Monday, October 05, 2009

Hauls again

The month of October is here again. Times really flies that I couldn't remember what I have done during the past few months except of spending more money. After I big hauls of my beauty mask, here's a little haul I got 2days ago.

The Queen magazine (Sept & Oct), Bio-Oil to reduce my scars (recommended by ning*star), Nivea whitening lotion (for my tan skin) and lastly my another Coffret D'or eye palette.

During the Raya holidays, I went back to my hometown and changed my skin regime. My current skin regime from Artistry is slightly giving me breakouts now. I'm not keen to consult my derm again as I bet he'll supply me with lots of antibiotics again. In the end, I got myself a set of Lancome Blanc Expert Whitening series - which costs me more than a thousand. :'( To my amazed,the product did great to my skin. (I guess the amount I paid is worth it)
To tell the truth, I hardly ever put makeup as I have a super-sensitive skin. Foundations just broke me out. I'm a skincare freak. Yet, months ago I started my new obsession on makeup (Influenced by reading lots of beauty blogs) We'll see how fast the growth of my makeup collection by next year October. :)

I wanted to get this Jill Stuart Mix Blush!! But for the price, I really need to consider hard.

Any comments? Shall I buy or not?

1 comment :

Tine said...

I shall play the devil's advocate and say you should get it. Just because I really want it too but can't justify the purchase. Tee hee hee :P

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