Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Reviews: BeautyMaker Eye Makeup remover

Finding an eye makeup remover without stringing eyes is tough especially for those who wear contact lenses like me. But I've found one that is too good to be ♥! Let's see how it works:

The Kevin Beautymaker eye makeup remover has been one of the best selling product in Taiwan.

The packaging:

This makeup remover only contains of 100ml which I personally felt it was quite small. As I use quite a lot. cool You'll have to shake the bottle to mix the two substances together for it to work its magic on your eye makeup.

The ingredients: (Like picture below)
The cucumber extract and Witch Hazel is what I like about this makeup remover. The ingredients seems so gentle for our sensitive eyes which is a A plus. ^^

The reviews:

I was quite afraid that this eye makeup remover may disappoint me like others. Therefore, I've tried this with my MM mascara and my Kiss Me liquid eyeliner which are hard to remove. By using cotton pad and push it on the eyes for 10seconds, all the eye makeup was dissolved. After a few rub with the cotton, my eyes left clean with no trace at all. Here's the pic:
The best part is even with eyeliner on your waterline, it never smudge and sting my eyes even a bit!! ♥♥ Even with my contact lenses on while removing the makeup, you felt nothing about it. It does not make you feel uncomfortable. This eye makeup remover amazed me by removing my eye makeup and of course the mascara effortless and faster.

The only thing that I bother is the oily feeling. But comparing to Maybelline or Elianto, it was much better as the oily part will subside in a few minutes. This is the best ever eye makeup remover I had ever used. No doubt that this was a hot product in Taiwan. For a gentle, effortless and hassle-free eye makeup remover, I definitely recommended this to everyone!

Rating: 4.8/5 LOVE!! ♥♥


Bijin Blair said...

Thank you for the review! 100 ml is quite okay actually since my Etude House one only has 80 ml -.-

Cyn said...

How do you find the Etude House? Maybe I did used quite an amount everytime I remove my makeup. That's why. ^^

sheryan said...

I've been planning on getting this one for myself too, just haven't gotten around to it yet hehe

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