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Skincare Regimen For Each Season


We all want to have beautiful skin because it looks radiant and feels moisturized and soft when it is handled right. But what ways can we use to achieve a healthy skin glow all year round? Most of the time, we tend to forget about taking care of our skin especially if we have busy schedules. In some cases, the same skincare routines we have been using for decades is the same routine we keep repeating.

Taking care of our skin is usually the last thing we have in our minds unless something out of the ordinary starts to happen like wrinkles or a dry, itchy face. When this happens, you can start to fight the issue or try out different ways of making the skin better which often turns the skin to a worse condition.

It is frustrating to have a skin issue such as scaly skin, or dry, itchy skin. Having breakouts is bad, and we all want to prevent it from happening.

Are there ways in which we can have a healthy skin throughout the year? Let us look at some skin regimen that you can use respective of all the seasons throughout the year.

Skincare in Spring

Days are a little brighter, warmer and longer during this season. This is the time when we are still planning about on your new year resolutions, and we are excited about our new plans like enrolling in a gym to look fabulous the entire year. It is also the ideal time for skin breakouts because of sweat.

When you start hitting the gym, ensure that you have your hair held at the back away from your hairline and the forehead. If you have a problem with the breakouts, always hit the showers after your workout.

During the spring season, we are more active outdoors than indoors. Always check on the expiration date of your SPF and only use the kind designed to work for the face. Wearing sunscreen is important during the spring and do not underestimate the amount of sunscreen you need.

When you go out, apply the sunscreen on a frequent basis. Additionally, always use sunscreen that has the protection of more than 50.

Since your skin adjusts during the spring, it is recommended to use a moisturizer toner because it will help to keep the pores dry and tight. When pimples come up, you can treat them with tea tree oil, and if you see some black spots, you can try using frankincense to fade them off. If you plan to use essential oils, always test them for the reaction before entirely applying them on your skin.

The spring season is notorious for allergies. Consult with your doctor for medications to use for your allergies. In case you see an extension of redness around the eyes, or an increase in rosacea, use tea bags which contains tannins that are used in the old-fashioned skin care handbook to reduce the puffiness that forms around the eyes.

If red circles form around the eyes, dab the red based concealer to hide them instead of rubbing it because it can cause an injury to the delicate skin around the eyes.

Skincare in Summer

Summer is the season of showing off the skin. It is the season where more of the skin and less of clothes is dominant. We spend time at the beach, we go swimming and engage in more fun activities under the sun. It is also the season where skin rashes, skin irritation, and other skin conditions pop up. Although you don’t want to imagine having bug bites, don’t be too scared to have fun in the summer.

You can choose to go for a tinted moisturizer, or you can go foundation free if you feel the desire to have an even skin tone. Moisturizers that have sunscreen are the best options you can go for. All-in-on products are the best so that you can have an easy time applying the product instead of adding layers of foundation, moisturizers, and sunscreen.

Use very gentle scrubs if you have to use scrubs, and use one that is sulfate free and it does not have particles that can damage, stretch or pull your skin. This is also the season where you can tone down on wearing makeup. You can easily brew a recipe for skin disaster if you sweat, mix it up with sunscreen, makeup, and bug spray, to mention the least. Be as natural as possible. Use a cleanser or a charcoal mask to fight blackheads or clogged pores.

Skincare in the Fall

Fashion and hairstyles are the dominant trends seen during the fall. Breakouts can come amount by using headbands, hats and wearing your hair down. Avoid applying products along your hairline and always rinse the hair after washing it.

Increase the moisturizer in the fall even if your skin is not usually dry. Oily skin can produce even more oil, when you feel this happening, check the levels of your moisture instead of wiping off the oil. You can use passion fruit to even things our because you don’t want to be counterproductive by using oil. The Maracuja oil (passion fruit) can help to maintain a fresh skin through the season.

If your skin feels dry during the fall, use a humidifier in your room to maintain the level of moisture in the air. Be careful with how you interact with wool fabric because it can cause the itchy skin to dry skin.

Before you get to bed and each time you wake up, wash your skin using a moisturizer-cleanser; this product will not clog your pores, it is gentle on the skin, and it will keep your skin healthy.

Skincare in Winter

Skin gets dry in the coldest season. Your skin can become scaly and itchy thanks to the dust, and the heat from the furnace. To counter this, drink lots of water and stay moisturized. Use coconut oil for your entire body, including the knees and elbows.

For a lip scrub, you can mix your coconut oil with some brown sugar to keep your lips supple and smooth. Although you can use lip balms, look for lip balms that have SPF for sun protection. It is not common for most of us to think of sun protection during the winter season, but it can be harsh on our skin.

Avoid sleeping when you are dressed with makeup and use micellar water to rinse off the makeup without causing the skin to look dry.


You have to remember to be respectful to your skin throughout the year to have an amazing look. If you are looking for expert tips on how to handle your specific skin type throughout the year, contact Glasgold Group office at (732) 846-6540 or check out Glasgold Group Plastic Surgery website.

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