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"Beautiful Skin Requires Commitment. Not A Miracle" - Erno Laszlo

"I owe 50 percent of my beauty to my mother and 50 percent to Erno Laszlo”.  - Audrey Hepburn

ErnoLaszlo is known as the skincare brand for Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy, and the first beauty expert to formulate sunscreen in skincare, use products with a pH balance and created skincare especially for men. The bespoke skincare that has perceived to woman that 'Beauty is Ageless' since 1927.

Who is Erno Laszlo?

Dr. Erno Laszlo is a Hungarian born medical doctor who fell into dermatology after the notoriety he gained for helping to improve the complexion of Princess Stephanie of Belgium.  
Dr. Erno Laszlo standing on the left with Marilyn Monroe.
His clientele was a Who’s Who of royalty, society and Hollywood including: the Duchess of Windsor, Gloria Vanderbilt, Doris Duke, Greta Garbo, Lillian Gish, Paulette Goddard, Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. 

When actress Frida Gombaszogl was shot in the face at point blank by a rejected suitor, Lazslo was the man of the hour, sent to treat the damaged beauty with unparalleled success. 

With their renowned eye for bankable talent, the bosses at Warner Brothers Studios sent for Laszlo, offering him a job in their makeup department, with a view to harnessing his expertise exclusively for their own contracted stars.  The good doctor refused, however, and went on to create a succession of bespoke formulations for his private clients, who were collectively contracted to every studio in Hollywood.  The rest is cosmetological history.  The wealthy socialites of Manhattan were soon banging down the doctor’s door, demanding his one-on-one treatment, eventually forcing him to open his original Institute.  In accordance with all laws of luxury retail, Laszlo’s skinstitute was not open to just anyone.  In fact, only 1% of applicants (yes, ladies needed to apply to be a Laszlo client), were able to make the cut; these included Wallis Simpson, Cecile de Rothschild, Gloria Vanderbilt and Jackie Onassis. - From

It's no secret that the late Marilyn Monroe was a huge fan of New York's Erno Laszlo skincare range – the icon was photographed with the Active Phelityl Intensive Cream by her deathbed. That jar was eventually auctioned off for a whopping S$5,955!! (As seen in picture above)

If his skincare range is good enough for timeless beauties like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, it's definitely good enough for us! :D This brand was first introduced by my friend, Autumn who's crazy about skincare! She swears by the skincare and convinced me on the brand. A couple of weeks later, I was lucky enough to get myself to try on Erno Laszlo!

Erno Laszlo strongly believes in tailoring each “ritual” based on individual skin needs. I was prescribed product routine for normal to combination skin - oily t-zone, clogged pores, occasional blackheads, concerned about skin dehydration. Yes, that's my skin!! (Besides being real sensitive) In fact it was considered as the most-common skin type.

Cleansing Routine

I always believe in double cleansing! In Erno Laszlo, there's no exception neither. Started of my cleansing routine with the Phelityl Pre-cleansing Oil - to help prep your skin and remove makeup and oil before cleaning with the best selling Sea-Mud Cleansing Bar. After massaging the oil onto my face, you don't need to wash it off straightaway. (I love this!) 

Erno Laszlo Phelityl Pre-Cleansing Oil

Use your Erno Laszlo Sea- Mud Deep Cleansing Bar which is made of 97% of Dead Sea mud, gently massage it onto your skin concentrating on your pores area like nose. 

Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar

Here's when the famous Erno Laszlo Cleaning Ritual comes! Dr. Laszlo's "30 splashes" water washing technique flushes out toxins and oxygenates the skin, leaving it clean and prepped for toning and moisturizing. Trust me, it felt weird when I started using this technique but eventually got hooked because it makes a difference! Don't believe me?? Take a look at these two videos below. 

  • Video from Official Erno Laszlo

  • Talk sharing from Taiwan Famous Beauty Queen TV Show 女人我最大 (Yes, this brand is very famous in Taiwan & HK too!) *Please watch if you know Mandarin.

Skin Hydration

After cleansing, tone your skin to helps balance your skin pH and bind moisture to the skin, prep skin for moisturize. Oily skin doesn't mean your skin does not need water/ hydrate. To me, hydration is a step to prevent all skin problems. So I was recommended to use Erno Laszlo Hydra-Therapy Refresh Infusion Serum to hydrate my naughty skin. The serum is super light-weighted, it instantly soothes, smoothes and plumps skin, helping reverse the damage that dryness can do. 

Erno Laszlo Hydra-Therapy Refresh Infusion Hydra- Essence (front) & Memory Sleep Mask (behind)

Sometimes I just need an extra boost to quench my ‘thirsty’ skin! There comes my latest favorite sleeping mask to date - Erno Laszlo Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask. The weightless mask, powered by 24-hour Smart Hydrators, delivers unprecedented moisture and vital nutrients overnight. On days that I am lazy, I will use this right after I cleanse my face and wake up with a plump and good skin the next morning. 

I am always known as the laziest person (among my friends and beauty bloggers) to apply skincare. My skincare routine only takes me 3-steps: Double Cleanse, Cleanser, Moisturizer. I do use serum once in a while, but not diligently. Getting into Erno Laszlo's, I started enjoying the process for my skincare routine. I personally think that the skincare steps recommended was therapeutic especially the Cleansing Routine. 

Here's a little comparison of my skin after using it for almost 4 weeks!

Before and After Pic
PS: Please ignore my nose! Been rubbing on my nose vigorously due to the Haze. Ah choo!
It does make a difference isn't it?? I follow very closely on Erno Laszlo skincare routine for the past few weeks and I do really like it. I find my skin is less oily now, my makeup stays longer and better throughout the day. To add on, I find all my skincare products absorb faster than usual that changes my whole skincare routine duration. 

"Beautiful Skin Requires Commitment. Not A Miracle" - Erno Laszlo. 

Very much inspired by Erno Laszlo's beauty philosophy and the bespoke skincare to #YouOnlyYou, I see the reason why our famous Hollywood stars are into these skincare brand. And to my friend Autumn, you're right about it. I hereby declare my love affair to Erno Laszlo's skincare!! 

I will have another detailed review on Erno Laszlo's individual products soon. So stay tuned! Meanwhile, if you're interested, Erno Laszlo are now available at Luxola! Do get yours now before it is sold out!

What's your thoughts on Erno Laszlo?

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FiSh said...

Haven't heard bout this brand before. It looks very upscaled haha. But anyway i look forward for your individual review ya :D

Arisa Chow said...

Looks really promising that I also want to try! Do they sell travel size kit for the full range?

Little Clouds of Thought said...

What a luxurious skincare range. Does it make you feel like a celebrity too? Hehehe

UnknownMemory said...

Wow it really did lighten your skin. I haven't heard about this though but looks promising.

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