Thursday, November 05, 2015

The Aquabook - Stay Hydrated with Style!

With the humid and hazy weather nowadays, we are advise to keep ourself hydrated. The ultimate way to stay hydrated is to provide your body with H20! I know some of us keep a small round bottles of water inside our bag when we're on the go. But have you ever wondered about round bottles not fitting your bag or purse easily?? And sometimes, it just look very bulky?? 

Today, two young entrepreneurs from Germany, Felix Durst and David Ziegler, have created the Aquabook, a flat water bottle designed to fit any kind of purse or bag.

Shaped a little bit like a book, flat and rectangular and the size on an A5 sheet, fits your style straightaway leaving more space in your purse and bag. (Which means more room for makeup into bag!) Or your Micheal Kors or Louis Vuitton bag gonna stay nicely in shape :p

The Aquabook is customizable, convenient and reusable. It’s designed for people who love their water on the go. Produced out of TRITAN® (Eastman Chemicals), a synthetic that is BPS and BPA free and recyclable, in a polymer specialized manufacture. The technology of this provides temperature resistance, which means we are also able to fill our Aquabook with either Coffee or Tea! Of coz if you can also freeze it if you like cold :)

Available in five different colors and its cap also in five different colors (more colors will be available soon). 

Furthermore, the Aquabook can be labeled with a picture, name or an inspirational quote. By using an advanced UV digital printing technology the labeling is not only affordable but also obtains permanent high-quality results. This option makes the Aquabook an ideal gift for your friends, or a good merchandise article for companies or clubs.

Last but not least, using your Aquabook instead of single use bottles saves Mother Nature from a lot of plastic waste. A special cleaning solution helps to maintain high hygienic standards. The aquabrush, an exclusively designed brush that reaches and cleans every corner, can be ordered additionally. Four Aquabook cleaning tabs, which are 100% sustainable and biodegradable, come with every Aquabook.

If you think this Aquabook is awesome, they are currently running a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter.

This exclusive Gold Aquabook is from the crowdfunding edition! Share your pledge now until 11th of November only on Kickstarter and you're able to get one of this Aquabook!

I really like the Gold color edition! How about you?

Share me your thought on this!

For more information, you can visit below:

Facebook: Myaquabook 
Instagram: @myaquabook
Youtube: MyAquaBook 

 *** This post were bought to you by Aquabook. Please take not that I am not affiliated with this company and review stated are based on my honest opinion. Please proceed to read my disclaimer policy if you do not get my means. ***

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5 Little Angels said...

Gold colour Aquabook looks stylish. I love the colour and will get 1 for myself.

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