Thursday, September 23, 2010

Review: FaceQ Ocean + Aloe Mask 絕世美肌海洋飽水膠原蘆薈面膜

I'm sure everyone of you who's reading my post here had heard about My Beauty Diary Mask- it was the number one best seller mask in Taiwan. The company (Tong Yi President Company Taiwan) who produced MBD mask come out with this latest range of masks: FaceQ mask 絕世美肌. It comes with four different flavours.
The new FaceQ mask with the unique hydrogel micro-emulsion technology. No artificial coloring used, the mask sheet is made of 100% wood pulp, allows more water and essence retention compared to normal mask sheets. Honestly, the wood pulp sheet mask make me fall in love with this mask!!! ♥ ♥

Today I gonna review one of the best mask I've tried so far which is: 
Ta Da!!

Face Q Ocean + Aloe Mask marine collagen mask full of water allows you have instant access to the moisture to achieve a supple and smooth skin. Enriched with aloe vera gel, its carefully woven fiber essence bears more moisture and nourishment to skin, immediate improves the texture of your skin, and creates skin clarity and translucency! After skin surface forms protective layer of moisture, retaining moisture for a long-lasting and supple skin, your complexion will be translucent and shine with a healthy glow.

Just by reading at the description, it does sounds incredible isn't it? The reason I got this mask is because it is so cute~~ :p I couldn’t resist the packaging of it and it become popular in the market right now beating MBD mask. 

- Aloe Extract: soothing the skin, replenish moisture to maintain skin hydration.
- Hyaluronic Acid: a potent moisturizing agent,.an excellent water effects and improve the skin cells, SOD enzyme activity, antioxidant.
- Placenta: the essence of rejuvenation to increase resilience and enhance the regeneration of skin cells and restore the delicate baby skin.
- Seaweed Extracts: to help the skin more healthy, to resist environmental damage.
- Trehalose: a long-lasting moisture to maintain skin moisture with natural glow.
- Plant Cell Extract (Exclusive Cellular Complex): a highly moisturizing function.
- Gamma PGA: Moisturizing agent with anti-aging effect.
- Seven Peptides: collagen synthesis possessed repair signs of anti-aging
- Neural Amide: to strengthen the epidermis moisturizing effect, increase skin elasticity.

The first impression I had on the ingredient was: “Wow! This is good.”
1. Cleanse face before applying mask, excess essence may be massaged onto neck.
- As the mask sheet is made from 100% wood pulp it may tear easily. Look below:
2. After 20 minutes, remove mask and gently massage face to assist absorption.
3. No need to rinse, you may apply toner, moisturizer etc. after application
4. Use daily for maximum effect. 

Packaging/ Texture:
The packaging of this mask is so cute compared to the MBD mask. It is almost the same size with MBD mask but FaceQ mask contains more essence and more watery. Since it was made by 100% wood pulp, it does attached on my skin and face very well though is still little big for me. The mask is very thin and fragile compare to MBD which is good because it has 3D firming effect.

My review: 
Unlike MBD mask, this mask does not have any strong scent probably just a little like watery smell. Lol.  I can feel the essence of the mask was nicely placed and absorbed into my skin while masking which I like!! Immediately after 30 mins, I felt my skin was so hydrated and bright.

I did a before and after pic for comparison. Although it is not very significant, but it does make a bit different.
Try to look at the small acne near my nose and pores. After applying the mask for 20 minutes, my pores and acne had significantly reduce. And yes!! My redness on my skin too. Of course the hydration level you couldn't see it. But I could say it really hydrates your skin.

My skin looked really hydrated and supple which you can feel the ‘tiong tiong’ feeling. The next morning, I had this healthy glow on my face and my makeup was much more easier for application. How could I not LOVE this product? It was one of the best sheet mask I’ve used so far. I really love how my skin look the next morning. It was so soft like jelly and so smooth. Wee~

Rating: 5/5!!! ♥ ♥
(Can I call out my Holy Grail!! This is my HG hydrating mask!!)

Overall, I LOVE this!! I highly recommended this to everyone especially if you think you have dehydrated, and dull skin. It will make your skin look elastic, healthy and resilience. I bought this online at about RM2.60/pc but beware of fake products. To ensure the authenticity, you can get it from Sasa online. For the price which less than USD1, this is super worth it!!!! Keep your pocket save. :)


sssnicole said...

OMG u tempt me over and over again!

Grace Уеиlуе said...

Yeap! This is another my favourite!! Even my sister and sister in law also love FaceQ...they shd thanks for my recommendation..hiak hiak hiak

Dina Esty Xu said...

Great review! I think FaceQ masks are better than MBD masks!

~Lisa said...

Ooh! I must try this out one day!! I haven't even tried MBD yet, I have two-and only two lying around and don't wanna use it yet =P

Starryxuan♥ said...

I must have put it somewhere.... haha! now i have to go find this mask out :P

Foxy Frangipani said...

wah wah wah.. another temptation! ;)

Bharti said...

I ordered these masks from and right now I have 3different face q masks which im confused which one to use lol.

Anonymous said...

J'ai appris des choses interessantes grace a vous, et vous m'avez aide a resoudre un probleme, merci.

- Daniel

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