Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Beauty Box Series: Modbox March Edition

Pull your seat belts and sit tight. You will have another adventure going for Slowbro's Beauty Box Series. Today featured Modbox Malaysia - March Edition. To celebrate the International Woman's Day on 8th March last month, Modbox is going back to basic where woman should pamper herself to look the best. 

The pretty purple packaging underneath the sturdy purple box take my heart away. Did I mentioned to you that I really like their sturdy box material? It's similar to Fabulous Finds boxes except it's smaller.

I am pretty impressed with my Modbox last month. So I guess I do have a high expectation on this month too. This month box is a bit lighter than the previous one. Nevertheless, 4-5 sample product is still good.

I really how Modbox crew dedicated to write a good Welcome note for their subscribers. I am not sure about others, but I personally love reading it. It's like reading a gift card written by a friend. It feels warm. Opps.. =p

Behind the welcome note, here's the list of the products given written in precise.

Luview Gleam Full Long Lash Mascara (Full Size)

I've read quite a few raves on Luview products especially their base products. I am quite excited to see this mascara in the box. It's a fibre mascara and it comes in full size which cost RM42.90 at Watsons. A girl couldn't get enough of mascara right?

Cosmetaq Timesless Serum and Whitening Cream (Deluxe Sample)

Another new product I encountered from beauty box. Apparently, Cosmetaq is a brand that use widely in beauty salons. I always see my beautician use this size of products when she applied the product on my skin during facial. This explains why the size/sample given is like the size for salon use. I guess using this serum and cream is as good as going to facial except you need to do a lot of massaging. Lol!

SF Beauty Skin Remover Cleasing Oil Gel & Perfect Glow Sunscreen

The first time I heard about SF Beauty was from Jennifer about months ago. She told me that the sunscreen from SF Beauty is really good and is her favorite sunscreen at the moment. And now I get to have a chance to try it. So this two sample sachets does come in the right time for the right owner. (That's me lah!)

Le Masque Hazelia Grape Mutliple Moisturizing Mask

I fancy sheet mask!! I always collect sheet mask from many brands and find out which one works the best for me. Sometimes, you may discover some hidden gems from those brands you may never know. I'll probably share my view on FB or instagram once I used this. :)

Last but not least, I received a cute mystery gift towel from Modbox Crew. Aww!! So sweet..^_^ 
Want to get a mystery gift like I do, subscribe to Modbox and leave your comment review on their website.

Overall, I find this month box is pretty okay. I had mentioned it earlier on that I really like their previous box, that resulted me to have a higher expectation towards their future boxes. Of coz I do not expect them to give 3 or 4 full size products. To be honest, I don't think one sample sachet should be consider as one product given. Sample sachet is suppose to be given for free. And I dunno how one sample sachet can actually entice us to purchase the full size product. Even the SA in beauty counters will pass us 3 - 4 sample sachets for trial. 

Therefore, I hope that Modbox would consider to give at least a deluxe size sample or sample size more than 15ml. Other than that, I think Modbox did a good job on featuring different brands and products in their box. (Yay for not seeing any 'M' brand here. Haha!). I love how I could explore more new brands in the market through the beauty boxes.

After all, paying only RM19 + RM 9 (for postage) for this box is definitely worth it! I could say that this is one of the cheapest beauty box so far you can get in the market. It doesn't hurt your wallet at all. Not sure? Go calculate yourself. *Blek!* =p 

For more info, please visit the below: 
Website: http://www.modbox.com.my
Facebook: Modbox 
Twitter: @ModboxCrew 


As much as I love Modbox, it's sad to hear that Modbox will discontinue their box subscription April onwards. If you had subscribed to their box, they will provide a refund. For more information, please check their Facebook Page or the image below.
Click the image to enlarge
Don't worry!! They will be back with a brand new Modbox in a few months time. I can't wait for their re-launch!! What do you think about them


Ari said...

This looks like a great box! Wish we had it here too!

~ http://dolcellita.blogspot.com/

ILeana Druetta said...

You got great items... Love the mistery #gigblogger


Lyrech Zamora said...

This sounds better than the box here :)

Constance Ann said...

thought of trying their beauty box next month. oh well...

hope they will be back soon! with boom!

K said...

wow pls tell us more about luview! #gig

Kajsa Josephine Andersen said...

Hard to say as I haven´t tested these boxes. The box is pretty though :) http://kjandersen.wordpress.com/

Alia said...

I've never tested this box before. It looks like you got some interesting beauty products in it! Enjoy!

Sita Carolina said...

Wow I've never heard of this box or any of the stuff in it before!

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Lifestyle/Mix: http://sprinkleorainbow.wordpress.com/

Margaret Heisworkingitout Reed said...

Lots of goodies, I love goodies where are all these boxes coming from I would like to get in on these goodies.Living F.A.B.ulously on Purpose

Carizza Chua said...

nice, there's a collagen mask!

Lucie Srbová said...

Oh, that towel is so cute and you are right. We can never have enough mascaras. :)

Mrs. Gaeul said...

The box looks pretty good! It kind of reminds me of the GlossyBox. Too bad they are taking a break, but good that they will be back for re-launch!

♛ Aby C. said...

the modbox is great! it will be better i think after the relaunch! :)

-from #Gig
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nat van said...

Awesome box, thank you for sharing! xoxo Nat #GIGlove


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