Friday, August 31, 2012

Love is blind? How true is the statement?

Life’s been terribly hectic for me this week. I’ve personally feeling very bad for couple of weeks. Cross-fingered that after today everything will be alright and smooth. =)

Good news to update, my blog is going to have its Anniversary very soon. I’m very happy and amazed of myself that I certainly never thought I would come this far. My blog is the only place that I could feel loved and de-stress after all the errands in reality. Honestly speaking without your loves and comments, I wouldn’t have hang on there and continue blogging till now. I’m really thankful that I have all of your love! <3 nbsp="nbsp">

Talking about love, I’ve encountered certain issues especially people around my circles which I personally wanted to share and hear for opinions from you girls. The above video I watched recently is also one of the reason why I am sharing this.

Love is in everyone’s blood. I believe everyone here falls in love, I’m pretty sure and we can’t live without it. Imagine how you actually fall in love with pretty dress. Pretty shoes. Pretty makeup. Or even pretty boy? Lol.

And when you’re in love, the person you love seems to be the best of the best. You think that you have never seen such a person before and he is the only one. And you want to prove your love. Does that exactly explains when you fall in love with a pretty Jimmy Choo’s shoe and you prove your love by bringing the new pair back home?

The situation happens every single day, no matter what happens whether it is a shoe or a HIM. To fall in love is easy, and when two people look at each other for a lifetime it’s a miracle where marriage take parts. “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. A good marriage is at least 80% good luck in finding the right person at the right time. The rest is trust” - FullofBourbon

How do you define the right person? For me, it’s all depends. But there’s something to ensure you that there’s always reason why people fall in love with Jimmy Choo’s shoe but not Loubutin. And if you asked me why? I don’t know. But I definitely will not fall in love with Jimmy Choo if he doesn’t have the below:

Much said about honestly, it is one of the most important values in a relationship. Relationship is like a house with no door or window. While honestly is the window and door that keep your house safe and secure. When you lie, you run the risk of breaking the trust in the relationship. Just like you break your own house door, you lost the sense of security. Much as woman would like to hear that she looks great in that dress, in her heart of hearts, she knows the answer and wants you to spell it out for her, loud and clear. Don’t fool around with her feelings under the pretext of “not wanting to hurt her”. Be honest with her and communicate, she’ll be grateful and happier.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Review: Koji Dolly Wink Eyelashes No.1 (Dolly Sweet)

When you see the title you know what it is about. It is one of the most reviewed false eyelashes till date when you Google it. And I am the no.123456 blogger who actually going to share my thought on this. This Koji Dolly Wink Eye Lashes No.1 (Dolly Sweet) is my second box from Dolly Wink. My first one was the Dolly Wink Limited Edition Eyelash Set that I reviewed last year. 

Ever since then, I am hooked with their products!! Dolly Wink is a brand produced by the Japanese famous Popteen Gyaru Model - Tsubasa Masuwaka. Look at her tiny size and how cute she is, you'll never believe she's a mother. o_o

I really like the packaging of the Dolly Wink eyelashes. Thumbs up for Tsubasa and the company for putting extra effort on it. (But their latest packaging had changed and look simple though). 

One package only comes with 2 sets of upper lashes and one tiny cute pink polka dots eyelash glue. At the first glance, you'll find the lashes are soooo long. The lash strips are very long that I had to trim a huge section to match my eyes. 

Despite of how long it is, the lashes definitely works very well for gyaru style because they emphasize towards the outer corner of the eyes. This is how it looks on Tsubasa Masuwaka. Isn't her eyes look beautiful?? Look at how the lashes winged up at the corner of her eyes.

Their lash band is quite thin and moderately soft so it is very easy for you to stick it on! I love those lash band which is clear because I don't have to draw a line over the lash band so it couldn't be seen. I do that with other false lashes brand I had but definitely not this! 

The lashes are light-weighted and very comfortable to wear on. I wore for almost 8 hours and I felt like nothing at all~~  And this is how it actually look on my eyes!! ^_^

Love them!! ♥ ♥ 
Dollywink No.1 (Upper Lashes) & Dollywink No.6 (Lower lashes)
Isn't it pretty?? =) I like how most of the Dollywink eyelashes make my inner double eyelid more prominent. The lashes does look very long and a bit dramatic from near. But it does look quite natural from further view. One thing about the lashes, it look really pretty in photos. ^_^

I won't recommend this for everyday use but this Dolly Wink Eyelashes in No.1 (Dolly Sweet) would be good for events, dinners, parties and etc. I wore this to the Elevate Event and here's my FOTD.


Although the price of Dolly Wink eyelashes is a bit steep for 2 pairs, but it is definitely worth the price you paid for. It is one of the best drugstore false eyelashes in terms of quality. It can last you numbers of wear provided you take a good care of them. Even if you don't, I believe it can last you for at least 3-4 times. 

Dolly Wink Eyelashes No.1 (Dolly Sweet) can be found in retail Sasa store for RM55.90/box. (USD13). You can also get them at Supermodel's Secret at RM50/box only. ^_^

For more info, please visit below:
Twitter: @MySsSecrets

What do you think about Dolly Wink Eye Lashes? 
Share your thoughts with me! ♥ 

*** This review were sponsored for consideration by PR. Please take not that I am not affiliated with this company and review stated are based on my honest opinion. Please proceed to read my disclaimer policy if you do not get my means. ***

Friday, August 17, 2012

Beauty Box Series: Bellabox August Review

I got a message from courier service last Sunday telling me that he need to deliver something to me but no one at home. I am quite impressed with the service that when I got home the box is already on the table. ^_^  I don't expect my Bellabox reached me this early because usually my box will reached me later than anyone else. Most of them already revealed what is inside the box online. (kill the surprise right?)

August is a celebration month for both Singapore and Malaysia (National Day). So the theme would based on Happy Birthday Singapore! The packaging is so cute right?

First impression - the content of the box is quite light this month. But surprise me, I love it!!! Although they might not be full-filled with products, but it's totally worth it.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Facial Review: Cres Wellness Time-release AquaCell Yoga Visage Therapy

The best therapy for woman to de-stress is definitely going into facial and spa. Ever since I started my current job, I spent most of my time dedicated to my job and hence jeopardizing my once-upon-a-time beautiful and young face. Lol! My dark eyes circles been getting worst than ever, face started to shag, blackheads and pimples here and there and the worst thing is being so dull ~ ~

That's where makeup comes really important in life!! Which are not good because I couldn't show my boss how exhausted I am so he can give me some break. Lol! Approximately 2 weeks ago, I went to Cres Wellness so that I could still salvage my skin condition and of course de-stress. If you've been reading my blog, this gonna be my 3rd visit to Cres Wellness. Please read the previous visit >>>> here.

This time I was so happy that I got to try something that targeted to my de-hydrated skin. Did I mentioned that I am ALL into hydrating?? Time-release Aquacell Yoga Visage Therapy one of their new treatment launched recently by Cres Wellness targeted for dry & dehydrated skin by Replenishment & Oxygenating.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Elevate: Feel The Difference

I don't remember when was the last time I blogged about me attending an event! Given on my presence situation, I could hardly attend one even if I have an invitation. So I was presented an opportunity last week to attend the most happening scene between my reached at Legato Bistro & Bar, Johor. I have to say, most happening events will never make their way to the Southern area. There's usually in either KL or Penang. So thumbs up to the ELEVATE who make the difference of the night life in Johor!!

Trust me, I am not a party girl. With 10 fingers, you can count how many times I've been to a club. (Okay, probably with toes only =p) The event was held at Legato Bistro & Bar, Skudai, Johor. Initially the bar is quite new and this event could also consider as their grand opening. ^_^

Monday, August 06, 2012

Beauty Box Series: First in Malaysia - Fabulous Finds

Beauty box subscription has been a real business in our beauty world. Those have been reading my blog know that I'm all with this beauty box subscription craze! We've been admiring our neighbor country friends who get to received a beauty box every month for a period of time. And guess what?? The craze had now reached our shores. Approximately one month ago, Fabulous Finds had their launching event being the First Beauty Box Subscription in Malaysia. (Sadly, I wish I could be there ='( ) 

Excited ain't cha?? The most common question asked: how beauty box subscription works?? Every month, you need to pay a certain subscription fee amount for a box which inclusive of 4 - 5 beauty samples and products to deliver to your doorsteps.

My first impression was the package is huge!! The coral pink box is so cute and pretty!! After unboxing the box, you'll find the actual box hidden in there. Initially, the pink box are used to deliver and protect the actual box. Honestly, the way they packed the box are so similliar to the other beauty boxes that I've reviewed. 
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