Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Beauty Box Series: Wonderbox Malaysia

I am back with the beauty box subscription craze!! Can you imagined beauty box subscriptions are such a hit till I lost count of how many they have in Malaysia market. One of the beauty box that caught my attention is Wonderbox Malaysia. Apparently, Wonderbox Malaysia had launched their first debut during October last year. (sorry for the late bloomer).

What and how does this beauty box subscription works?? Every month, you need to pay a certain subscription fee amount for a box which inclusive of 4 - 5 beauty samples and products to deliver to your doorsteps. 

It comes in a creamy white paper box that embossed with the 'queen crown' patterns on it and the Wonderbox logo inprint in the middle of the box. The box was tied with the bold red ribbon that make it look like a Christmas gift. How thoughtful.

The Wonderbox I got was the January's Valentine Edition which explain why the ribbon was red in color. Originally the box was tied with black ribbon. (They actually tied the ribbon very well, but due to my overly excited hands......u know what happened and why the ribbon look a weird here :'( )

Saturday, February 23, 2013

TGIF- Insta: Chinese New Year Edition

Today it's the starting of a new weekend again!! It's TGIF-Insta time! It's basically a blog post that I compiled all the pictures I took during the week. Each week I'll try to come out with different theme. And today is gonna be Chinese New Year (CNY) Edition.

1) What do you eat?

Chinese New Year is about Food, Food and Food! The only holiday of the year that I'll be snacking throughout the day without any control. Those re-union dinners, pineapple tarts, dried minced pork and etc.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

January Favorites ~ ❤

Time really flies so fast that we've already finished our first month of 2013. Like usual, I've been occupied most of my time with my work and it's crazy. Thank goodness February Chinese New Year is here! Can you hear the excitement on me?? *yahoo*

These products are the products that I reached out very often during the January. Can you spot what are these babies? 

Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion

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