Tuesday, July 01, 2014

June Favorite~ ❤

It wasn't too long after I posted my May favorite and now we're on a new month!! July will be an extremely exciting month for me because I'm going through some new things in my life. (Shh!!) Let's go straight to our monthly favorites!

Because the weather is incredibly hot recently and my sleeping hours is very bad, I'll be focusing more on skincare this month. 

Pardon me for the picture quality as I'm using my trusty phone for capturing this. :(
All my cameras was taken away from me from my family......  *frown*

IOPE Bio- Essence Intensive Conditioning

Most people may wonder what does this do? This is actually a booster or you call it pre-serum. This is one of the best skincare item in Korea. And do you realized the bottle is pretty similar to the famous SK-II Facial Treatment Essence? Yes you're right! This was said to be a dupe for the SK-II and very much like SK-II, it is a fermented based product. My skin has been little too oily and some breakouts (although my skin type is basically dry) during the month of June. This works amazingly in prepping my skin for the other skincare. I could see my skin feels much brighter and hydrated. Although it doesn't helps much in reducing my acne but it tame down the redness on my skin. Love this~~

Cellnique Paramedical Skin Action Sebum Gel (Left)
My readers will know how much I raved this product. I can never live without this serum after all this years. This serum is one of the star product from Cellnique Skincare - which mostly used in beauty salons. It helps reducing blackheads and whiteheads on our face. There're times when I finished this and had no time to re-stock, my blackheads are very bad and clogged pores which lead to even bad skin. :(

Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray (Right)
I believe I don't need to do much intro of this. The reason why I bought this is because the weather is just toooo HOT for me I need something to freshen up myself when I'm out. O_O So my favorite things to do right now is to spray it on my face randomly! Love it because it helps hydrate my skin and makeup last longer. :)

Model Co Fat Lash Volumising Mascara

Model Co is one of the famous brand from Australia. I came to know this brand from my Bellabox subscription. Despite the packaging is bit 'Fat' and striking Pink! I am quite amazed by it. The mascara itself applies very dark on my lash and 'fatten' my lash very well. One thing I really like about the mascara is that is that its bomber shaped brush at its tip allows me to apply the mascara vertically. Coz the 'fattiness' of the mascara and the wand maybe a bit too big for me, so the tip is my saviour! 

You can get this on Bellabox Webstore 
(Pssshh...Did i told you Bellabox might be coming into Malaysia?)

Bobbi Brown Rich Color Lipstick in Sweet Nectar

I need to admit, despite being a beauty lover this is actually my first ever lipstick from Bobbi Brown! I got this from Estee Lauder Sales I went months ago and it is the best purchase. Their very smooth, lightweight, unscented and very pigmented. The color of the lipstick is very sweet and natural. And that explains why I have been using it everyday now and then. 

Here's the swatch, if you asked:

Pretty isn't it??

Milani Powder Blush in Tea Rose

This is my favorite-to-go blusher for the month! Isn't it pretty just buy looking at them?? Their best selling baked blusher is also my favorite from the brand. But if you're comparing this to their baked blusher, I think this is much more drying and kinda patchy. However, it is very pigmented and blush nicely on my cheek! So no complain =p

Unfortunately, this is Limited Edition and it is sold out in their website. So if you wanna grab one, join my #PinkGiveaway now! I have a complete collection of 4 blushers to be given away :)

"Have you tried the items mentioned above? 

Share with me what's your favorite item of the month"


Siew Hui said...

The Milani Powder Blush in Tea Rose looks really nice. Shall put it on my to buy list :D

Gig Love,
Siew Hui

cindy tong (cindysplanet.com) said...

i love the lipstick!!coral is such a pretty colour to brighten up the whole look!

jeanyfc said...

i would have choose coral set too. the color so nice and very good for daily use! =)

Alicia.L said...

The coral lipstick is major love!!

Fifi ♥ said...

Wow I'm in love with the products in this set! Coral colours are so pretty especially the lipgloss :))
Wish they sold these sets in Australia :((


Syaza Suhana said...

love the coral!

Mandy Ooi said...

That blusher is so cute omg!!! Wants!!!

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