Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Elevate: Feel The Difference

I don't remember when was the last time I blogged about me attending an event! Given on my presence situation, I could hardly attend one even if I have an invitation. So I was presented an opportunity last week to attend the most happening scene between my reached at Legato Bistro & Bar, Johor. I have to say, most happening events will never make their way to the Southern area. There's usually in either KL or Penang. So thumbs up to the ELEVATE who make the difference of the night life in Johor!!

Trust me, I am not a party girl. With 10 fingers, you can count how many times I've been to a club. (Okay, probably with toes only =p) The event was held at Legato Bistro & Bar, Skudai, Johor. Initially the bar is quite new and this event could also consider as their grand opening. ^_^

I was a bit late that day and it was traffic jam. So when I reached the registration counter queue was quite ok. I gonna thanks to Don Chan and Melissa for bringing me into the event as VIP (skipped the queue). The coolest thing I gonna show you guys is the mark that stamped on our hand as the entry pass.

You won't see it under the normal light. It can only been seen under the ultraviolet light.  So cool right???

The event started around 10.30pm with the opening speech from our sexy emcee, Kylie Chapman. She speaks Mandarin very well!! She actually spoke English at the first moment, but the floor is too quiet - had yet to warm up. So she speaks in Mandarin after so to hear the echoes from the floor. (That's how JB are though)

The first performance was from Mocha Girls. Initially this group of girls are from Philippines and their super sexy~~ Me and my friend were chatting along while they're performing, they are definitely younger than my age. =P

4 lucky guy are selected to go up to the stage and dance with the Mocha Girls. Eventually, the best performer won a T-shirt merchandise by Mocha Girls and the others won a landyard. It was quite funny to see the opposite sex doing sexy dance. Hehe XD

They also engaged the crowd by bringing almost all the ladies up to the stage to dance. I was on stage too...And I was sweating HOT!! So when the runner pulled out the board stated 'Last Song' to the lead of Mocha Girls, I felt so relieved. =D

The crowd on that day. I am quite surprised that it can actually fit sooo many people. And there even have 2nd floor as well.

Here we have our ELECOLDXHOT rocking the stage with their awesome stunts!!

While chilling with the other bloggers, all lights were turn off in a sudden. And here's the cool dance. I have to admit I love and want the LED shoe!!

DJ Sierra Lee from Korea make the last appearance for the event. She's pretty and she's really good in spinning. My eyes of admiration just couldn't take of her.

Camwhore time with out lovely blogger, Kim. =))

And meet a bunch of geeks and doctors here!! These are my schoolmates!! =) *Aww~~ Nostalgia*

Our doorgift to bring home. Polaroids~

Lastly but not least, these are what I put on my face on the event.

I am loving the Lunasol Eyeshadow palette to max!! One of the best eyeshadow purchase so far. ^_^  And I found my new love this lipstick recently. Take a guess on what brand it is. =))


Coffretgorge said...

You look great babe! Glad to see you having so much fun! :)

clevermunkey said...

wahhh! JB so happening! u look very pretty! :)

Fabulous Aimee said...

you Lok gorgeous babe! Missed this fun event! Hopefully there's more to come!:)

Cynthia Loh said...

Thanks Aimee. Yeah!! Hopefully we can join together next time.

Cynthia Loh said...

Thanks Henry!! =)

Fabulous Aimee said...


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