week break, I went back home for holidays. My time have been fully occupied till then. When I came back university, I have tons of presentations and assignments to hand in. *Which enough to kill my sleeping time*

I got myself a BIG haul of masks during holiday break. The famous sheet mask all the way from Taiwan, My Beauty Diary Mask. :) I will review the mask soon in future.I don't remember how many pieces I bought. But it can lasts me almost 10 months if I use it everyday! (I'm a lazy person, I don't use mask that often) This sounds insane isn't it? I guess I will not have any purchase on facial mask anyhow in future.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Review: ELF Studio Eyeliner & Shadow Stick

I don't enjoy using eyeshadow pencil/stick after my bad experience with NYX. Since ELF Studio had come out with great product I gave myself a try on this. ELF Studio Eyeliner & Shadow Stick comes with 4different colors: Black/Smoke, Pearl/Glow, Brown/Basic, Green/Moss (The one I have).ELF Studio Eyeliner & Shadow Stick achieve color intensity for your eyes with twist-up ease (no sharpening required). Glide on the dark soft gel “liner” to create dramatic definition to the eyes. The light-reflecting pigments help line the eye subtly but intensely for a fuller more enhanced effect. Use the smooth glide “shadow” stick for soft highlighting color on the eyes to complement the liner for a polished and finished look.
As you see, this stick look like a black ball-pen to me which is quite portable especially for working woman who need this in their handbag. I bought mine in Green/Moss. When I first got it from a spree,I thought the eyeshadow was missing. So I flip it around and finally it dropped out from the cap. I had to insert it into the pen but it is quite loosely now as one day I bet it might go missing soon. ELF should improve to ensure their eyeshadow are save in pen. But at least the eyeliner still stick around. Lol.

The cream shadow (Moss) applies smoothly only with eyeshadow premier or foundation. Without it, it's kinda hard to glide. Yet the shadow is quite pretty and give a subtle green which I found it more silvery and good for smoky eyes. The best thing about the shadow is it does not smudge. I've tried to rub vigorously (till my hand is red), it only smudge a little. I was quite amazed with this. On the other hand, the Liner (Green) glides on easily and smoothly, although the color isn't as pigmented as the normal pencil eyeliners but it is a very pretty color. But I don't recommend it on waterline as the liner smudge too easily than the shadow which is boo!

Rating: 3/5

Overall, this is a good product. If only my eyeshadow wasn't loose and eyeliner doesn't smudge it would be my HG! For the price US$3 (not more than RM15 from spree) it's not expensive, it is definitely worth a try!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Review: ELF Studio Warm Bronzer

Everyone just heard lots of raves about this bronzer. The ELF Studio Bronzers come with 3 colors: Cool, Golden and Warm. Today I gonna review one of my favourite Warm.ELF Studio Warm Bronzer creates a healthy looking tan effect. The soft shimmery powders provide the perfect tan-like bronze which ideal for summer or year-round. (Do Malaysia have summer anyway?)As you can see from the palette, the product come with 4 different colors which combine to create a rosy/warm color. I bought the Golden Bronzer before this, but seriously I would much prefer this. Let's see why...What can say about this? The color is exactly pigmented and shimmery. You don't have to worry that the powder will fly all over just like the ELF Healthy Glow Powder. I really like these product!! It is very nice to use as highlighters/bronzers to dust on your cheekbones or all over to give it a sunkissed glow.

Compare to the Golden bronzer, this bronzer is less shimmery and has a bit of matte effect. Although they are quite shimmery when swatched but it gives you just a nice glow on your face. This is what exactly I like about it! However since it is quite pigmented, you only need to swirl your brush over the pan for once as too much product will make you look like a disco ball instead. Warm Bronzer would probably suit you if you are slightly darker with more of a medium to dark skintone. As for me it look absolutely great for contouring. :)

And if it don't work as a bronzer for you, you can use them as eyeshadows too. I sometimes use it as a neutral brown eyeshadow. Though it might not be as smooth as the eyeshadow but putting a base would help it to glide easier.

Rating: 4.5 /5

Overall, I really LIKE this product. It works exactly great for my skin color. But sadly, I do not use this product anymore because........Could someone teach me how to save my product?? I dropped it on the floor days ago when I clean up my cabinet. :"(

Monday, September 14, 2009

Review: ELF Studio Corrective Concealer

While I'm still searching for HG concealer. ELF Studio range come out with this, ELF Studio Corrective Concealer. I thought it would be worth for trying. As I really need a strong concealer to cover my dark eyes circle.
ELF Studio Corrective Concealer conceals under-eye darkness, blemishes and other skin imperfections with customized coverage. Brightens under-eye circles and neutralizes redness. Convenient size for on-the-go travel. The best part it come with 4 colours: nude, beige, lilac and green.You must be wondering how to use this product as it comes with so many colours. Use the nude and beige shades to conceal problematic areas. Use the green shade to neutralize redness like that of acne and the lilac shade to brighten yellow tones.
The compact come with a very professional sleek style and it fits well in your handbag. It also have a small mirror that enough for you to have a clear view of your eyes. It also comes with a tiny brush but it does not pick the product up well. So after using it once, I never use it anymore. Preferably to use my finger.
L to R: nude, green, lilac and beige

The texture of the concealer are quite smooth and lightweight. It is very easy to blend but the coverage is too sheer! At least for me. As the picture above, I have to swipe the product for 3 times or the color won't show up. But it turns out to be very sticky for my liking. The smell of this product is similiar as a plastic smell. Which I don't really like. Can't you imagine putting plastic on your face?

The nude is supposed to brighten your face but it is quite shimmery for my liking. (Why do you need a concealer that shimmer?) The green is to neutralize my redness especially my nose area. But it does NOTHING to it until I have to pick up so much product which look too cakey. Boo! The lilac just like a normal highlighter to me than concealer. The only colour that might work for me is beige. Which is a bit yellowish to me. I try to apply it under my eye circle and it does conceal a bit as I do have a terrible dark eye circles. But, it turn GREYISH after I applied my foundation.

Rating: 1/5 (Boo!)

I have a high hope on this product but it was a disappointment for me. I try to like this product by giving it a second chance, i applied and thorougly rubbed it yet it was pretty much like NOTHING. I think it will works well for those who has good skin with little blemishes problem and for those who have fair/pale skin. Anyone care to share? For me, it shows nothing.
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