Thursday, November 19, 2009

Busy + Hauls

Finally, my finals had finished. Been too busy to even update my blog. Sorry readers! Despite of being struggling for exam, I did some hauls to make myself happy. Hauls often makes someone's mood better isn't it? :)

I've finally get my hands on my first Everyday Minerals (EDM) Pressed Powder. I always adore EDM especially their wide range of blusher. :) I've been using EDM loose foundation base for quite a time, I noticed that my pores is getting smaller. Yay! But it was quite messy especially if you wanted to touch up. Pressed powder would be an alternative to solve those problems.Initially EDM pressed powder was darker color than the loose powder form. But when it oxides, it turns into the right color. The pressed powder are matte and provides higher coverage (intensive).

While I'm excited about my parcel, here's what I got when I open my parcel.My pressed powder is cracked!! Oh No! I'm very mad and sad when I saw this. It took me about half an hour to clear the mess. I've find all sort of ways to save my powder but no avails. Lastly, jcjsc (the spree-er) who help me to contact EDM and they refund a new one to me! Kudos for EDM customer service!!
The best part is my friend taught me a method to safe my pressed powder and it works incredibly!! At least now it is usable. ^^Besides getting my EDM Pressed Powder, I also got a Everyday Minerals Baby Fat Top Brush. Yes! The brush is a size of my baby finger. Lol. The cutest brush I ever own!! As you see, it is only about 4cm long. The small brush which is perfect for travel.
I bought this specially for my EDM sample jars ad the sizes fits perfectly into the lid. Like other EDM brushes, it is so soft and dense. After a few wash, no shedding or bleeding. Cool!! This baby brush cost about US$6. How do you find Everyday Minerals? Do let me know.

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LyNn said...

how to press it a?
does it work if mine is originally the powder form and i wanna press it?

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