Saturday, November 21, 2009

Beautymaker Products and Swatches

Finally holidays is here!! I hope I can update more often during this holidays. :) I've been hauling too much this month. I really gonna control my spending and save up for Christmas. ^^ After reading all the raves from bloggers about Kevin BeautyMaker products, I finally lay my hands on them!!I bought their highly raved Kevin BeautyMaker Eye MakeUp Remover, Aqua Color Controller in Mauve and Tranexamic Acid Whitening Pressed Powder SPF 20. To tell you the truth, I'm soooo in love with the products!! Now I can see why Fuz like it so much. :)

For those who do not know about Kevin Beautymaker, Kevin is a famous make up artist in Taiwan. Beauty Maker is his very own cosmetics label specially created and designed for Asian beauties. Beauty Maker products are featured in the program Ladies First or 女人我最大 in Taiwan with fantastic feedbacks.

Here I'll bring on with the BeautyMaker Tranexamic Acid Whitening Pressed Powder SPF 20. Will reviews the other soon too. This pressed powder come in a sleek white form and a grey velvet pouch. This pressed powder comes with a face sponge which I personally feel it is better used when it is wet. Kevin had recommends that this foundation can be applied using a wet sponge. Isn't it much like ZA two-way foundation?
According to the description, this powder is said to provide a sheer, flawless matte finish that can lasts all day long. The main ingredients of this pressed powder is Tranexamic Acid which commonly knows as a man-made form of an amino acid (protein) which can used to prevent melanin production on our skin. Kevin comes out with a brilliant idea by adding Vitamin C and Hydrolyzed Silk Protein to enhance the whitening effect of the product. Did you noticed they even have Evening Primose Oil as the ingredients? *love love*
The color I got for this pressed powder is #3 Natural as swatch on my hand. I'm glad that it suits my skin color pretty well. For your reference my skin are about NC25- NC30. The foundation look pinkish on the pan but when apply on skin it is a bit yellowish. For me, this foundation is quite sheer. I try to build more coverage by applying another layer but it does makes me look fairer. :(I found out that this foundation works better when applied wet. The coverage is much better. The powder is quite fine as you can also buff it as a loose powder. With the whitening ingredients and comes along with SPF 20, i think it is a good foundation.

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Bijin Blair said...

I've been wanting to get my hands on BeautyMaker stuff! Please review the rest of your haul =D

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