Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Review: Elianto Deep Sea Water Lip & Eye Make Up Remover

Taken from Elianto:

Deep Sea Water has good purifying effect. It helps to draw out oils and impurities, while restoring skin with minerals to aid hydration. This gentle formula easily removes all waterproof and long wearing eye makeup and lipsticks, leaving skin clean, supple and free from oil residue

This is my first product I bought from Elianto.

This makeup remover removes most of my makeup including waterproof mascara and eyeliners. But it takes me more than 10minutes to remove stubborn waterproof mascara like Majorlica Majorca (MJ). (Definitely a bad thing )

As you can see, the makeup remover has good purifying effect. Therefore it does left me an oily greasy feeling which I personally do not like it. To me, this product does not sting my eyes yet to my friend it does sting theirs badly. So I can say it react differently on different skin.

The best of this product which I like is the smell. It is not heavily scented for this product compared to the other products in the same line. The smell are exactly like the sea water. (I mean a clean sea water- hehe) which is good for those who had highly sensitive skin like me!

This product are sold in most Elianto store at the price RM18+ (If I'm not mistaken). They do have promotion all the time which you can try this out.

Rating: 2/5

I've already finished my 1st bottle of this. But will I re-purchase again? NO. For the price given, I would rather find a cheaper alternative like Maybelline in term of their removal strength.


LyNn said...

ahh i have this in cucumber.
i find it good thou.
heard maybelline is more oily
and yes it is more exp than maybelline
if you are willing to spend alil more,
i heard loreal and etude house ones are good and less oily. :)

Cyn said...

Yeah, I heard it's good. But I guess is just this product that don't works for me. Maybe I should try out cucumber or pomegranate instead.

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