Thursday, July 03, 2014

MAC Look in a Box: All About Coral

It's been quite a while since I actually purchase something from MAC Cosmetics. The speed that MAC released their new collections is hard for me to keep up with! As far as I remembered they have Maleficient, Alluring Aquatic, Pedro Lourenco, Moody Bloom and Osbourne series. And that's quite a collection for me to look into within a one - two months. :(
My partner-in-crime was strolling around at Sephora in Singapore and spotted these items in the MAC counters. Immediately she whatapps-ed me and that sparkles my interest almost immediately because it was something that I have not heard or seen it anywhere. Not in the states as well. *rolled-eyes*

Apparently according to the SA, these are the limited edition 2014 exclusive boxed set, a few of them full-size items which are new, and a couple of hard-to-find limited edition shades from previous releases. O_o (Does that sounds tempting to you??)

Pic Credit: @makeup_box

They have a couple of brushes and 2 eye/lip palettes for sale. But what interest me the most is the Look In A Box: All About Coral!! (S$85)

There are 3 different kit of MAC Look in a Box: All About Pink, All About Coral and All About Nude. In the kit, you have 4 full-sized item according to the color range. All of the kits are so pretty especially their lipsticks which is my main deciding factor. 

I chose All About Coral just because I fall in love with the lipstick the very first sight. Talk about Love at first sight. :p This set contained 4 items (Eyeshadow trio, Technakohl Liner, Lustre Lipstick & Lipglass) Let me show you what's inside:

  • Passion Charge Lipstick (Lustre, New & Limited Edition)

This is the main reason why I give in and get this set! The soft beautiful coral lipstick is just so irresistible! And according to my friend, Lustre range has the best formula of all MAC lipsticks. It is very smooth and more moisturizing than the other range though it is run a bit sheer but buildable. What's more it is a new color released from MAC and it's Limited Edition?? =D

  • Stoke the Flame Lipglass (Frost, New & Limited Edition)

Believe me my first thing I bought from MAC was their Lipglass. It was some dark brownish red lip color that I never like. It was actually recommended by the MAC SA and I regretted listen to her because I didn't like that color and sold it away after so. Those were days I started to learn about makeup. 

Back to this latest Stroke The Flame Lipglass, this color is pretty much similar to Passion Charge lipstick except it has bit glitter particles and it is more pigmented. And here's the swatches on my hand:

Top: Stroke the Flame Lipglass
Bottom: Passion Charge Lustre Lipstick
What do you think?? Isn't it pretty?? =D  I've been using this lip combo for a few days to work and I really love it! :)

  • Veluxe Pearlfusion Eyeshadow Trio in Collective Chic (New & Limited Edition)

MAC did very well in coordinating the colors of the eyeshadow with the lip colors in the set. The frosty metallic colors match perfectly with the coral lips. The eyeshadow are very pigmented, soft and glides smoothly. The only thing is I find it kinda small, so you need to use a brush/sponge to pick up the products. It's a very natural and perfect eyeshadow for everyday makeup. 

  • Brownborder Technakohl Liner - Eyeliner Kajal (Re-promotes)

This was selling in the MAC Counters for US$16. The dark chocolate brown mechanical pencil-style liner which is smooth and creamy is definitely goes well with the eyeshadow palette. I really like how it glides so easily on my eyes even for tightlining. Only if it is smudge-proof, it will be perfect :) 

And so here's the swatches for both eyeshadow trio and eyeliner:

It is quite natural isn't it? Love those brown!! :D

Overall, this is for the price of S$85 per box, it's definitely worth to get because you're getting a total of S$150 worth of full-sized items, which some of it are Limited Edition and were not sold separately. 

I personally think the box All About Coral is very good for everyday makeup look. You can never go wrong with this shades. It is a best buy as a gift for your friends! I actually bought another set for one of my very very lucky friend because her birthday is coming soon. So grab yours now before it is sold out! Now I am really tempted to get the Pink Box, should I or should I not? *evil grin*

It is now sold exclusively in Nordstrom  for US$39.50 and other places. 
Malaysia have them now at RM168/set too!

**Also all pictures above are taken using my phone Samsung Note 2. Therefore, the quality might be a bit bad compare to my normal cam. :)


Rane said...

Nice! I would pick the pink box if it's available here. :)

tan hui ying said...

i like the eyeshadow <3

Mieza Everdeen said...

congrats Cynthia, you just made me wanna buy this set as well, hehe! omg the colours are all so pretty!!! i love the lipstick and the gloss to the max, the liner too!!

farrilora said...

All about pink!!!!!!!! Nakk D:

Ari said...

I totally need the nude and pink box! This looks so lovely. I hope we get them here too! Fingers crossed!

Lorna Mai Ltd said...

Coral is my best shade all year round so naturally I love the lipglass and the lipstick. Maybe time to buy MAC (never had a mac lippie before!)

Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie said...

LOVE these colors! Coral is one of my favorite color palettes, and these are all beautiful shades! <3 GIGLove

Marxie said...

I've only seen the Alluring Aquatic line and the packaging is lovely!
Anyway, I'd say get the pink box too and make a review of it as well. :D

Jennifer Hew said...

The coral lipstick is so pretty! I can't wait for it to launch in Malaysia dy >.<

MollyMia said...

The lipglass shade is so pretty! So sparkly and yet in a pretty natural nude shade.

Khushboo Motihar said...

Limited edition MAC products! You are one lucky gal. Loved the lipstick. Lots of GIG love :)

Marie Claire said...

omg im crazy over all the mac product..
affordable price and also good quality..
i need to save more money to purchase all stuff ;')

yuhjiun said...

omg I love that lip colour combo too! Not sure when it will launch in Malaysia :(

Unknown said...

I love coraaall ,I hope it will be in Indonesia ,it's really nice ,it has nice color and the eyeshadow ,love itt

Sana said...

OMG !!!! The coral color looks outstanding <3 I love the idea behind look in a box collection. So pretty and perfect for daily wear x

Smallnhot Sarah said...

The lipstick looks really pretty ! it would look gorgeous for everyday wear..

Agata Pokutycka said...

Lovely colours in this eyeshadow trio. Love the middle gold one.

Nicol Wong said...

i want to try their sets. the eyeshadows looks more shimmery in palette than swatched. i prefer the swatched version

Caroline Paris said...

i love mac so much, that lipstick looks brilliant

Leesha Starr said...

What beautiful shades. I need to buy these now. I am a massive MAC fan.

GIG LOVE | The Life of Leeshastarr

Natasha said...

I need each set! LOL.
The colors looks amazing. I'm so obsessed wit Mac.

Anonymous said...

This kit is currently available at Nordstrom for cardholders I bought it at the anniversary sale the other day and absolutely love it. I believe it becomes public on the 17 th.

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