Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Review: Kevin Beautymaker Aquamarine Hydrating Lotion

I finally get to finish my skincare products from Kevin Beautymaker. I really enjoy using Kevin Beautymaker products – the skincare and the make up are both pretty impressive. For those who do not know about Kevin Beautymaker, Kevin is a famous make up artist in Taiwan. Beauty Maker is his very own cosmetics label specially created and designed for Asian beauties. Beauty Maker products are featured in the program Ladies First or 女人我最大 in Taiwan with fantastic feedback. I've previously review on the face primer and foundation
Kevin Beautymaker Aquamarine Hydrating Lotion is a moisturizer that works on all skin types which helps in providing hydration and keep your skin feel moist all the time. I bought this quite sometime ago and I think it's fair for me to review each of them now. 

They say:
Their description really makes me laugh =D

The 50ml white plastic bottle is very light for travel. I always love the pump dispenser because it is very hygienic and you don't have to worry on how you control the amount you use.

I believe deep sea water is one of the famous ingredient for hydrating product. :) One thing that puzzled me is that this lotion doesn't contain any hyaluronic acid which meant for hydration. 

The lotion is like a normal white lotion. It doesn't look very watery at first sight but it's very easy to spread on. The lotion smells like flower too. I really love the scent- very calming.

My say:
Personally I heard a lot of this Aquamarine range from Fuz. Therefore, I had a high expectation on this product. But it kinda disappoint me a little. It does helps me maintain my face hydration level, but it doesn't wow me too much. 

As seen below, the lotion absorb into a layer of watery gel once massage into your skin. 
This lotion is very light-weighted so you don't have to worry if you have oily skin. It doesn't make your skin look oily even after hours of application. I daresay that since it's light-weighted, it probably doesn't suit for dry skin. My skin is kinda de-hydrated, I guess that's the reason why it doesn't work too well for me.

Rating: 3.5/5

Overall, for the price I paid I had no complain. I spent around RM30+ for this lotion and it lasted me about 2-3months. If you're looking for an affordable skincare, this might be your option. :))

PS: I've recently bought the Naruko skincare. Will review soon after I use them.


Kat said...

I really like hydrating skin care products too. Too bad this was a bit of a disppointment for you. Thanks for your review. 

Fruity Lashes said...

 i like the simple packaging. 50ml lasted you 2-3 months that was nice. looking forward to your naruko review!

Kristina said...

 Hi :) Nice blog you got there, I was wonderin if we could be friends and follow each others blogs? ^__^ Thank youuuu.~

Cynthia Loh said...

You're welcome. :)

Cynthia Loh said...

Yeap, one pump each time enough to last me that long. Pretty save huh? 

Agnes M said...

Hi, I have also bought Naruko products too. Looking forward to your reviews. I have yet to start on mine. Too many skincare products to go

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