Monday, June 21, 2010

A weekend Hauls + Update

I've not been sleeping very well the entire week. Why? Blame on the FIFA World Cup. I guess I'm not the only one who stay awake late night isn't it? Life's so unpredictable so does the World Cup this year. razz What team did you all supported?

Staying awake at night is ain't good for our skin especially my dark eyes circles are getting very serious now. My skin is getting very de-hydrated now confused that I had to get down to the mall and stock in some skincare products.

Here's a little haul of mine during the weekends:
(I'll be reviewing some of the loves soon)While hopping around the mall, I caught an eye on this dress from Forever 21 I really like. I'm still considering whether to buy it or not as I don't find any occasion to wear this. So readers, I need your opinion. Shall I buy or not? What do you think?There's a new products on market which might attracts all perfume lovers. Lancome ♥ Tresor In Love. I got a small sample of it and the smell is absolutely fabulous!! (Shall hint my boy for this..hehe) Oh! A great news for MAC lovers. MAC In the Groove Collection will be launching soon. I've some of their products on my wishlist especially the Petticoat and Stereo Rose MSF that I've missed. So, don't forget to check it out ya!


Anna said...

oooo i was using liese too! u got to share your review cant wait!

xoxo elle

susanchu said...

where to get the fragrance sample?

Cyn said...

Elle: Which Liese are you using now? :)

susan: I got it from the Lancome counter at Sogo

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