Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tips: How to save your crashed powder/pigments?

Juggling on how busy my life is and blogging is ain't good. But I'd make a promise to myself that I'll try my best to update this blog whenever I can. I hope I don't disappoint the readers.

I totally had no idea why I'm so careless in handling 'fragile' stuff. (That's why my friends called me blur-sotong :p) Recently, I had dropped my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural and~~~ *gasp*

Therefore, I've found out a magical way on how to save your crashed powder. This method may not work for all powder especially baked ones. But it works for me, so no harm sharing. biggrin

First you gonna prepare the a brush, cotton, rubbing alcohol (which you may get it from your local pharmacy) and a transparency waterproof cover/ card.

1) Here's how your crashed powder look like. Messy.. and heartache~~
Oh! I'm using my favorite ELF Studio Warm Bronzer.

2) Use a brush to clear up the mess. If your powder are like mine- with 4 different sections, you may fix up the powder mess color by color.

  3) Pour the crashed powder into an unused jar.

  4) Put the transparency cover on top of the powder and soak the cotton with rubbing alcohol. Please be careful when handling rubbing alcohol.

5) Rubbing the transparency surface with the cotton vigorously until the powder stick together.
(Optionally: you may also pour a few drops of the rubbing alcohol into the powder)

The result? You'll get something like that: ^_^
Remember to press your powder hard to compress it or it will somehow get loose and crack again.

There's another way of saving your crashed powders. But I've yet to try that yet. Do tell me if you guys had any other tips too. razz

Monday, March 22, 2010

My expiry hauls

I've not been updating my blog for a very long time. Sorry peeps, I'm not neglecting my blog but I had faced difficulty into combining the smillies icon into this blogger. It's sucks. confused

I've hauls a lot since my absence.

Here's my NYX haul. The seller has missed out my NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow and send me a round lipstick which I did not ordered. =( I got my first NYX Concealer Jar and NYX 10 Color Shadow Runway Collection. Now I'm tempted to get the NYX Smoky eyes palette. cool

My Beautymaker haul (Another 2 not in the pic). I'm in love with Kevin Beautymaker product ever since I've tried the makeup remover. My latest haul this month:
The new Coffret D'or Spring Collection!! After debating whether to get MAC eye palette, I finally laid my hands on these babies after a mere-chat with Chris. razz After getting my Jewelcious eyes palette myself, the bf got me the same palette to surprise me. I'm happy though but I don't need two of these. I'm thinking of selling it off. Would appreciate if someone could help me out. ^^ Besides of what you see, I got myself into MAC Spring Forecast Collection. The in-famous Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach has sold out in-store and online. I had no idea why did I get two of these. Impulse I guess? razz But it was the prettiest blush I ever had! Amazing blush I shall say as you can get like 4 different colors in 1 blush? Overall, I'm very happy with my hauls.
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