Monday, November 08, 2010

Review: Juju AquaMoist Pure 100H Essence

I guess everyone here knew about the Juju Aquamoist - The Asia No. 1 Japan skincare series which contained Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid is in a big hype nowadays ever since their hydrating properties had been recognized. Approximately 2 months ago, I was given the one of the most popular items of JUJU AQUAMOIST series for review purposes.

The best selling item
Juju AquaMoist Pure 100H Essence. Juju AquaMoist Pure 100H Essence contained 100% pure Hyaluronan/ Hyaluronic Acid which is a real good deal for hydration purposes.
Some said that it works like a facial mask during the night that creates a thin moisturizing layer to your skin to prevent from the dehydration and helps your skin’s healthy turnover which you can tell the difference the next morning! Sounds awesome?
They say:
" The “Pure 100” essence preserves high concentration of hyaluronic acid which has ability to penetrate into the skin, restore the moisture, reduce the appearance of wrinke and stimulating regeneration. It also able to maintain the skin’s texture, smooth and keep the skin hydrated. This essence type is free from mineral oil, sub-acid, coloring, fragrance and alcohol. This product is suitable for all skin types"
It is said to be low acidity, fragrance free, color free, mineral oil-free and animal ingredients free. Although I personally do not like the word Alcohol, but no harm trying? 

After cleaning your face, apply moisturizing toner. Take 1-2 pushes of the AquaMoist Pure 100H Essence on the palm of your hand and apply it to your face gently. After applying it, cover your face with your both palm for a while to help essence to penetrate into your skin. You will enjoy well hydrated and softer skin in the next morning!

This 30ml serum/ essence comes in pump dispenser bottle. I love packaging like this! Easy for us to control how much we need to use.

The essence is like a clear gel. Not too watery and is spread easily on your face. The best thing is it doesn't contains any fragrance- odorless.

I have to say that I always love Hyaluronic Acid products as my skin is kinda de-hydrated. I've been using this everyday for almost 2 months and this is my staple in my daily skincare routine
now. I LOVE this essence!!!

Previously I have been using my Cellnique Hydrating Complex which did quite good. But this is even better!! Unlike Cellnique, this essence is not sticky at all. When you apply on your skin, it absorbs into the skin so quickly that your face feels really matte upon a couple of seconds! After that, you can feel your skin are sooo smooth and matte which I really like!! I only uses 1.5 pumps all over my face and I think is more than enough.
More than 2 months of using this product
After using this, my skin felt so hydrated and smooth. The best thing is you felt your skin are more elastic as in the 'tiong tiong' feeling. Hehe XD Some may find it too rich for "day use", but for me I use this day and night. I noticed since I'm using this, my makeup stays on me even longer than before and even my acne is lesser. ^_^

This essence is suitable for oily, acne-prone skin and even sensitive skin like mine. Do you know that even oily skin need to be hydrated? Hydrated skin helps control the oil secretion and boost up the healing process for acne-scars. So I always thinks that keeping your skin hydrated is very important. 

Rating: 5/5!!! ❤ ❤

I am definitely re-purchasing this product!! (Sometimes you wouldn't mind paying more a product that works).  

This product are retail for S$39.80/RM98.90 at all Watson, Sasa. I knew is pricey but sometimes it comes with more than 20% discount. For overseas reader, you may find it in =)

For more information and updates, please join Juju Aquamoist at their Facebook!


Ee Von said...

Sounds like an awesome product, might give it a try but RM98 is such a steep price! Maybe I'll wait for promotion. Thank you for the review!

Maisarahyusoff said...

I like this review!! But yup.. it is pricey.. Huhu.. Btw.. It really looks tempting to buy.

Elle said...

woowww~ I never heard of this brand till now but I must have! I'll have to see if I can get this online~

Ahleessa said...

This sounds good and see improvement on your skin!

I will definitely review MUFE blushes.

MissJayce said...

this makes me wanna try it!! thanks for the review!

wifluvelle said...

this is my HG too! its gr8 for oily skin like me, and the absorbtion level is instant isnt it!
everytime if i see it less than RM95, i'll stock it up! cant wait for it be on sale

xoxo elle

mint said...

waaa you always find so many awesome face creams that makes me wanna try xD spending too much money @_@
I'm rather annoyed at though. I've been waiting for my order for 2 months now cos of there warehouse move >_> and I'm so tempted to just cancel it.

Isabel said...

Interesting.. But too pricey for me =(

huixin said...

it really looks like u have a major improvement in the after picture! totally 'doing doing'. But seriously, so many look-alike products on the market shelves now, I am confused sometimes.

Cynthialqy said...

This product often come with discount. Go grab a bottle during then.

~Lisa said...

Sounds great! i can definitely see a difference in your skin. I live in Canada so the winters can be very harsh on the skin and I'm already dehydrated!!

I hope I will be able to find this in store here as I dont like shopping on line. >.<

Coffretgorge said...

wow, it sounds so good! the before/after pics look great as well, im glad it works for you! :)

RYC: I'm doing great, how about you? :) I didn't realize you were from Singapore! We should definitely meet some day when I go there for vacation :)

Cynthia Loh said...

Yeah, the price is steep but the result is good. So is totally worth the value..

Cynthia Loh said...

Give it a try. You can get this from sasa online.

Cynthia Loh said...

This really keep my skin hydrated. My another HG~~

Cynthia Loh said...

Hmm..I heard about the delayed of their service nowadays. Kinda bad huh?

Cynthia Loh said...

There'll always be discount about RM70+. ^^

Fruity Lashes said...

oh i should try this! the before and after pics seem really great.

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